The High Cost of Free

The other day, I drove by a tent set up in the parking lot of the local volunteer fire department where people could get “free” injections of whatever’s-in-those-needles. Similar kiosks are popping up at grocery stores. Free beer is promised to those who agree to be injected with whatever’s-in-those-Needles.

It’s a free for all  . . . or so they hope.

It got to me to thinking about the cost of all this “free” stuff.

The government wants very much to convince the volk that there is no cost to the “free” things it provides – which it possesses in limitless quantities and benevolently disburses, kind of like Santa Claus.

But it’s not benevolent. The government’s elves are us – and unlike Santa’s elves, government’s elves are not free to leave the workshop.

Uncle must take before he can give.

The elves assume the costs of “free” – while Uncle Santa gets the credit for the benevolence.

Eventually, the elves decide it is no longer worth being elves – and join the ranks of those wanting Christmas morning every day, for “free.” They soon discover it’s a lump of coal for everyone – every day.

There are also the strings that always come attached to “free.” The government attaches conditions to what it gives away; if you want to receive you must also give.

If not work, then your freedom.

Uncle’s EBT card – and the pending UBI app free-for-all – will monitor what you’re allowed to buy and limit what you are able to buy, according to how well or not you obey.

It is the freedom of the prison, where you are clothed and housed and fed – for “free.”

That’s not a deal most of us would freely make.

And what of these “free” injections with whatever’s-in-those-needles? What will the cost of those end up being?

It could cost those who get them their health – possibly, their lives. It has already been (ahem) associated with at least 4,700 deaths over just the past five months. Including, just the other day, the VP of the software giant, Oracle.

It has also been “associated” with tens of thousands of “adverse” effects.

Who will pay for all of that – besides those who are rendered dead or permanently sick, or permanently vulnerable to sickness?

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