Pediatric Offices and Elementary Schools — the Temples Where American Children Were Sacrificed to Molech

The Valley of the Son of Hinnom — a deep narrow valley south of Jerusalem that Israel used as a garbage dump. Parents there sacrificed their children as burnt offering to Molech (2 Kings 23:10). Jeremiah prophesied Yahweh’s judgement against those who practiced this abominable practice. According to the “International Standard Bible Encyclopedia” under Molech: “The place where it was practiced from the days of Ahaz and Manasseh was the Valley of Hinnom where Topheth stood, a huge altar-pyre for the burning of the sacrificial victims…The victims offered to the divinity were not burnt alive, but were killed as sacrifices, and then presented as burnt offerings.”

  • A footnote to Jeremiah 32:35 

One day the story will be told that the American empire, as it crumbled, was taken by a very powerful religious cult of the cow.

Leading figures in the empire descended into child sacrifice.

The details of it all will fade with the passage of the time, but some details will likely remain.

“If you love them, you will sacrifice them to the cow.”

“If you love humanity, you will sacrifice them to the cow.”

“Your sacrifice helps my child, and my sacrifice helps your child.”

“Through child sacrifice to the cow we can conquer nature, we can prevent nature, we can free children from some of the most evil illnesses, but only through sacrifice.”

“Child sacrifice to the cow is the safest and most effective way to protect yourself, your family, and your community.”

A group of parents who worshiped as part of the cult of the cow gathered in praise. Specially built temples existed. The ceremony would begin. An officiant would enter the room.

Parents would often hold their still rebellious children down as the child screamed in terror, not yet indoctrinated into the joy that such evil can bring.

The method of sacrifice was by forcible insertion into the body of a child, through a long piece of metal, a toxic slurry called “juice of the cow” consisting of a potion of metals ascribed to have mystical properties, parts of dead babies, and the parts of other dead creatures. It was a death-filled injection into a life-filled body.

The juice of the cow, according to legend, was once from a cow, but eventually came to have different recipes, depending on the subset of the cult that the mixture came from and depending on the mythical properties said to be ascribed to it. Some recipes of the juice of the cow did not even contain bovine ingredients. All recipes of the juice of the cow that remain known to us today, contained the three items listed above: metals ascribed to have mystical properties, parts of dead babies once sacrificed to Molech, and parts of other dead creatures. That the dead babies were also once sacrificed to Molech had symbolic importance to the ceremony.

The insertion of the long metal device into the buttocks of the child or the child’s extremities would be divined by the officiant. “Today we will put it in your behind,” or “Today we will put it in your left arm,” the officiant would announce to parent, child, and co-officiant. The officiant was ascribed mystical abilities by a board of officiants to administer the juice of the cow.

Parents brought their children for “well child visits,” the purpose of which was to inject their children with the juice of the cow. To call this injection of the toxic juice of the cow “wellness” was a requisite part of participation in the cult of the cow. Some parents gave their children the juice of the cow many times in one year. This made some children infirm. To allow your child to grow infirm in sacrifice to the cow, but to never admit that the juice of the cow caused the infirmity was considered a special level of devotion to the cow.

Some did not behave that way when the juice of the cow harmed their child, sometimes irreparably. Those who could not adopt that level of devotion were exiled and shamed until they proved themselves worthy by returning their infirm child back to the altar of Molech to receive the juice of the cow again, proclaiming the illness “an act of God,” and proclaiming the juice of the cow “safe and effective,” vowing to praise the cult of the cow to all who would listen.

To lose a child to the juice of the cow, and to still worship at the altar of the cow, was the greatest sacrifice and a badge of honor as long as it was never spoken of as having come from the juice of the cow. To blame God, Yahweh, Jehovah, the Almighty was the ideal response, given by a member of the cult of the cow, after they killed their own child with the juice of the cow. “The juice of the cow is safe and effective, the juice of the cow saves lives, but God took my princess from me, and I don’t know if I will ever forgive God for it,” was repeated over and again by members of the cult of the cow who had sacrificed their own child on the altar of Molech, murdering them with the juice of the cow.

The name Molech is cognate to the word for king. To call a child a princess was to some members of the cult of the cow to invoke Molech, and to call a child “daughter of Molech.”

In time, as the cult of the cow grew, the number of officiants without schooling in the ways of the cult of the cow grew as well. Despite this growth, the white-coated high officiants of the cult of the cow retained a special place in society and were given great deference by its adherents as high priest, and to some even demi-god, status in the cult was conferred.

Obedient silence was to be had from those who did not wear the white coat, though not all in the white coat embraced the cult of the cow. Slowly, they were defrocked, as the white coat came to represent submission to the cult of the cow. The crumbling empire eventually had dozens of officiants of the cult of the cow on even a single block on many streets. Officiants emerged in every type of business. A parent could immediately walk in the door and demand that a child receive the juice of the cow. Officiants were always ready to sacrifice a child any time of day or night.

