The Shame Wars

We appear to be entering a period of shame wars. Those who are vaccinated and are in favor of using government force to compel behavior are resorting to low-ball accusations of the unvaccinated being fools, stupid, or part of an epidemic of the unvaccinated as the President accused. They do not only seem gleeful at the prospects of using government force against the unvaccinated, they seem to want to do it today, to really bring the pain (see Australian totalitarianism). 

On the other side, my side, we are responding with what I call a righteous counter-shame campaign against those in favor of using government force to compel behavior. My side, the right side of history, accuse the other side of being like the Nazi’s (they are) or like Stalin (they are) or like Mao (they are). We try to appeal to their remaining conscience, but sadly, there does not seem to be much left. Their fear of a 97% – 99.8% survivable pathogen has done them in, they’ve crossed over to the dark side, sacrificing their conscience along the way. They have lost their humanity and have become the predator, hunting down the unclean, verminous, squalid, untouchable unvaccinated.

So, while hoping there might be shred of decency left in the minds of the supporters of government force against innocent people, and in the spirit of charity, I have a favor to ask, a plea really. 

Since for the moment, you hold all the power in government, media, and entertainment, can you at least tell us how far you intend to go? Like, are you okay with murdering us? Or, perhaps you just want us put in camps, like the sub-humans you apparently believe we are.

I’d like to get my affairs in order if you would be so kind to us sub-humans.

Watching how me and my family are described by policy leaders, spokesmen, and sociopaths on Twitter, I now feel, firsthand, what Blacks must have felt like as a slave owner zeroed in on them at the market; they must have hoped they got a good master. If you’re a supporter of government discrimination, will you be a good master to us who believe we can survive Covid-19 with our natural immune system?

Or, I now better understand how the Native Americans must have felt when they began the Trail of Tears. Or, how the Japanese must have felt and how they wished they could change the shape of their eyes so as not to catch the attention of whites who wanted to put them in internment camps.  

Oh, please don’t parrot “How dare you? It’s not the same.” IT IS THE SAME.

I now understand legal, constitutional discrimination like I never did before.

I now see that to millions, freedom is the disease, not Covid. A disease to be eradicated, expunged from the vaccinated, booster driven new way of life. After all, who needs a natural immune system when we have Pfizer and Moderna?

Sadly, this pro use of government force community includes conservatives and Christians like Franklin Graham. Perhaps what we’re learning is that these conservatives and Christians were really just liars when they claimed to support freedom. In reality, I now understand them to be just another version of the slave owner with no hesitation to use the whip of the government to quell their fears of a pathogen with a 97% – 99.8% survival rate. 

– Obey or die!

– Obey or lose your job!

– Obey or no restaurants, NBA games, movies, perhaps groceries, or education for you!

– Obey or in the camp!

– Obey or we will force the needle in your arm (Jacobson v. Massachusetts anyone?)

So, to those who have the desire and ability to use government force against the unvaccinated, can you help a brotha out? At least tell us how far you intend to go?