Glide Path Low and Dark

It would only be cruel to burden readers with more opprobrious denunciation of the pathetic figure pretending to lead the nation, but it might be fair to ask: what is to be done about him? It’s looking a little bit as though “Joe Biden” is skidding toward resignation. His body language suggests defeat. When newsman Peter Doocy asked him Thursday evening on live TV about the thirteen American soldiers blown up outside the Kabul airport, he folded up in front of the cameras like a broken accordion. Poor optics, as they say in the spin business. This was after he kept the country waiting for five and a half hours to even make an appearance when news of the bombing broke.

His managers installed a “poison pill” named Kamala Harris as his vice-president, and even members of her own party get the vapors at mere fugitive thoughts of her trying to run the country, giggling from one crisis to another. Meanwhile, the veep cut short her tour of Southeast Asia, rushing to aid beleaguered California Governor Gavin Newsom at a rally to fight his recall vote… but then cut short her Newsom rescue mission to fly on to Washington. Electioneering during the greatest hostage crisis in US history probably equals more poor optics. She will presumably spend the days ahead “standing by” on developments, within reach of the Xanax vial — while a claque of party bigwigs importunes her to get rolling on the 25th amendment.

Some of said bigwigs, including the managing parties behind “Joe Biden,” might be cooking up a neat operation in which “Joe Biden” resigns, Ms. Harris gets elevated to POTUS… Ms. Harris appoints Barack Obama vice-president… and then Ms. Harris resigns, making the popular ex-president president again. The 22nd Amendment only prevents presidents from being elected more than twice, not from being appointed by happenstance. Would they dare? Well, why not? They dared to engineer some pretty audacious election hijinks in 2020.

One thing you can count on, the situation has the potential to get a whole lot worse, both for the nation and for “Joe Biden”. Our new Taliban “partners,” assigned to provide security in-and-around Kabul, may prove to be less than steadfast in their duties as hoped. Thursday’s bloodbath hints at their inadequacies. The number of Americans stranded in Afghanistan remains hypothetical, a thousand… six thousand…nobody seems to know. Plus, Gawd knows how many NATO-ally civilian personnel, international NGO workers, and other people of, shall we say, the Western persuasion, remain trapped.

The ISIS suicide bombings made a pretty bold statement, too. If one ventured to say that our new Taliban partners are something less than gentlemen, how would you describe the cadres of Al Qaeda and ISIS? Poor sports? Ruffians? Misogynists? They have the run of Kabul now, the ability to go from door-to-door, rooting Westerners out, something they probably regard as fun. Do you remember from just a few years ago what kinds of things they like to do to their captives? Cut their heads off. (Notice I didn’t say chop.) Roast them in cages. That could start any minute. What then, “Joe Biden”?

But, then, maybe something else happens, something rather shocking: a play to remove the current president by unorthodox means, say, a rising up of parties seemingly outside of US government, including a select group of current and former US military officers? An extraordinary hiatus in the long-running usual procedures around the transfer of power? I can say no more about that because I know no more about it — except there are rumors in the wind and this is at least as dark a moment in our history as Valley Forge, Fort Sumter, Pearl Harbor, Nine-eleven. You can’t overstate how ticked-off some resourceful folks are about the current situation.

Let’s not forget that “Joe Biden” still faces some additional adversities. The Arizona election audit results can be released at any time. They will indicate that the officially certified November 3, 2020, Maricopa County vote bears little resemblance to what has been actually discovered by a scrupulous and exhaustive review of the ballots. The upshot will be a powerful intimation that perhaps “Joe Biden” arrived in his latest federal position by nefarious means… provoking moves in other states to revisit their certified 2020 conclusions, too. The optics will be poor.

Then there is the ongoing Covid 19 hysteria, a world-beating fiasco of tricked-up data and deadly mischief. “Joe Biden” is determined to get everyone in the nation vaccinated with pharmaceutical cocktails that the public has reason to be skeptical about. We know that there have been more serious adverse reactions and deaths from these mRNA shots than anything previously called a “vaccine.” There is reason to believe that the number of these mishaps is, even so, wildly under-reported.

There is plenty of reason to suspect the number of Covid-19 cases reported. The PCR tests have been ruled unreliable, and yet the medical establishment is permitted to use them until December. Is that how we’re still calculating the number of cases? I’ve heard of no other method. What if a substantial number of Covid cases are not Covid at all, but rather reactions to the spike proteins in those already vaxed-up? My guess would be: plenty of them are just that. And is it not clear by now that “vaccinating” half the population does not eradicate the disease but rather creates more variants that are resistant to these mRNA concoctions? The nations around the world that are most fully vaxed-up are also the ones with the highest rates of Covid cases now.

And “Joe Biden” is moving heaven and earth to get every company and institution in America to coerce their employees into getting a shot. Do you have any idea how pissed-off the nation is getting over this — not to mention the avalanche of lies put out by government health officials and the news media for two years about the true origins of the disease and of the mRNA “vaccines?” It’s obvious that this so-called pandemic has become an excuse to push people around.

Events are rushing ahead at a gallop, and events are in charge now, not personalities. “Joe Biden” has days left in the Oval Office. It’s really only a matter of how he gets removed… and what replaces him. Do the people who installed him in office and all his election partisans feel any buyer’s remorse? We’re finding out.

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