Arming US Enemies: Disastrous Defeat in Afghanistan, US Military’s Death Jab Demise, the Empire Burns

On August 10th, 2021, the Associated Press announced that the Pentagon would require all US military personnel to be vaccinated by September 15th, 2021. The AP article specified:

In memos distributed to all troops, top Pentagon leader said the vaccine is a necessary step to maintain military readiness.

Yeah, readiness to die at any time to allow the ruling elite to render America’s defense forces incapable of protecting their nation from enemies both foreign and domestic, in what amounts to a Satanic shakedown takedown of the world’s most powerful nation.

Under the existing regulations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), every soldier is subject to forced vaccination:

Unit personnel will only use the amount of force necessary to assist medical personnel in administering the immunization.

Military commanders throughout the US armed services have been ordered to coerce any remaining members in their units still unvaccinated to either receive the mandated Pfizer jab within the next week or face the serious consequences of disobeying a direct lawful order, which can be punishment of a dishonorable discharge as well as incarceration in a military brig. This comes just days after a September 2nd article contradicts the mid-September deadline, reporting that US Navy and Marine Corps personnel are offered a three-month window to comply:

Sailors and Marines now have 90 days to get vaccinated against COVID-19 or risk disobeying a lawful order, a violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the maritime branches’ top leaders said in a series of messages released Tuesday and Wednesday.

A new organizational body within the US Navy called COVID Consolidated Disposition Authority has been formed to deal with those sailors still refusing shots after 90 days. The US Marine Corps specifies that any holdout’s Marine commander will decide the fate of Marines failing to follow a direct lawful order. The article mentions that thus far, only one member in the armed forces has been forced out of the military for violating Covid-related rules. In late July 2021, a Marine corporal was given a general discharge after she refused to wear a mask and accept the vaccine. As of the end of August, 85% of Naval personnel and 64% of Marine Corps personnel are fully vaccinated.

Former Navy surgeon and respected, outspoken Dr. Lee Merritt has noted that during all of 2020 there were only 20 Covid-19 deaths from US military servicemen and women. But recently addressing the much maligned and censored Frontline Doctors, with upwards of two-thirds of armed forces personnel fully vaccinated, Dr. Merritt disclosed that over 80 cases of heart inflammation (myocarditis) and tumors were reportedly already on the rise. Statistically, two out of three diagnosed myocarditis patients will be dead within five years. Dr. Merritt asserts that already so far:

With the vaccine program we’ve ostensibly killed more of our young active duty people than COVID did.

And with the vaccine mandate being enforced by September 15th, it’s only going to grow far, far worse. With all the clear and present known dangers of death and severe life-threatening, permanent adverse injuries resulting from the death jab, the US military will be dead or so medically harmed and decimated in coming months and years, it will ultimately render our nation’s defense forces too incapacitated to protect the United States of America. The ruling elite controlling the puppet strings of America’s so-called leaders are premeditatedly destroying America. The globalists and their minions like Joe Biden, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and all the Joint Chiefs of Staff generals and admirals going along to get along with this genocidal agenda are all alleged unprosecuted murderers and traitors. Not only must they be forced to resign, they all need to be arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law for their egregious crimes against humanity and our nation’s military. Tragically, this would not be the first time that the US civilian and military leadership have murdered and permanently injured our soldiers as human guinea pig victims of untested, experimental vaccines gone awry. Estimates of the death toll from the anthrax vaccine indicate 35,000 soldiers were murdered with what was initially referred to as the Gulf War Syndrome. The criminals must be stopped.

