Decouple Your Life From Crazed Maskers and Vaxers

It can be wearying to speak to people about the contortions they need to go through within the system to defend their rights. I like it very much, though, because I am helping lions to wake up and grow skill in their own lives, skill that will help them in all manner of battles ahead.

However, while I help people jump through those hoops, there is a reality that everyone who is going to fight a maskhole and a vaxhole needs to face: they don’t want you. You think too freely for them, and that scares them.

You can dominate them, you can obey them, or you can avoid them.

This may, ultimately, mean separate societies. Perhaps we can alternately return to the American ideal of “Live and let live.” That approach is not looking likely, without some rude awakening.

Thankfully, those separate societies already exist among those who have put in the work. They have found the right places, surrounded themselves with the right people. No one in their lives will ever ask any of them to show a vaccine card.

The rest of us need to play catch up to find that situation in life. You cannot expect to overcome 20 years of slacking overnight.

Organizations like America’s Front Line Doctors get grief because you might have to wait a few days to see a telemedicine specialist who cares enough about your survival to read the scientific literature on face masks, ivermectin, or hydroxychloroquine.

That is called love. It is also at the heart of medical ethics: using all the resources at my disposal, how do I do the best possible work right now for this patient, no matter what anyone else says. If you support doctors like that now and build relationships with them, they are more likely to be there for you when you need them.

There are plenty of operations like that out there. However, most people do not care about talking to a doctor like that until they get a sore throat. Then they flock to them and give them all manner of grief when they cannot be seen immediately.

The real grief, though, belongs in your hands. Why have you been cuddling up for so long to people who you knew secretly wanted you dead?

Your doctor was more likely to give you a chemotherapy drug that would kill you, than to say to you years before, “Look up the Weston A. Price Foundation. You might like it. They have lots of healthful and traditional ways of eating that I’m sure you will find way more enjoyable and delicious than any ‘diet’ from a checkout-aisle magazine, but on top of that, the recipes and guidelines they present really seem to work wonders.”

Sure, lots of doctors will mention diet, but few will dig down any further than what some trade organization has to say about diet. They will not do the hard work to find and understand approaches that really work. That doctor is, unsurprisingly, also far more likely to say to you “I don’t care that this vaccine is an experiment, I want you to take it and risk the chance of maiming and death,” than to say to you “Let’s be sure to read all the best literature on non-pharmaceutical options first and to discuss them together, before we push for the more invasive pharmaceutical options.”

The loyalists have their ideas. They will report you to the king for hanging as soon as that becomes an option open to them (or whatever the 21st century equivalent of hanging is). You think too differently from them and are a threat to their way of life. The ambivalent sheep have their own way, as well. Until you look like the victor in this battle, they will stay as far away from you as possible and keep eating their popcorn as they watch this movie play out. The hyenas will be eagerly at work trying to deceive the sheep. These people mean little. To depend on them is folly. They will literally kill you if they have the opportunity. You cannot depend on people who want to kill you.

I am not saying do not go to their stores. I am not saying do not talk to them. I am not saying quit your job, either — stand firm and communicate reasonably, so that they must fire you if they find you so triggering. Work with them when it makes sense. Just do not depend on them. I do not walk in your shoes. Do the things you think serve you well in your life. But if you have people like that who are integral to your life, and you do not have a very solid plan B, plan C, and plan D for when those people follow through with their stated intentions and let you down, you are the fool for putting any faith in them by which they could let you down.

These people want to kill you. Those who, quite literally, think in their heads, and sometimes even let those words slip out aloud, “I wish that person were dead” — and there are a lot more of those than you realize — are plotting against you in other ways.

The horrors of the concentration camps did not start at the gates of Auschwitz; they started with niggling little impositions on liberty years before, warning signs that people did not take seriously. In the lack of seriousness, people said, “I will continue to make government as central to my life as possible and rely on them in these difficult times.” Those people didn’t survive. Others took a different approach —they made it to British Palestine, or they lived as partisans in the woods, maybe they became part of the resistance abroad, or stayed and fought in the cities of their birth. Am I saying to run? No. I’m saying to use the example of the concentration camps and to prepare yourself for not being affected when the people who openly talk about wanting to kill you, or who openly talk about being ambivalent about your death, start doing things that one could expect from such a sociopath.

Surround yourself with lions.

We have the internet, and we have unlimited calling plans. Using those two tools — a search engine and a telephone — if you cannot find a lion out there in the world who can satisfy every single need that you require, you are doing something wrong.

It is long past time to start finding those lions and building those relationships.

I am not talking about a mere consumer-producer relationship. That is the stuff of psychopaths. That is the kind of behavior that got us into this mess. Yes, in an economic text, that description of “consumer-producer relationship” makes sense and offers plenty of useful insight. Life is explainable in terms beyond economics. I am talking about staying on the phone for half-an-hour the first time you talk and getting a feel for what these people are all about. I am talking about following up with a handwritten thank you note. I am talking about sending them a photo of your family that their grass fed beef, their water filters, their clothing, their medicine, their leather bags are being used by.

This is the stuff robust community is made of. This is the stuff that will last through thick and thin.

At Trader Joe’s you will get what you pay for and nothing more. So do not be let down when your favorite employee has been let go and has been replaced with a disaffected 23-year-old with a degree in the latest trendy branch of grievance studies, a 23-year-old who is now lording over you, his elder and a customer, and virtue signaling by yelling at you at the top of his lungs at the front door about how evil you are for not wearing a mask to protect the grandma he has, but who, to be fully transparent, which he would never be, he hasn’t called in ten years.

These people want to kill you. That is the truth. Do not be shocked when they try to. But also do not be shocked when they do other things that are less extreme than killing you, things which were once very out of place. The times have changed. We will make it through this time far more free than we have ever before, in living memory, been. We are not likely to do that within the existing systems.

A decoupling has occurred. More of a decoupling is ahead. If you wait for that to be abundantly clear to all around you before you act, then you will be left in a difficult situation waiting in line while entrepreneurs that never had to scale-up are forced to do so and experience significant growing pains. If you do not have those relationships built when that occurs, you will be left in a bind for a time.

They want to kill you. You are not going to let that happen. They want to de-person you. You will make that irrelevant if they do. They want to fire you. You will have five better opportunities lined up if they do. They want to deny you food. You will have a dozen other people who you already buy better food from. They want to push you from the system. If you are called to fight for the system that exists, please do that fighting. Your victories may one day benefit us all.

Their system is nonsense. It is top-heavy. It is full of a managerial class and paper-pushers that are a net negative. It is full of people who leach off the public generosity and abrogate freedom to the detriment of all. Has Anthony Fauci and the multiple millions of others like him been anything but a net negative in your life?

They exist in the public sector and the private sector as well. They are not the cause of our degradation as a people. They are a symptom, but they also individually prosper from the continued degradation. They are incentivized to hasten it. They are incentivized to do the worst things imaginable for you and your family. Some of them want you dead. You cannot trust them with your life, and you certainly cannot trust them to be dependable in any regard. You can subjugate them to your will. You can subordinate yourself to their will. You can avoid them. I do not know what is right for your life. What I do know, is that such people must not be depended upon.

Fight for what’s rightfully yours. Let that which no longer serves you, collapse into the dying heap of ashes that it was meant to collapse into.

A most beautiful, new America will rise from the disaster that has sprung from the Ides of March 2020. Some of us are already building it.

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