Is This True? I Found This On NextDoor!

A reader writes:

Dear Allan,

Is this true? I found this on Next Door!

“California State guidelines for all hospitals starting Wednesday August 11th, 2021 —visitors to the hospital have to show proof of COVID vaccinations or negative test results within 72 hours, excluding home tests. Only antigen and PCR testing is acceptable.  

If visitor is unable to show proof of identification, vaccination or negative COVID-19 test, aside from end of life exceptions, they will NOT be allowed to enter the facility for indoor visitation. 

Please pray for us nurses. We are worried about violence towards us. 

-The Bold & The Beautiful 


Thank you for this note. It certainly sounds true, doesn’t it?

You almost feel for the nurse, as well, who wants your pity, for being the person 75 years after Nuremberg, who says to you “I was just following orders.” Or worse she says to you “I will just be following orders.”

Don’t follow orders.

Specifically disobey the immoral orders.

Ridicule those who follow such orders.

If a law abiding, ethical, moral person wants to commit violence against you at work, you are probably the one doing something wrong.

The tests don’t work. The tests are bogus. The tests are capricious and allow capricious control of our society by those people who are the most capricious and who are entirely undeserving of such control.

The nurse you quote, preemptively invokes the familiar Nuremberg defense, “I’m just going to be following orders.”

That’s not good enough. German Medical professionals were sentenced to death on June 2, 1948, because they just followed orders.

In response to all potential fake news you receive, I want you to do one thing.

Don’t ask someone else, “Is this true?” Don’t say, “Oh, that poor nurse!” Don’t circulate it around to others and ask others to prove it for you. Assume the statement untrue until the person claiming it proves it to you.

This person who sent you this has sent you a psy-op filled piece of propaganda — perhaps unwittingly — and has recruited you to help spread that propaganda. You are spreading their propaganda even though you don’t know whether or not it is true. In this specific situation, and in the community around you, you are no more upright than the propaganda spreading anchor on the fake news. Good intentions don’t mean much. Outcome though, means a great deal.

You don’t want to spread such value-attacking propaganda. Stories that normalize or paint evil as inevitable are a form of predictive programming. Evil must be stood against, not acquiesced to and circulated as the new normal.

The person sending this note to you may be misinformed as well.

Please write her back with this, “Would you please send me the policy that you got this information from?”

That’s a proper answer to a statement made by anyone, anywhere, about a new policy.

That’s what you want. You want to see the policy. The policy is usually a PDF that looks like it was written by a lawyer, and it may even be signed by that lawyer. You don’t want a forwarded email from an HR department or a CEO, or a link to a website with a few easy-to-read bullet points, or a screen capture of some text messages with a colleague or boss. You need to see the policy.

Seeing the policy, of course, doesn’t make the policy right. Many illegal and immoral policies exist. Seeing and understanding the policy, though, gets you one step closer to getting to the truth. It gets you one step closer to combatting that which is illegal or immoral.

Put her on the spot. Ask her for that policy.  Do that before she goes around preparing others for this awful situation you describe by claiming it to be the state policy.

If she doesn’t want to get the policy, write something like this, and do it with kindness.

“Until you read the policy, you shouldn’t believe everything you are told. There may be other details in that policy that may have been left out when they were being communicated to you. There might even be loopholes in the policy that you can use to help others. You owe it to the patients and family members to read the whole policy, especially before posting something like this.”

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve heard some horror stories from California hospitals. I’m not arguing that some policy like this doesn’t exist, but I am arguing against anyone spreading commentary about a policy without having that policy and reading that policy. That’s exactly what fake news has done throughout this catastrophe. Policies with massive exemptions have dishonestly been called “mandatory” or “required” by the media and in the general public. Since, I never wear a face mask, yet live a normal life, despite living in one of the most locked down places in this country, I can tell you that the words “face masks required” are never true. If allowed, those exemptions may be quietly closed. Rather than allow such exemptions to be ignored, rather than allow “face masks required” to be normalized, rather than allow all exemptions to disappear, it is the job of the thinking person to loudly open such exemptions wider until the policy is irrelevant and dies the miserable and shameful death befitting such nonsensical ideas.

In this era we all need to be savvy people calling out anyone who touts propaganda.

People like that may be overly trusting of people they shouldn’t be trusting of. That’s the likely situation.

She might also be someone paid to make posts like that, or someone who willingly shills for a policy free of charge. Paid shills these days are called “marketing professionals.” They post all kinds of fake information all over the place intended to elicit a reaction. Decent people don’t post anything for the primary purpose of eliciting a reaction. Decent people only post things for the primary purpose of telling the truth. That is a key focus that any decent person needs to have, especially in this era: “How do I tell the truth as much as possible, and how do I only communicate information that is intended to be as truthful as possible?”

“How do I get others to react the way I want them to?” is manipulative and a dishonest question to ask. So much of the world around us is asking exactly that question, however.

There is fake news all around us. The masses have always been easily swayed by fake news. It was once impossible for impresarios to move large segments of the global population at once. Rumor would circulate about, and it was the job of each person to figure out what that meant and what was true. The same happens today. But there is radio, TV, and social media, and it can all so easily be controlled and orchestrated by central figures, by “marketing professionals.” Little has changed other than the fact that people who want you to be harmed and controlled have so much more influence over what you see around you. If you stop ingesting social media, radio, and TV, then no one can do that to you. Just stopping all three will suddenly free you from almost all propaganda and fake news. It’s very liberating.

If you aren’t going to quit cold turkey, you need to be savvy, otherwise you welcome yourself to be a pawn in this all.

If you use any of those three — TV, radio, or social media — you need to be a constant warrior for the truth.

Nothing can be believed, nothing can be circulated until you truly understand what it is that you are reading.

You’ve got to find the primary source document, and only then can we be having a real conversation about this. You need to figure out where the written policy is. Who passed it? Who do they claim it applies to? Does such a body have the ability to make such requirements over the people they claim to be able to make requirements over?

There’s a pet project that once upon a time started as a mosquito abatement project. Today it is known as the CDC. Does that glorified mosquito abatement project have the authority to mask a child? Does that glorified mosquito abatement project have the authority to shut down an economy? Does that glorified mosquito abatement project have the authority to make charging rent illegal?

No. They don’t. Certainly not in my life. Nor should you let them have that authority in yours. Ask the hard questions about every requirement you are told now exists.

You need the source document. You need to read it and understand it. Until then, every detail of government policy needs to be deemed fake news.

Now is a time to be drawing these important lines, with every step through life. Never wear a mask again. Don’t let anyone put the harmful and ineffective mask on your child. “Face Masks in One Lesson exists to help you do that, as do these pieces, and the email newsletter at  full of quick, easy to watch videos on how to make that, and other bold steps, a reality in your own life.