Meanwhile in recent weeks in Afghanistan, the installed puppet President Biden officially surrendered to the Taliban, gifting the US enemy for the last 20 years up to $85 billion worth of modern US armaments as well as the name and address of the remaining 10-15 thousand Americans and thousands more Afghan allies still trapped. Biden cowardly abandoned his own citizens, making the enemy’s mop up job killing Americans and allies that much easier. In the face of this this deepening national disgrace, leaving vulnerable helpless Americans and allies behind enemy lines, an Islamic State suicide bomber sent into the crowd outside a Kabul airport checkpoint, slaughtering nearly 200 Afghans, including a dozen US Marines and one Navy Corpsman, marking the most casualties in the war-ravaged nation in a decade. In a speech after the deadly attack, the doddering, incompetent imposter puppet trying to act tough, threatened to “hunt down” the terrorists. Sounding eerily reminiscent of former President Obama repeatedly uttering those exact same words each time terrorists murdered Americans on traitor Obama’s watch as the ISIS founder and financier. No wonder Biden’s empty rhetorical words sounded so familiar, often it’s been said that Obama is still feeding word-for-word instructions into the earpiece of his senile former VP, who, in a rare, candid moment a year ago, Obama referred to the then Democratic nominee as a “fuckup.”

In the same way the recently turned 60-year old Obama is blamed for birthing the world’s largest terrorist organization ISIS, Obama’s December 2014 decision to end the combat mission in Afghanistan enabled the Taliban to rebuild and takeover. On top of that, by the end of his first term in office, the Manchurian president Barack Hussein Obama had already purged nearly 200 top generals and admirals loyal to oaths they were sworn to constitutionally protect, leaving rogue generals like Mark Milley to become Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, responsible for institutionalizing America’s woke armed forces as well as the “unforeseen” disaster in Afghanistan. Calls for Biden, Harris, Milley and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to resign are growing louder by the day. In fact, nearly 90 retired generals and admirals wrote and signed a letter demanding the resignations of Austin and Milley:

If they did not do everything within their authority to stop the hasty withdrawal, they should resign. Conversely, if they did do everything within their ability to persuade the Commander-in-Chief/President to not hastily exit the country without ensuring the safety of our citizens and Afghans loyal to America, then they should have resigned in protest as a matter of conscience and public statement… The damage to the reputation of the United States is indescribable. We are now seen, and will be seen for many years, as an unreliable partner in any multinational agreement or operation. Trust in the United States is irreparably damaged.

The retired flag officers allude to US enemies being “emboldened to move against America due to the weakness displayed in Afghanistan.” Additionally, a chorus of Republicans in Congress have also demanded Biden either resign or face impeachment. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) promptly drafted articles of impeachment filed on August 20th.

In the meantime, General Milley absolves himself and his Joint Chiefs by blaming his boss Joe Biden for the failed Afghanistan nightmare.

Under Taliban rule prior to the US October 2001 invasion, the opium trade in Afghanistan had been virtually stamped out, but within a year of US military occupation, as the world’s leading opium producer of heroin, the war in Afghanistan in large part continued because the US military assigned to guarding the bumper crop opium fields was a boom for the global crime cabal’s black budget to thrive, financing nefarious illicit activities at the expense of thousands around the world dying from heroin-opioid drug overdose. But since when did the planetary rulers ever lose sleep over murdering millions from either war, drugs or war on drugs – never!

In 2013 it was the US installed Afghanistan government, not the Taliban, that controlled 90% of the countryside. A retired general currently running for the US Senate in New Hampshire, former US Special Operations Commander Brig. Gen. Don Bolduc who served ten tours in Afghanistan, in a recent tweet squarely blamed Barack Obama for the current Afghanistan disaster:

Why has former President Obama stayed silent throughout these last few days? Because along with the Biden Administration, he shares the blame for the #AfghanistanCrisis. The Taliban even said, ‘We can’t fight against this, we can’t win against this’ [This being the 100,000 US troops fighting Taliban]. Al Qaeda was saying the same thing. So what did we do? In 2014, O’Biden said, ‘We are going to change strategy and come out of villages and end combat ops.’ And our senior military officials accepted that.

