Clash Between People and Deep State in Italy

Some years ago Italy was chosen by the global powers-that-be to become a social laboratory where the Great Reset would be tested and fine-tuned before being fully unleashed upon the world.

In the words of Monsignor Carlo Maria Viganò“Italy is a testing ground for the experiments of social engineering that the globalist agenda intends to extend to all governments over the span of the next ten years.”

On 30th August the Italian Health Dictatorship Regime intends to make what it thinks is a check-mate move and impose its COVID-19 vaccination passport, called the Green Pass, upon the entire population of Italy.
This discriminatory and coercive ‘Green Pass’ is without doubt contrary to both international law and the laws of most domestic legal jurisdictions.
It is creating a world where the majority of people are tricked or bullied, and generally compelled, into receiving a series of experimental gene modification jabs or vaccines still under clinical trial.
It is creating a world where a rebelling minority will be cast out and refused access to social amenities and social recreation.

A movement which started on Good Friday in 2020 when just a dozen or so people tried to break the lockdown cordons and get to Mass at the Church of St Maria Maggiore in Rome, gradually built and expanded to the point that in July 2021 up to twenty-thousand fed-up and rebellious Romans gathered together at the Piazza del Popolo to really make and continue to build a heavyweight challenge against the Health Dictatorship and the Great Reset.

There are three main objectives:
1) To unite the people beyond the old, sterile, worn-out, and divisive, labels of Left and Right.
2) To draw together disparate groups and associations of un-skilled workers, tradesmen, restaurateurs and hoteliers, and medical and scientific professionals.
3) To stand united together and act as one until the Green Pass is defeated.
The movement grew rapidly throughout Italy uniting more than a million people in a city by city mobilization.

On the 28th August, two days before the introduction of the Green Pass, a massive demonstration is due to take place in Rome along with other big protests in towns and cities all over the country.
The Regime has long braced itself to meet, sometimes very violently, growing street protests but unexpectedly, and dangerously, for the Health Dictatorship something else has happened.
A lawyer, Avv. Nicola Trisciuoglio, representing 52 of his colleagues in the legal profession, filed criminal complaints against the Italian Prime Minister, Draghi, and other public figures, accusing them of very serious offences such as conspiracy, murder, and manslaughter.
The criminal accusations were filed with all 140 Public Prosecutors spread in all the Italian main cities of Italy.

In this way it will be very difficult, if not impossible, for the Regime to call in favours or intimidate all of the Public Prosecutor Offices to drop the criminal investigations.
Indeed, nearly 100 of the Public Prosecutors have already begun to pursue criminal investigations based upon the complaints.

It’s expected that at least one of the Prosecution Offices will ask the Constitutional Court to examine the legality of the ‘Green Pass’.

In the las few hours the Procura di Avellino has decided to send the Green Pass to the Constitutional Court to decide whether it complies or not with Italian and European law.
As part of this legal investigation the Public Prosecutors have also been requested to seize samples of the so-called vaccines so they can be independently analysed in neutral laboratories and the precise ‘ingredients’ established.
The complex action against the tyrannical regime, the criminal actions commited and the struggle against the Green Pass are finally giving results.