A Patriot, Southerner, and a Great Voice for Freedom Was Silenced Today

Writes a great lady:

Phil Valentine was in a Covid-19 hospital ward for weeks in Nashville. Very little information was released about Phil over the last couple of weeks.

Today he died.

His death signifies a great loss to his family and to us, his listeners, and to any person who values freedom, especially freedom from the tyrannical government.

Phil (everybody calls him that) was feisty and unapologetic about his love for freedom and dislike for the state and its endless evils against citizens.

It is sad and ironic that Phil died, supposedly, from the timely virus that the state has so deftly used to enslave us, for some, to kill us.

Phil once helped defeat a bill to enact a state income tax in Tennessee. On his daytime radio show, Phil called upon citizens to drive during their lunch hour around the public road that closely encircles the Tennessee capital building… and blow their horns!

Citizens responded and horns were blaring all day for weeks.

The bill was defeated, and to this day, Tennessee has neither a state income tax, nor has anyone attempted to bring such a bill forth to the chambers of the Tennessee house.

May The Lord keep our brother and fellow patriot, Phil Valentine.