Among those acquiescent “senior military officials” was my freshman roommate at West Point, the coalition US force commander turned 2009 Obama appointed Ambassador in Kabul Karl Eikenberry. After “Eik’s (as we called him) successor, another West Pointer named General Stanley McChrystal clashing with the Ambassador, wanting another 40,000 boots on the ground, is speculated to have secretly leaked a couple of Eik’s not so confidential cables to the press, where Amb. Eikenberry expressed reluctance to invest more troops due to lack of trust towards the notoriously corrupt Afghan President Hamid Karzai, and, as a result, the outed and compromised Karl’s ambassadorship career was abruptly cut short after two years. These days Eikenberry is serving as senior US advisor to Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Defense alongside my other freshman roommate, current US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, retired four-star CentCom Commander General John Abizaid. While my roomies went straight to the top as two Council on Foreign Relations generals turned ambassadors, my career path took a completely opposite turn, exposing US Empire and the CFR on my blogsite called

As a journalist and author, I’ve been critical of the world’s sole superpower America, long misused by the globalists, currently running our once constitutional republic straight into the ground. This presentation will touch on America’s longest running war in history – two decades of wasted life and money in yet another disastrous US war loss, by elitist design. The US hasn’t won a war since World War II. The globalists have been misusing the US military as a war machine and battering ram wrecking ball, to destabilize, subjugate and slaughter Third World peoples while sacrificing idealistic, young American patriots in virtual nonstop bankers’ wars for 227 out of the 245 years that the United States has been a nation, that’s 93% of the time.

The fall of Saigon has recently drawn recent parallel with the fall of Kabul, except compared to the Afghanistan debacle, the 1975 crisis representing America’s hasty withdrawal defeat was run like a well-oiled machine, though scrambled rooftop rescue also brought US humiliation before the world. But thousands of Americans were not left behind as road kill for the victorious enemy like in Afghanistan. This article’s other focus will examine the United States’ present and future combat readiness, or lack thereof, in meeting the rapidly approaching challenges from both hostile enemies as well as distancing allies no longer confident they can trust the failing superpower. Examining reasons why the US is so fragilely ill-equipped to handle what is to come is geopolitically analyzed in depth.

CNN and leftist news media have done a 180 on Biden, though even this was mapped out in advance as installing a man suffering from dementia was the planned setup for Communist Kabala Harris as the next CCP puppet pretending to be president. And if that doesn’t fly, mafia CCP darling Nancy Pelosi will do the trick. The issue of the 25th Amendment, replacing a sitting president for lacking mental capacity to run the nation, is the growing elephant inside the Oval Office.

Freaking out over all the criticism and pushback from the Afghanistan debacle, the Biden administration in frantic damage control mode suddenly pulled all public audits and reports from all government websites displaying the record inventories and aid audits of all US military equipment and training allocated to the Kabul government from 2001 to the present that now is under Taliban control, an incredible $82.9 billion worth. The Biden fools trying to desperately cover their tracks to avoid further humiliation and consequences, recently scrubbed all the websites, but of course because the records had been made available to the public for years, they were already public domain material, and the desperados only appear more incompetent and frenzied to avoid forced removal from office. From a saved short list of military hardware gifted to the enemy:

208 aircraft and helicopters; 75,000 war vehicles – including 22 Humvees, 50,000 tactical vehicles and nearly 1,000 mine resistant vehicles; and 600,000 weapons – including 350,000 M4 and M16 rifles, 60,000 machine guns, and 25,000 grenade launchers.

When the State Department was asked about the reason for hiding records that were already known, again the excuse used shows shortsighted, complete lack of sound judgment in its flimsy, naked lie. After abandoning tens of thousands of Afghan government allies that are no doubt being tortured and executed by the Taliban, the Biden administration claims that the information was removed from the internet in order to protect the safety of the Afghan citizens. That is such insulting bullshit, once again stabbing in the back Afghans who worked with Americans as part of the US puppet government. To make matters even worse is the fact that Biden had already given to the Taliban all the identities and addresses of the Americans and Afghan citizens that needed to be allowed to leave the country, ensuring that they will all be murdered if they weren’t fortunate enough to scramble and make it out of the country by August 31st. We’re talking tens of thousands of people that Biden & company inhumanely threw to the lions.

