UFOs Are Real: It's Time to Talk About Gray Privilege

Spurred by the media campaign launched by Pentagon whistleblower Lue Elizondo, the US government is starting to indicate that it has been lying about the evidence they have of the existence of UFOs or UAPs, unidentified aerial phenomena. Before resigning, Elizondo helped to secure the release of three military-recorded videos of these phenomena that has stirred unprecedented media attention to the subject. Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has an interest in the subject and secured funding for investigations into the matter which led to Elizondo running the Pentagon program AATIP, Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. Elizondo says he resigned because the Pentagon bureaucracy was not taking the matter seriously. That technology of unknown origin is hovering around the air space of the world’s leading military power with impunity, dwarfing our scientific understanding, and even interacting with our nuclear arsenal could well be the biggest story in human history. In anticipation of the imminent Pentagon report to Congress that may disclose further information they have on the matter, I believe it is crucial to utilize the finest intellectual apparatus we have in our culture to examine this threat, Critical Race Theory, to understand what must be done.

There is still debate as to whether these objects may be the technology of a rival like Russia rather than something beyond our species. This is incredulous: how could a country like Russia with an annual military budget around 60 billion dollars leapfrog a progressive culture with an annual military budget closer to 1 trillion dollars. Why else would DC need that much money every year if not to insure it has the finest defense known to humanity. Our focus should be on the possibility that these phenomena are coming from outside our species. In recent years, the Pentagon and agencies like the CIA have embraced the framework of critical theory to better understand the world. Standing on the backs of founding giants such as Michel Foucault and Herbert Marcuse, a former OSS officer, the US government as well as almost all of the major corporations it subsidizes—from Coca Cola to Amazon—have fully embraced the analytical framework of critical theory. Like most young Americans, much of my time in university was spent learning how to use critical theory and critical race theory to deconstruct oppression. As such, it is clear to my lived experience that UFOs demand a critical social justice movement, from corporations to the Pentagon and grade school textbooks, to end what is clearly, existentially problematic: gray privilege.

The study of UFOs has been a discourse distorted by systemic power differentials. The US government has protected UFOs from proper scrutiny and accountability for their unchecked power. Humans observing this field for a century have had their voices silenced and their lived truth marginalized for speaking out against a clear pattern of abuse. In matters relating to folk operating these UFOs, it is important to #believeallhumans. Humans have consistently described the entities in UFOs as Grays because of their gray skin. Whether they are literally of gray color is immaterial: it is society’s hegemonic social construction of grayness that must be brought to light. Think about the color gray for a moment. How does that word make you feel? Sad, right? That is a symptom of our own internalized oppression encoded into our very language to remind us of how we cannot measure up to Gray culture.

Grayness as a social construct also indicates a status of being outside all categories and boundaries. This artifact of weaponized language marginalizes human experiences as fundamentally inferior to Gray culture: we are obviously not privileged to be outside of boundaries. Humans are trapped with an oppressive gender binary, racial differences, and diverse body types, for example.

Based on human stories, Grays encountered in UFOs have no visible gender differences; which means they are free from the oppression—from witch hunts to manspreading—that has held us back from progress.

Grays have no noticeable racial distinctions to allow for racism and in-group/out-group dynamics to develop, another unfair privilege humans do not enjoy.

According to human witnesses, Grays appear uniformly slender which suggests none of them have had to deal with fat-shaming. An alternative critical grayness hypothesis warrants further research into whether UFOs practice institutional bias against obese Grays by not allowing their representation. Either way, this is Gray privilege. No human is afforded this level of comfort and coddling in our everyday struggles. End it.

The struggle to get our fellow humans to even see the structural advantages of Gray culture are great. For however long Grays have visited humans, our culture has seemingly embraced learned inferiority. Our films consistently tell a story that makes humans appear weak and incompetent next to Gray supremacy. We need films that provide equity in the depiction of human achievement in relation to Gray culture. Notice how in the few films that do depict humans triumphing over folks in UFOs such as Independence Day and Mars Attacks!, the defeated invaders are never depicted as Gray, contradicting real human survivors’ reports. The inertial forces that reinforce hegemonic grayness cannot tolerate depictions of Grays defeated in film.

Humans who report traumatic abductions have been dismissed for decades by peers and media in our culture. This must end immediately. We should #believeallhumans and not demand as some have suggested they steal a souvenir from the UFOs as proof. Humans have reported paralysis, feelings of helplessness, and even medical examinations without their consent. Deniers of these lived experiences should be denied from serious discourse.

What is even more problematic are reports that humans have experienced Grays making telepathic cover ups and justifications for their abuse, what amounts to literal graysplaining. Such displays of toxic grayness indicate a normalization of a kind of rape culture within their community. Any government investigation into Gray privilege must include a thorough examination of the thousands of testimonies affirming this truth.

Gray culture has a level of neo-colonial arrogance that is breathtaking. As reports indicate, their craft routinely invade our air space with yawning indifference to our needs. Some reports have tied their appearances to the exploitation of cattle, an animal welfare concern. Who knows why they are here. Whatever technology advantages such as antigravity or telepathy they may have, they certainly did not earn it through myths of merit. They are up there because we are down here. Even the word “extraterrestrial” that we give them reveals unfair bias, as if there is something “extra” about their existence.

Gray folk have their advantages because they have exploited our natural resources, abducted our neighbors, and benefited from our government’s apparent disinformation about their conduct. The privileges with which they are born are holding us back. The fact that they want to ignore our needs for learning how they have escaped the gender binary, race, fat-shaming, gravity, and even verbal language displays a great deal of gray fragility at work.

Gray fragility means the folks benefiting from the use of UFOs do not want to have an honest conversation with us. They do not want to be held accountable. They are afraid of self-examination. But we must end their gray privilege now.

We must call for a global listening tour to hear from victims of Gray supremacy. We must demand that Grays show up and listen, not speak. Equitable conversations would require a ban on any telepathy from Grays, or what I call graysplaining. They must use words or lose access to our planet. In the name of justice, they must surrender their propulsion technology to us and experience life in congested fossil fuel fume choking human traffic for a change.

As the Pentagon begins to fess up about UFOs, we must demand Congressional investigations immediately to understand and combat the Gray privilege our government has fostered. We must know to what extent the Pentagon has enabled Gray supremacy for generations at our expense. Culturally, we must disrupt the depiction of Grays in film, music, and television. We must demand Critical grayness studies be introduced to schools and universities. We must #believeallhumans. No, ET, you cannot phone home. You must sit and listen. For we, humanity, will end Gray privilege once and for all.

Join the movement.