My Latest Presentation and Behind the Scenes Anniversary Celebration

In 2015, we moved’s headquarters from Hoffman Estates, Illinois, to Cape Coral in Florida, to take advantage of all the health benefits this sunny location can provide.

A few days ago, August 7, 2021, we celebrated our 24th anniversary and the grand opening of Mercola Market & Café,1 a 15,000-square-foot retail space located at 125 S.W. 3rd Place in Cape Coral, by hosting the Inaugural Mid-Cape Summer Fest.2 As our Mercola market general manager, Patrick Rossi, told the Cape Coral Breeze:3

“Mercola has been around for 24 years, but our retail space is the new kid on the block, and we wanted to bring the residents of Cape Coral and the surrounding communities together to celebrate not only the legacy of Mercola but also the future — all while enjoying the final days of summer.”

All the proceeds from the event went to the Cape Coral Animal Shelter. In addition to perusing our Market & Café, visitors were also treated to live music, a vintage car show, food trucks, arts and crafts, face painting, a petting zoo and hot air balloons.

Grand Opening: Mercola Market & Café

The Mercola Market & Café is open to the public Tuesdays through Sundays, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. We exclusively carry our branded products, including a large selection of biodynamically-grown teas and coffees, organic smoothies and local Kombucha from Sarasota, Florida, organic cotton clothing, nutritional supplements, organic and biodynamic foods and other research-proven wellness products for humans and pets.

In 2020, we converted our 45,000-square-foot warehouse to 100% solar power, blanketing the roof with solar panels.4 This is all part of our commitment to regeneration and sustainability — principles which are reflected in our day-to-day operations throughout our corporate structure.

At present, we’re one of the largest companies powered by solar energy in Cape Coral. We’re also planning to expand our positive impact on the community by starting our own, locally-grown organic and biodynamic farm.

As a leader in the natural health industry since 1997, I’ve been a supporter of regenerative agriculture for decades. Regenerative farming is a holistic approach that works with nature rather than compete with it.

More than a decade ago, I supported and advocated for transparent and truthful GMO labeling. While we didn’t achieve the labeling initiative, we succeeded in making Americans aware of GMOs — what they are, how they differ from conventional foods and how they can affect your health.

Creating a Legacy in Sustainability

At, we don’t just support the concept of regenerative agriculture; I and my staff live it. We support biodynamic farms in eight countries and pay farmers a premium for their harvests, which go into our branded Solspring products.

Solspring is an authentic food brand that offers Demeter Certified Biodynamic and organic foods — such as olive oil from 100-year-old trees found in the Kalamata region of Greece, vinegars and tomato sauces sourced from 40-year-old farms in the Modena region of Italy, and more. We recently launched an entire Solspring food line, which you can find in our newly opened brick and mortar store, and online.

We’ve also initiated the first-ever standards for Demeter Certified Biodynamic supplements, and carry more biodynamic products in more categories than any single brand in the U.S.

We also support the American Grassfed Association, which has created a robust set of clear guidelines for organic grass fed beef and beef products, and support organic cotton farmers around the world, whose superior cotton goes into our line of organic and biodynamic clothing line, Sito.

We also use glass for most of our products, recyclable cardboard packing materials for all online orders, and eco-friendly materials such as biodegradable cups and agave straws in our café to minimize our environmental impact.

In addition to all that, I’ve written hundreds of articles on organic gardening, teaching readers how to improve their health while becoming more self-sufficient and food-secure. Growing sprouts, for example, is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to boost your nutrition.

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