By mid-August 2021 the Taliban fighters had already seized posted photos of $6 million worth of Black Hawk helicopters. By the end of the month US departure, the Pentagon maintained that only an estimated 48 aircraft were left behind that were still usable, and that 73 aircraft had been destroyed along with 70-mine-reistant armored patrol (MRAP) vehicles, 27 Humvees and a C-RAM missile defense system. That said, a September 2, 2021 article in The Sun, estimates an enormous arsenal of weapons fell into Taliban hands, quick to pose in photos and videos gloating over their made in USA spoils of war gifts:

22,174 Humvees, 634 M1117s armoured cars, 115 Maxx Pros trucks, and 549,118 machine guns, assault rifles and pistols were given over by the US. Some 33 Black Hawk helicopters, 23 Super Tucano fighter planes and 4 C-130 transport planes were also given to the Afghan Air Force. Other support gear was also given over, with some 16,035 pairs of night vision googles, 162,043 radios and some 8,000 trucks.

Military veteran and current Congressman Jim Banks (R-IN) explained:

The Taliban now has more Black Hawk helicopters than 85% of the countries in the world. But it’s not just weapons. They have night vision goggles, body armor, and unbelievably, the Taliban how has biometric devices which have the fingerprints, eye scans, and biographical information of all the Afghans who helped us and were on our side over the past 20 years. There is no plan by the administration to get these weapons back. There is no plan to account for any of this equipment or these weapons… If any of these weapons or this military equipment is used to harm, injure, or kill an American now or at any time in the future, the blood is on Joe Biden’s hands.

Large US weapons cache and war materials falling into enemy hands is anything but new, for decades it’s been standard practice in every designed to fail US war. In 2013 a clandestine CIA shipment of arms headed to Saudi Arabia was somehow waylaid, ending up in terrorist hands used to kill Americans… over and over and over again. Recall also in June 2014 when ISIS invaded northern Iraq, all those US vehicles and arms deserted by Iraqi troops went to the enemy and then again in 2015 Ramadi after Iraqi soldiers again abandoned their post, ISIS grabbed American arms. As recently as February 2019 US arms deals with both Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates were reported to have weapons ending up with al Qaeda linked groups and Iran backed Houthi rebels in the Yemen War. Some of these so-called blundering faux paus may have actually been intended for Islamic State terrorists since the US-Israeli-Saudi axis-of-evil after creating ISIS also have been secretly funding them.

The Biden government including the Joint Chiefs of Staff as America’s top military leadership need to be held accountable for their gross dereliction of duty allowing so many innocent Americans as well as Afghans die at the unmerciful hands of a terrorist enemy. Apparently not one of the US top military brass challenged or strongly opposed Biden’s half-assed, lame, meant to fail plan of leaving Afghanistan. The American people are owed a full explanation of what went wrong. Were Biden’s military chiefs misadvising him? Or was Biden acting alone while exhibiting impaired mental capacity? If that was the case, the Chiefs of Staff should have attempted to enact the 25th Amendment or at least shown their opposition by submitting their resignations. They did neither, which means they collusively went along to get along with a dangerously flawed mission that was certain to fail, which indicates their grossly impaired judgment warrants their immediate dismissal or resignation.

Every single one of the generals should resign immediately and on top of that be subject to criminal investigation and prosecution. Obviously, the public has every right to know why the imposter president and his disgracefully incompetent staff left Americans and Afghan friends behind to die and all need to be held fully accountable. Further, why was Bagram Air Base abandoned by early July and never utilized as America’s secured launchpad for protected safe evacuation? In April 2021 “a decision was made” by Biden and company to settle on the August 31st pullout date. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Milley denies they agreed with Biden’s plan, but then that may well be “cover your ass” desperation.

