Unsafe and Ineffective

It’s turning out – at Warp Speed – that the “vaccine” isn’t even effective and forget safe.

People who’ve been Jabbed are getting sick – or at least, they are “testing positive” for the Epsilon Semi Moron or Plaid or Delta Blues “variant” of the sickness far too many people are obsessed with avoiding, even if the putative cure is worse than the possibility of sickness. In Israel, for instance, it has been reported that 40 percent of the new “cases” are among the Needled.

And it’s not just in Israel. It is everywhere. Including, for instance, California – where the Face Effacing is resuming. And in Australia, where much worse (and what’s likely coming, for us) is happening – notwithstanding all the Needling.

How is this possible if what the Pope of Science – and his spray-tanned poodle, the Orange Fail – insist to be true is in fact true? A car that doesn’t start 1 percent of the time isn’t very effective and not many would buy it, if they knew about it.

If it lost a wheel on the highway even 1 percent of the time, probably 100 percent of the public would be “hesitant” to buy one.

Yet the people pushing this “cure” continue to hard-sell it, even as evidence accrues that it doesn’t “work” as advertised and comes with a lot of fine print you’re not allowed to read, too.

Where’s that disclosure about what’s in there – and what might happen?

Never mind,  just roll up your sleeve. It’s good for you. Trust us. This from people whose serial untrustworthiness is better established than Nixon’s. But this time, it’s ok. This time, we should just believe what they tell us.

Even if it kills us.

Where are the “consumer advocates” – those people who made sure every lawn mower shuts off if you let go of the obnoxious handle they all come with now – because some moron, somewhere, stuck his hand under a running one? The people who made sure hot coffee is no longer served at drive-thru windows because some imbecile put a cup of it between her legs before driving off? The ones who made opening a bottle of any over-the-counter pill bottle an exercise in aggravation for adults without kids because someone else’s kids, someplace else, ate a bottle full of pills?

Whatever happened to saaaaaaaaaaafety first? If it saves even one life?

VW was ordered to stop selling diesel-powered cars because a hypothetical “someone” – no real person actually harmed was ever presented – might have coughed because of exhaust byproducts so attenuated it took incredibly sensitive equipment to even detect their presence. VW executives were arrested and sent to prison – for not causing the death of a single flesh-and-blood victim.

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