Deaths of Great Men and G-Men

It has been a long time coming, this death of Donald Rumsfeld at 88.  It is useful to compare his contributions to those made by another recently deceased genius, John McAfee, at a relatively young and vital 75.

Both of these men had reputations of being smart, tough, combative, and exceptionally confident in their own judgment and vision.  One used his talents to accumulate government power, to facilitate the health of the state through war, and make a small fortune, the other to ensure government desire for power and oversight into everyone’s lives and business was resisted – and to make a far smaller fortune.

Watching McAfee speak in Barcelona in 2019, one is reminded of the vitality, confidence, passion and genius that some fans of the US government would like to ascribe to the perfect G-man, Rumsfeld.  Not long after this talk, the USG indicted McAfee for unreported income of $23 million, ostensively hidden from the government through extensive use of bitcoin and ether, responding directly to the very content of his presentation in Barcelona.

Far better to die a career public servant with a net worth of over $200 million.  Who ever accused Donald Rumsfeld of being difficult to work with?  Curiously, the MSN link above doesn’t mention Rumsfeld’s revolving door from Congress, to Presidential Chief of Staff, to President of J.D. Searle and the near immediate subsequent FDA approval of the now ubiquitous artificial sweetener Aspartame.  He was certainly a neocon hero for decades, and incidentally, his post-Pentagon connection to Gilead, the pharma that makes the only “approved” treatment for Covid-19, was predictable, if nothing else.

Clearly, the 88 year old diseased Rumsfeld didn’t kill himself. The same must be said of McAfee, who spent the last several years warning that he would never commit suicide, and warned that his enemy – governments in general and specifically the US government – would make an attempt on his life. We are seeing the predictable use of the word “paranoid” frequently in the McAfee coverage. Because everyone knows they are not out to get you, even when they are in the midst of getting you.

By the way, have we seen much on this in the US media?  The US federal government, like most governments, lies so much, so often, and so habitually, even after the whole case against Assange has collapsed – on the government’s own terms – they will move forward.  I fear for Julian Assange in his government cell now more than ever.

Who knows what really happens in this world?   Ed Snowden’s exploration of storytelling and mass beliefs replacing republican ideals of rights and a proper organization of man and government, of conspiracy practices rather than theories, is on target. James Howard Kunstler is on target, when he talks about societies that, naturally or by manipulation by their government, prefer magic to fact.

There is no doubt that a government that consumes 30-40% of all productivity in the nation, and re-channels the take (with a little skimmed off the top, middle and bottom for friends and bureaucrats) to ensure that government stays in power, on top and in the know, is a government that can and will kill whatever it perceives as an enemy.  Why would it not?  In what fantasy world does a ruling caste willingly give up power and melt away?

As the G-men who made many useful but unnecessary wars, and enriched themselves as workers in the state abattoir pass on to hell, we may wonder “Who will be our next kings and kingmakers?”  Will it be a Mark Zuckerberg, or a Bezos, or a Bill Gates?  Will it be you, Joe Biden?  Even their wives hate them, in this era of equality and equal voices, and one has to wonder if instead these sociopaths will simply secure their own positions, and leave the masses to their own devices.  Notwithstanding a little additional murder and extermination (and Deagel reportedly removed its 2025 forecast of a 70% population reduction in the US only a few months ago), it may be that our elites cannot stomach much more and are ready to cash in.

May the children and grandchildren of our G-men waste their legacies on wine and song. Long live the horde, with its multiplicity of monera, its incorrigible innovators, its innate, unrecognized, utter and uncomplicated contempt for the state, and its inexplicable energy.  Some of which, naturally, will be expended by dancing on graves.