By mid-August when disaster was eminent, the old CYA blame game was in overdrive. It was reported that Biden had refused to adhere to recommendations from his Joint Chiefs of Staff that a minimum of 2,500 US troops should be retained in Afghanistan to assist the evacuation operation. The armed presence would purportedly have offered the US a stronger vantage point negotiating a less harried, chaotic exit strategy with the Taliban. But that’s seems just the flimsy excuse held up with hindsight for blame-shifting and gross failure to accept responsibility that’s become so emblematic for both top military as well as civilian chain of command turpitude. In view of what has subsequently transpired, Biden and team’s exit strategy is unconscionable, indicating the Joint Chiefs are cowards for not owning responsibility and the White House imposter is either mentally incapacitated or the puppet is simply following his globalist masters’ orders to intentionally botch the withdrawal as part of his useful idiot role in undermining and destroying America. But the nightmare turns even worse. On September 5th it emerges that six chartered flights carrying Americans and Afghan allies are being held hostage on the Kabul airport runway. The impotent White House claims that it no longer has resources in Afghanistan to do anything, in effect, washing its blood-soaked hands even bloodier.

As if that’s not tragically shameful enough, on July 23, 2021 Biden told the now deposed Afghan President Ashraf Ghani:

I need not tell you the perception around the world and in parts of Afghanistan, I believe, is that things are not going well in terms of the fight against the Taliban. And there is a need, whether it is true or not, there is a need to project a different picture.

Essentially, Biden pressured the leader of Afghanistan to lie, painting a false picture that all is well when the entire world knew better. In response to the dire situation on the ground, with the Taliban military fast closing in on Kabul, the CIA managed to move all its personnel and operations out. So why was this imposter-in-chief and all his befuddled chiefs not adequately doing the same. To abandon Bagram and be limited to Kabul as the one exit route out was the downfall. But the reason seems all too obvious, the puppet masters holding these puppet strings had planned on this catastrophic failure far in advance, as one more nail in America’s coffin as a defeated, washed up empire, humiliatingly allowing thousands abandoned to die and the terrorists ready-equipped to expand the next terrorist war with US war spoils, some of which was already spotted being shipped to ally Iran.

Recall that Trump was impeached for a phone call made to the Ukraine leader requesting he look further into the scandalous cover-up of Biden crime family influence securing the cushy multimillion-dollar job as payoff for VP Biden’s underachieving, drug addicted pedophile son Hunter. Yet it’s Joe Biden as the illegit imposter still occupying the White House as America goes down in flames.

For a clearer historical perspective, former CIA intelligence officer and respected geopolitical commentator Philip Giraldi wrote in an August 24th article:

Regarding the current crisis, former FBI special agent and 9/11 whistleblower Coleen Rowley cited Richard W. Behan who mused over ‘How perverse we have become. We chastise President Biden for a messy ending of the war in Afghanistan and fail to indict George Bush for its illegal beginning.’ She then observed, in her own words on Facebook, ‘So Rehabilitated War Criminal Bush can maintain his legacy as stalwart statesman as he cutely dances with Ellen DeGeneres and Michelle Obama on television screens. Washington is just a big fact-free political show where the blame game winners are the best manipulators.’

Why the United States appears so weak and defeated to the rest of the world has everything to do with controllers behind the Marxist left, their Democratic Party, their installed president and the woke US military leadership. While Biden “trusted” the Taliban militants to provide airport security permitting an ISIS-K suicide bomber to slip through the checkpoint to kill almost 200 victims, including 13 American soldiers, the highest-ranking sergeant major in today’s Army Michael Grinston that same day was too busy celebrating diversity within his woke ranks for Women’s Equality Day. Political Correctness ensures our “tough” US fighting force has its token quota of every nonbinary rep from the LGBTQ crowd – lesbians, transsexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals and women all in the name of inclusivity, fighting alongside socially engineered emasculated men, waving their rainbow warrior flag on the frontline, proudly beaming diversity and correctness to the whole wide world. Yet real Americans are not proud.

