Death Jabs, Fear Masks, & Corona Communism: This is Exactly How Every Bad Idea From the Establishment Has Been Defeated in All Human History, Just Stay the Course

There has never been a time like this, some people say. That would be shortsighted to say. There have, in fact, been many times very much like this.

An elite group captures control of a society, the society finds itself in ruins under their goofy ideas, the society either crumbles under those ideas and disappears into the background, or it wins the fight to remove from power the purveyors of the goofy ideas and correspondingly that society prospers in a renewed renaissance of virtue and sense.

The more a society prospers, the more potential return there is for the goofy in stepping forward to corrupt and take over that society, the more incentive there is for the goofy. Also, the more incentive there theoretically should be for the upright. Though, in a period of great prosperity, the upright tend to grow comfortable and lazy and forget how much they have to lose by behaving negligently with their birthright of freedom and prosperity.

Goofy is a gentle euphemism for evil. Evil is the more correct way to describe the goofy ideas that are being pushed upon us.

As I pointed out in this piece about reopening after the lockdowns, written in April 2020, a full year ago, throughout recorded history, the most common way the goofy-idea-pushing ultra minority elite were put back in their place was by scapegoating a troublemaker or a group of troublemakers and performing one of the main functions of the prison system: protecting society from the individual or individuals in question by isolating them from the rest of society. The most effective way to isolate from society and to make sure a criminal, a tyrant, or other goofy person never does a society harm is to execute them. That was a common solution throughout history for handling goofy tyrants.

John Wilkes Booth, a stage actor, called out this long held ideal after executing the tyrant Abraham Lincoln, a man who was so uniquely egotistical in American history that he decimated the military age male population of his country. That was how egotistical, tyrannical, and hard-to-work-with Abraham Lincoln was. Booth was said to have called out “Sic semper tyrannis” after assassinating Lincoln, “Thus always to tyrants,” or sometimes translated as “Death always to tyrants.”

The southern states sought to secede. They wanted to be left alone. It was the northern states who were the aggressors, refusing to negotiate civilly with the south and then ultimately refusing to let those states go peacefully.

A debate about a Lincoln lasts to this day. Was Lincoln a good guy or a bad guy? Many people say he was amazing. That thought is absorbed like pablum by many, and is done so with so little critical thought. Anyone who oversees the deaths of so many on the battlefield and the visiting of utter terror among so many more civilians — women, children, and the infirm — is a hard one to call a good guy, no matter how one uses the ends to justify the means. And the ends weren’t all that good: he put down the second American Revolution, work that George III of England couldn’t do, in order to preserve the imperfect US Constitution, which is generally used as a tool for tyranny.

Yes, the Constitution is a good rallying point for the goofy times we live in, a better document than what popular culture could conjure today, but if the best we can do is a document that has helped bring about the injustice and terror of the present (which is what the Constitution is constantly used for), then we have a pretty impoverished view of human potential and have quite a dim future ahead of us indeed.

Thankfully, so much more is possible and so many realize so much more is possible in their own lives, regardless of what a bureaucrat or judge say the Constitution means.

Individually, we can know our own values and know our own boundaries. We can identify our values, communicate our values, and defend our values. We can identify our boundaries, communicate our boundaries, and defend our boundaries. You don’t need a majority of the neighborhood for that to happen. You don’t need a quadrennial election. You don’t need your neighbor’s input for that to happen. We need no one else to do that. We need only ourselves for that to happen.

And that’s exactly what’s happening. More Americans are doing exactly that. They are saying “Yes!” to good things. They are saying “No!” to bad things. They are becoming increasingly firm and resolute about that. And that is exactly how bad times turn into good times.

In all eras, there have always been goofy people with goofy ideas that might feel good in the short term but which are so very self sabotaging in the long term. In this era, we tend to call those people leftists. No one ever pretended Sodom and Gomorrah was going to ride to the rescue. No one should today pretend that San Francisco or New York or Washington, D.C., or any state capital will ride to the rescue. Those goofy people, those people with such comfort around pure evil, they exist in every era and have such plentiful short term prosperity in every era, sometimes even long term prosperity. They are not the variable, they are the constant. They are best ignored.

There is another constant: the sheeplike. They exist in every era. They just want a good leader to follow. They will just as easily follow a righteous leader as they will follow a goofy Cuomo as a leader. They just need to be presented with that confident, comfortable, heart-warming, easy-to-love choice. The sheep too are not the variable. Yes, they do shockingly foolish things while following their foolish leader, but that is not an issue worth obsessing over.

What is to be obsessed over is this exactly: the steel-spined, the lions, the righteous, those who know good from evil, those who cherish that line between good and evil as boundaries and values, who seek to live a righteous life, who of course screw up from time to time, who of course make mistakes, but who will defend and advance what is right and do the important work against that which is wrong.

Those are the third group of people who are the variable across every era. That third group are the ones who determine the trajectory of society based on whether they stand up, or alternately, based on whether they stay asleep. I am here to wake the lions, to rouse them from their slumber, because once that’s done, I know how masterfully they will stand up and breathe freedom into the world around them through their every free breath, through their every free action. It is impossible for a roused lion to avoid rippling freedom and goodness into the world around him. They are not perfect, but they are pretty good at that.

Dear lion, our future rests on you. Will you act? Will you shirk? It is up to you.

Your every action matters.

All you really need to do, in order to end this all in victory, is to live life as truly free as you can.

If you are wearing the face mask any longer and for any reason, please stop with the face mask and do so right now, committing to never again let yourself live by the low standards of others in the name of obedience. Read “Face Masks in One Lessonto help you make that happen. Read these pieces at, to help you accomplish the same, and sign up for the email newsletter at for videos, classes, and activism opportunities on exactly that as well. We can beat back this medical tyranny before it’s too late.