Everywhere one turned, encouragement to receive the juice of the cow was present. Through all methods of communication, this was a dominant and ever-present message. Such was a symptom of the moral degradation of this empire more than it was a cause. Just as the juice of the cow was equated with “wellness,” it was also equated with “health,” though it brought the exact opposite: infirmity. To invert definitions was an act of submission to the cult of the cow and to Molech.

A group of adherents existed, called “public health,” who had several roles in society, among their main purposes was to sully a child by convincing a parent to give the juice of the cow over and over to that child. Some in the field of public health spent their lives prophesying the health giving properties of the juice of the cow. “Only one in a million could ever by hurt by the juice of the cow,” they would repeat and feed such messages to the high officiants in white coats for them to use in their own liturgy. They were the field that developed the proper words to use to obtain submission, and they also developed the proper societal structures to ensure compliance. They slowly marched through the institutions bringing them into obedience to Molech.

Additional locations for child sacrifice spread to places called elementary schools and high schools. These were institutions of worship to Molech, often filled with men and women who openly engaged in such worship. Despite this, historians have been unable to piece together why parents who did not worship at the altar of Molech sent their children to such schools of training in the ways of Molech.

These were locations where children had phrases repeated to them so that they would not believe the values of their parents any longer, but would become more devout adherents to Molech.

Children educated in these temples to Molech lost the ability to think or to question. Parents accepted it as normal.

Some parents seemed to assume that the curriculum taught to them as children in a different era was what was being taught in schools run by the disciples of Molech. Other parents seemed genuinely convinced that the curriculum presented to them long ago was what was being taught in schools. Recognizing this naivety, such a curriculum was shown to parents to comfort them, while a very different message was forced into the brains of children by the disciples of Molech.

Some parents used these schools as a free form of daycare so that they could, themselves, spend their day working in the service Molech in exchange for pay and to have an extra car or a nicer house. This was a form of child sacrifice in exchange for the car or the house. Other parents reasoned that they were unfit to raise their child and instead sent their child, for most of their waking hours, to be raised by “professionals,” who, again, filled their children’s minds with the words of Molech. To imagine a less fitting education for a child is nearly impossible. Other parents had many excuses for why they sent their children to be educated by the disciples of Moloch.

In this era, the believers of God were powerful still and would never allow child sacrifice to take place in the open, so the cult of the cow brought a life long, slow sacrifice of the child’s body, mind, and soul to the altars of Molech. In time, that would change, and Americans came to see open and public child sacrifice, as society incrementally degraded and so few people stood up to stop the incremental degradation. The disciples of Molech one week laughed openly and loudly at the conspiratorial nature of anyone who would claim that they would ever do anything so ridiculous and immoral as what they were doing not one week later.

By slowly demoralizing good people, by slowly convincing them that the disciples of Molech shared their values, this incrementalism by the disciples of Molech achieved tremendous influence in society, in a way that could not have happened if those who deemed themselves wise were simply wise enough to recognize evil for what it was and to hold firm in saying “No!” to it. But this was not a wise era. It was a cowardly era. And the cowardly did not well survive the era.

By the time the crumbling of the American empire reached its height, the active and public harming and sacrifice of children had reached an extreme. Parents who would not participate were seized by the cult of the cow and held captive.

Altars to Molech were built at the highest levels of society. The cult of the cow dominated the highest levels of society as well, one of the most powerful among the cults of Molech. Schools and churches were closed and burned if they did not cooperate with the cult of the cow. Businesses were burned if they did not cooperate with the cult of the cow. All in society were to worship at the cult of the cow.

An infirm and enfeebled society followed. The more infirm people became, the more devout they grew in their support of the cult of the cow. The more infirm people became, the more they refused to acknowledge the harm done to them by the juice of the cow. Devotion to the cult of the cow would get them through, they insisted. More juice of the cow was needed. Monthly juice of the cow. Daily juice of the cow. All who refused were to be banished.

They began to engage in open occultism and cultic ritual intended to save them from the illnesses of the juice of the cow. They dosed themselves with very powerful chemicals meant to better them, but which only harmed them more. They knew the way of the cow was slow sacrifice of oneself. They knew that their sacrifice helped others, and the sacrifice of others helped them. For all are in this together. All that is needed is more sacrifice, more complete sacrifice to the cult of the cow.

As the American empire found itself in total shambles, a new America rose from the ashes. Those who never took of the juice of the cow entered into a covenant, a new compact, to raise up a nation not in the name of cows or Molech or Baal, but in the name of the Almighty. Even those who once called themselves atheist, or agnostic, like your once blind writer, came to recognize the rightness of the founding of such a nation. A nation committed to God, in recognition that man is no animal, man is no computer, man is made in the likeness of God. How a test is required for there to be a testimony. How a painful crucible helps to purify. How the tough times shape man for the preparation of the good times.

A renewed America came to be. An America 2.0, built upon the wisdom of the mistakes of the first America, which descended into empire and folly before finding ruin. Built upon the ashes of the old America, a new America came to be, an America, which, to this day, prospers, forever vigilant of the horrors of the past.

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