This inclusive US military has come so far with its diversity training from the days a few years ago when I was writing extensively about the major crisis of rape and sexual violence rocking the US military. Forget winning the war, defeating the enemy and defending the lost Republic of America. The fact is that PC optics show LGBTQ diversity to be the ultra-important priority over winning wars or rescuing Americans and allies abandoned to die in the latest lost war. The elites’ social engineering amongst the US military is alive and painfully unwell, exposing how low our image has sunk with the woke US fighting force a humiliating disgraceful joke to the entire rest of the world.

In late May 2021 US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin emphatically denied that the US war machine’s gone “soft” after Texas Senator Ted Cruz responded to a US recruiting ad in comparison with a Russian ad, concluding that the US military has become “woke” and “emasculated.” Attempting to appeal and entice the young woke generation taught critical race theory and Political Correctness as a sacred way of life, the animated military infomercial panders to woke sensibilities of young, impressionable Americans. Rather than address the senator’s legitimate concerns, Cruz was attacked online by “Democrats, neocons and Russiagate promoters” for “spreading Russian propaganda.” Cruz in turn shot back against the criticism accusing Democrats and the “woke media” of trying to turn:

The greatest military on earth into pansies.

The befuddled retired four-star General Austin told the press that the politician’s “talking points” could easily be “capitalized on” by US adversaries Russia and China, though assuring:

I will not lose one minute of sleep about what the Chinese leadership is saying or what Vladimir Putin is saying.

As a West Point junior in 1971, I was our “woke-minded” Secretary of Defense’s assistant squad leader when he was a lowly “beanhead,” as freshmen at the US Military Academy are insultingly labeled. But rather than treat first year cadets as subhuman, I refused to follow the ridiculous demeaning tradition of hazing the newcomers, knowing that good sound leadership is not developed or predicated by instilling robotlike behavior spouting off insignificant bullshit as part of West Point’s disciplinary system. But for the last 219 years, so goes the logic, to be a good leader, one must first learn to be a good follower. Never quite bought into that school.

To refute Lloyd Austin’s smug dismissal that the US fighting force is anything but soft, an official report released in July 2021 completed by two retired admirals for Republican members of Congress looked into combat fitness of the US Navy after a ship fire aboard a naval vessel in the San Diego port and two destroyer collisions in the Pacific in 2017. The politicians are concerned about “larger institutional issues that are degrading the performance of the entire naval surface force,” and thus requested a critical appraisal. According to The Wall Street Journal:

The United States Navy is an ‘institution adrift,’ is not prepared for war, and is struggling through a ‘crisis’ of woke leadership. [Boldface for Emphasis]

Exactly the opposite of woke Lloyd Austin as the grand leader of the US military and in charge of defense for the United States. One of the officers who authored the July report, retired Rear Admiral Mark Montgomery told Fox News:

The focus on warfighting needs to be job one.

Clearly the fact that it isn’t, explains the lame Defense Secretary and Joint Chiefs of Staff generals and admirals poorly advising imposter Biden and their disgraceful debacle they left in Afghanistan, soundly defeated by the “unwoke” Taliban.

So, it’s no wonder that PC pressure on diversity and inclusiveness as the military’s #1 priority has shortchanged America’s capacity to effectively defend our nation and engage in successful combat operations. The leadership has gone soft in its wokefulness to appear politically correct, the weaponized excuse to destroy First Amendment rights in America. Losing sight of the military’s basic mission to always be fit at any moment for optimal combat readiness and immediate deployment potentially anywhere in the world, one “recently retired senior enlisted leader” lamented:

I guarantee you every unit in the Navy is up to speed on their diversity training. I’m sorry that I can’t say the same of their ship-handling training.

A naval lieutenant on active duty reported:

Sometimes I think we care more about whether we have enough diversity officers than if we’ll survive a fight with the Chinese navy.

