No Forgiveness for 1492

Canada is currently undergoing the same orgy of antiwhite fear and loathing as the United States, although, due to the lack of blacks in Canadian history, it’s rationalized as justified by white mistreatment of Amerindians in the past. Ten churches in Alberta were set on fire on Canada Day, July 1, as part of a national nervous breakdown over “unmarked graves” at disused residential schools for Indian students.

While in the U.S. the problems of American Indians in the 21st century have largely been ignored because extroverted blacks vacuum up most of the attention, the Great Awokening in Canada focused upon “First Nations” as its sacralized victims. Public meetings in Canada now begin with ritual incantations that “We acknowledge that we are situated on traditional land of the [insert name here] people.”

This doesn’t mean that white Canadians actually intend to give their property back to the First Nations. But it will be interesting to see how they react once it is clear that this symbolism hasn’t reduced the natives’ alcoholism and anomie.

Most likely, they will resolve to make up for their forefathers taking Canada from the Indians by letting in even more Indians from India. How that will alleviate the problems of Indians from Canada is unclear, to say the least, but that’s not the point. The point is to punish whites for having the best countries.

In reality, Canada has less to feel guilty over than most countries. In liberty-loving Whig America, the westward expansion was largely led by settlers, with the government lagging behind and only riding to the rescue when the palefaces got themselves into scrapes with the Indians (which they always did). But in orderly Tory Canada, the state was usually out front, negotiating deals with the tribes before allowing in the farmers.

In both Canada and Australia, acceptable opinion has coagulated around the theory that the plight of aboriginals today is due to long-ago humanitarian efforts to educate them in English at boarding schools. After all, what else besides the transgenerational trauma theory of epigenetics could explain why aboriginals tend to have the same problems dealing with the modern world generation after generation?

For example, Philip Noyce’s 2002 movie Rabbit-Proof Fence is about an evil 1930s Australian civil servant (Kenneth Branagh) who puts sisters of the “Stolen Generations” in a boarding school due to racist stereotypes that their family is tubercular, alcoholic, and abusive.

Ironically, when Noyce’s adolescent leading lady returned to her family, they turned out to be alcoholic and abusive (tuberculosis having been conquered by penicillin), so the director paid to send her to…a boarding school.

In truth, Aborigines evolved over the millennia without exposure to Old World diseases or to alcohol, so they lacked genetic defenses against them. Similarly, Scots, Swedes, and Russians have more trouble with binge-drinking than do Italians and Jews, whose ancestors were drinking wine 6,000 years ago.

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