The Counter-Truths Unspin

Back in the day, LSD trips were mostly a matter of personal choice. Today, though, all you have to do is wake up somewhere between Montauk and the Farallon Islands and your senses are overwhelmed with hallucinations. The public used to depend on newspapers and TV networks to suss out reality, but that filter is long gone, replaced by a relentless “narrative” machine, and all it does is spin out one technicolor whopper after another.

The trouble is: narrative is not the truth. Generally, it’s the opposite of the truth. It’s manufactured counter-truth. The more narrative you spin, the faster you must spin off new supporting narrative to conceal the untruth of your previous narrative — until the national hive mind is lit up in unreality where nothing makes sense and the very language that separates humanity from the rough beasts becomes a social poison. And is “Joe Biden” not the perfect gibbering epitome of this mess, a ghost in the narrative machine, beckoning us into chaos?

America is on a bad trip. The country has lost its way psychologically. Two things will be required to bring it out of the fugue state it tripped into five years ago: some significant shocks to the system and the passage of time. Those shocks are in the offing and the “Joe Biden” regime — meaning Barack Obama and his wing-people who run things — are looking more and more desperate as auguries manifest.

Their current tactical hustle is to amp up paranoia over the receding Covid-19 episode. It looks like an attempt to smokescreen the emerging evidence of massive and widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election, and the growing eagerness of a few other states besides Arizona to mount audits of what went on last November 3rd. The supposed surge in new Covid cases is really just a tiny blip, considering it comes off a baseline of close to zero cases in many places. 11,140 so far have died from Covid vaccinations, according to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). Last week 2,092 deaths from vaccinations were added versus 1,918 deaths from the virus. Countries with the highest vaccination rates are showing the most new Covid cases.

Yet, it’s looking like the idea is to set up the unvaxed for blame as “Joe Biden’s” legitimacy dissolves and the country finds itself in a political crisis because there’s nothing in the constitution that provides for removing a president elected fraudulently, even if the nation is crumbling around him. Vaccine disinformation is killing people, Mr. “B” warned last week. CBS 60-Minutes led its Sunday night show with more Covid scare stories. The message is everywhere that you must get vaxed-up, and, if you don’t, there may be severe penalties. Those likely to opt out of a vax are exactly those people who distrust what the government tells them, meaning probably people who did not vote for the current occupant of the White House. As it happens, though, the number of people who distrust government is expanding even beyond that demographic.

The regime must know that evidence of massive voting fraud and the loss of political legitimacy will coincide with a financial train wreck that looks to be chugging out of the station this very morning with all asset indexes tanking as I write. There are even fresh reports of an asteroid heading directly towards Washington DC this week. (So said Devin Nunes, ranking member on the House Intel Committee, over the weekend.) The asteroid is the long-rumored return from deep space of Special Prosecutor John Durham with some interesting announcements concerning the most poisonous narrative of this era: the RussiaGate collusion hoax finally revealed as a seditious conspiracy by high government officials in the Department of Justice and the Intel agencies. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Obama and his wing-people turned up in that mix. Won’t that be a nice accessory to “Joe Biden’s” presidential flame-out? And won’t that be just the ripe moment for China to move against Taiwan? Lawkes a’mighty… feets don’t desert me now!

The turmoil could get pretty hairy by summer’s end. Money will be flooding the system with the predictable loss of money’s legitimacy, at the same time that a massive debt repudiation gets under way. Hyperinflation and debt default at the same time? Sounds improbable, I know, since the former means too much money and the latter means money is disappearing like crazy. What it really means is that everything gets repriced rapidly and violently, and not necessarily in US dollars. Banks will not like this one teensy weensy bit.

All this will certainly lead to a lot of people suddenly going hungry, because that’s how going hungry works — it only takes a couple of days of not eating. Goodness knows what will be happening in the streets then. These are the sort of shocks we’re facing. Things get very real, elbowing out the hallucinations. The long, strange trip sputters out. And then begins the long hard job of finding a way to live that actually makes sense. Hint: it’s smaller, slower, closer to home, and in many ways better.

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