This telling statement is this junior officer’s impression based on what he’s observed directly from his senior leadership officer corps. The sad and tragic reality is that those atop the US taking their marching orders from their globalist puppet masters are participating in the ruling elite’s premeditated controlled demolition of America.

From the Daily Wire:

The report added that the Navy does not spend enough time or money on training its surface warfare officers, leaving its war rooms ‘ill-prepared.’ The Navy’s deployments are too long, the report noted, risking efficiency, and commanding officers are trained to be ‘risk-averse,’ because of a culture of ‘brutal accountability’ for administrative decisions.

Again, as a West Point graduate and former Army officer decades earlier, I can attest to this same exact culture that elevates the bureaucratic-politician general, epitomized by former CIA director-four-star General David Petraeus from the West Point Class of 1974 one year behind me. Rather than encourage and reward dynamic leadership that transcends the inter-bred cultural mantra demanding that officers “cover their ass” in a ticket punching process, a general rises up the seniority ladder by strategically playing the politics game ingratiating superiors that promote likeminded sociopaths into their club.

These weak bureaucratic, pencil pushing sociopaths at the top of the military in the United States are weak, incompetent and operating without a moral compass. It took one brave Marine Corps Lt. Colonel Stuart Scheller to go public on video calling the Secretary of Defense and his Chiefs of Staff out:

Potentially all those people did die in vain [in Afghanistan]. We don’t have senior leaders that own up and raise their hand and say, ‘We did not do this well in the end.’ Without that we just keep repeating the same mistakes, this amalgamation of the economics/corporate/political/higher military ranks, are not holding up their end of the bargain. I want to say this very strongly. I have been fighting for 17 years, I am willing to throw it all away to say to my senior leaders, I demand accountability.

We the People also demand accountability. Out of moral principle, Lt. Col. Stuart made the commitment to forego his 3 year away pension to submit his resignation in public protest and utter disgust towards America’s military leadership for not owning up to their gross incompetence and betrayal. Unavoidable consequences from this total disaster of another humiliating US defeat and inexcusable abandonment of the government estimated 100-200 Americans still stranded inside the enemy controlled nation, will be felt for years. In actuality, the number of sacrificed Americans left behind is undoubtedly far greater. When recently asked by a reporter if the US has “the capability to go out and collect Americans,” Lloyd Austin’s response was:

We don’t have the capability to go out and collect up large numbers of people.

The current illegitimate Biden puppet regime has clearly demonstrated its destructive treasonous takedown of America long enough. Our so-called “near death experience” has been allowed to go on too long. “Trust the [Q] plan, bro” propagated by the pied pipers of “hope porn” has also grown old and cold, pacifying the hopium addicts to sit back with popcorn to enjoy the show. Arizona’s delayed audit results from the rigged presidential election need to be released along with other states to definitively show the conspired treason resulting in the traitors publicly arrested immediately. For many years the so-called sealed and unsealed indictments and preeminent roundup of arrests have yet to be confirmed. With the US “allowed” to flounder under puppet Biden for the last eight painful months in front of the entire world, and US enemies ready to take full advantage of America’s growing instability and weakness, transition to a new US government restoring the actual winner of the November 2020 election needs to occur now. When it doesn’t happen, lots of overwrought, misguided believers will be joining the rest of the world population all in deep shit.

In real time the dire fate of humanity has reached the precipice point of no return as the converging perfect storm rapidly, irreversibly is currently descending upon us at blinding speed. The eminent global economic collapse, the inevitable US dollar collapse, inevitable kinetic wars like China invading Taiwan, the devastating, alarming destruction of America’s defense forces from the death jab, and even more disturbing, the millions of civilian biowarfare victims of the crime cabal’s long planned genocide, the world appears to be plunging into unavoidable total chaos and violent implosion towards totalitarian one world government tyranny as Lucifer’s false savior. With so much on the line – the very survival of the human race – we are in the fight for our lives between good and evil.