7.9 Billion Lives In The Balance





Pro vax leaders:
Dr. Anthony Fauci, American Academy of Pediatrics




  • Rejecting the shot is “playing Russian roulette with your life,” says a CBS News report.
  •  Officials said that it’s unvaccinated younger residents who are transmitting the virus the most. Of the new cases reported Saturday, 70% of them were in adults ages 18 to 49.  LA Times, July 11, 2021  (Psst! they were spreading “immunity.”



As vaccination rates slow, a Dallas woman who once garnered hundreds of thousands of social followers by expressing doubt about the safety of inoculations now says, “I trust the science.”  — Texas Monthly April 20, 2021

How Anti-Science and Anti-Vaxxers Cause Avoidable COVID Deaths

  • “We must find a way to overcome the poison perpetrated by the anti-science proponents.”  Impakter May 21, 2021


  • “Why you should get a COVID-19 vaccine- even if you’ve already had the coronavirus.”  -Jennifer Grier, MD.   As many as 9% of infected people do not have detectable antibodies, and up to 7% of people don’t have T-cells that recognize the virus 30 days after infection. For people who do develop immunity, the strength and duration of the protection can vary a lot. Up to 5% of people may lose their immune protection within a few months. Without a strong immune defense, these people are susceptible to reinfection by the coronavirus. (Dr. Grier says “everybody should vaccinate” but then says “it won’t work for everybody.)



Just get the stupid shot’:
Un-vaccinated mom who got Covid-19

After choosing not to get the Covid-19 vaccine, Ganeene Starling
ended up in the ICU with coronavirus and was given
a 20% chance of survival by doctors.


Vaccines work.  Vaccines don’t work.  Which is it?

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A report on CNN (a reporter says it should be renamed VNN) says unvaccinated workers or students should be required to show up for work or school with a negative COVID test every single day.  “If the carrot isn’t working (freebies for those who choose to vaccinate) then maybe authorities need to start using the stick” said a CNN bureau chief.  (What goes unsaid is that infection produces antibodies that are working better than vaccination.)




















Anti-Vax leaders:
Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Dr. Peter McCullough,
David Martin PhD, Andrew Wakefield MD

 Males needed to vaccinate to save 1 life = 500,000
Females needed to vaccinate to save 1 life = 1,000,000.

… 60 years of compulsory vaccine policies
have not attained herd immunity for any childhood disease


  • David Martin PhD authoritatively reveals federal health agencies patented the COVID-19 virus years ahead of the pandemic.  Moderna, maker of the first RNA vaccine against COVID-19, was making their vaccine long before a pandemic was announced. 
  • Dr. Peter McCullough: Initially a proponent of the vaccine, until the many adverse reactions among his patients changed his mind completely. He has since come out adamantly against the jab.  “I think if we had had a data and safety monitoring board, they would have shut down the vaccine in February of 2021.” Is there any way to reverse this?  Dr. McCullough: “We don’t think so.”  “We can’t continue to do this and blindside Americans and people all over the world on safety. We can’t ask them to take a vaccine without giving fair disclosure, fair balance on safety information.”
  • America’s Frontline Doctors report the “Lisbon court rules only 0.9% of ‘verified cases’ died of COVID (152), not 17,000 as claimed. 
  • A surge in COVID-19 cases is rising in Europe, but the 15 least-vaccinated countries in Europe don’t seem to be having problems.
  • Commentator Paul Craig Roberts says: “The grave problem that we face is that almost the entirety of the medical profession, governments, and media are invested 100% in the hype that the vaccines are the answer. They continue to call the high and rising number of deaths and adverse effects of the vaccines “rare.” They are now blaming the astonishing number of new cases among heavily-vaccinated populations on a mutation or new variant. It is beyond their capability to consider if the vaccine itself is the cause of the new outbreak.  People this culpable in mass deceit, murder, and injuries are incapable of recognizing their mistake.”



Majority of Physicians Decline COVID Shots


Doctors Given Power To Vaccinate Young Children
Without The Knowledge of Parents
– Barbara Loe Fisher National Vaccine Information Center

  • The National Vaccine Information Center reveals a medical journal was forced to withdraw an authoritative report that shows 200-700 people have to be vaccinated to prevent one case of COVID-19, and 9000 to 50,000 to prevent one death for RNA vaccines.  The number of confirmed cases of infection that result in adverse reactions is 700 per 100,000 vaccinations.  The number of fatal side effects is at 4.11/100,000 vaccinations.  For every 3 deaths prevented by vaccination there are two inflicted by vaccination.  The lack of a clear benefit caused investigators to call for a “rethink” in vaccination policy. 
  • It is strange to see modern medicine object to vaccine hesitancy over an experimental vaccine that hasn’t gained FDA approval. 
  • Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, said, “Ideally, you want an antiviral vaccine to do two things . . . first, reduce the likelihood you will get severely ill and go to the hospital, and two, prevent infection and therefore interrupt disease transmission.”  Yet the current phase III trials are not actually set up to prove either. None of the trials currently under way are designed to detect a reduction in any serious outcome such as hospital admissions, use of intensive care, or deaths. Nor are the vaccines being studied to determine whether they can interrupt transmission of the virus. – Peter Doshi, Associated Editor, British Medical Journal
  • 3.0% and 2.2% of the participants in the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 RNA vaccine trials were deemed to be COVID-19 positive at the beginning of the trial.  So, the best any of these vaccines can achieve is 2-3% reduction in hard numbers.  Yet these vaccines are advertised to be 95% effective, which is a relative number (95% reduction of 3.0% or 2.2%).  This is simply false advertising.  Dr. Peter Doshi says Pfizer’s RNA vaccine efficacy could be as low as 19%.
  • It appears the FDA intentionally under-staffed the reviewers for emergency use approval of COVID-19 vaccines.  The FDA skipped the requirement for informed consent over the falsehood this pandemic was a life-and-death situation.  Because of false-positive testing, any deaths during the first year of the pandemic could have been classified as a COVID-related (but not a COVID-caused) death. 


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