Stumbling Toward Reality

Dr. Anthony Fauci, who answers to the title “The Science” in certain circles, said this week that there are going to be two Americas, the vaxed and the unvaxed. Earth to Dr. Fauci: we are already two Americas: the reality-onboard and the reality-optional.

One reality is that vaccines developed at “warp speed” appear to have gnarly side-effects that can outweigh the risk of the disease they’re engineered to protect against. Another reality is that the Delta variant of SARS-Covid-19 is more contagious, but also weaker, less likely to result in hospitalization among the unvaxed. Yet another reality is that the Delta variant also infects the fully-vaccinated. Oh, what to do?

Consider not allowing yourself to be jerked around by US health officials who have trouble keeping their story straight, for instance, Dr. Anthony Fauci (a.k.a. The Science) who, records show, apparently assisted the bio-warfare division of China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) at the Wuhan lab in the development of a world-beating, gain-of-function bat virus — which, halfway through year-two of its run, seems to be following the usual trajectory of viral epidemics by growing weaker before it disappears altogether. And then we’ll see what happens longer-term among the vaxed, who were subjected to flurries of toxic spike proteins.

It’s the opinion of some — though not myself — that the Covid-19 episode was unleashed upon the world to allow “the elite” to execute a “controlled demolition of the global economy” so as to quash climate change (by reducing carbon emissions), and therefore ensure a brighter future for said elite, while cruelly throwing the rest of the world’s population overboard. Oh, I dunno…. Klaus Schwab and his minions of The Great Reset seem more like hapless control freaks than persons actually able to control anything, least of all the whole world. Dr. Fauci’s role looks like a species of generic egomania with a top hat of greed (considering his financial interests in vaccines). The reality is that the global economy, such as it’s a high-tech industrial economy, is shooting its own wad very nicely without a whole lot of assistance from alleged nefarious parties.

Meantime, the Fourth of July is upon us and the nation is not quite half-vaxed-up, and yet we are about to celebrate the meaning of Independence Day, which is freedom from getting jerked around by tyrants. The idea! And so, you see, the USA also seems to be divided between those who take liberty and its associated values to heart, and those who seek to coerce, dominate, censor, cancel, and punish those who show signs of wishing to enjoy liberty in the pursuit of happiness.

Since the mythic figure known as “Trump” appears to represent the group that favors liberty, it has been necessary for the latter group of Woke tyrants to find some way to punish him. And so, after much sedulous digging and rooting through every record vaulted in the earth’s mantle, the Manhattan district attorney’s office, conducting an investigation alongside the New York attorney general, has lodged a 15-count indictment against the Trump organization and its CFO, a Mr. Allen Weisselberg, for a conspiracy to commit criminal tax fraud, falsifying business records, and omitting to pay taxes on employees’ “indirect compensation” (i.e., fringe benefits) amounting to $1.7-million over 15 years.

Cue Dr. Evil… with pinky finger inserted in corner of mouth. One-point-seven million!!! Over 15 years…  equals about $113,000 a year! The New York state tax upon which might be in the neighborhood of $10,000! (That is, on the fringe benefits of company cars, parking spaces, and college tuition for company employees.) Now, there is a powerful case for malfeasance! Do you know what $1.7-million will get you: I’ll tell you: the raised ranch house that my parents bought in the Long Island suburbs for about 20-K in 1954. (Note, rather severely updated since then.) Just sayin….

Notice that the complaint against the Trump Org was not brought by the state tax authorities. Why not? Perhaps because it is beneath the dignity of even calling it a Mickey Mouse case. Instead, this is the sum total of what Democratic Party Lawfare ferrets could dig up in five years, including two years and $33-million spent by Robert Mueller’s investigators, plus the extra exertions of the DOJ’s Southern District federal attorneys. Well, done, Lawfare warriors! It will be fun to watch the prosecution of this case, if it isn’t peremptorily laughed out of court. It was especially rich to see the way The New York Times played the story in Friday’s morning edition — a giant banner headline, taken down, by the way, sometime after 9:00a.m. EDT, but we screen-capped it just prior:

Finally, in this trifecta of clanging unrealities, Democratic Party efforts to promote endless, widespread election fraud were dealt a knockdown blow Thursday in the US Supreme Court’s decision upholding a new Arizona election reform law that prohibits “ballot harvesting” and voting out of one’s own election district. The SCOTUS decision kind of moots the DOJ’s more recent hustle to undermine Georgia’s new election reform law, which includes similar prohibitions against ballot shenanigans. In short, states now can take reasonable steps to ensure fair elections — a hard concept to grasp, I’m sure, but there it is. Now let’s see how many states seek to unravel previous election shenanigans, for instance what went down on November 3, 2020. Happy July Fourth everyone. Don’t hurt anyone… or yourselves!

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