Backyard Independence

It’s nice that most of us can now buy food again while showing our faces, again. But the past going-on-two-years ought to have taught us what could happen again.

It is Memorial Day weekend and the official beginning of summer. But fall – and winter – are only four months away from now. What will happen then, if a “new variant” of the ‘Rona appears? And those who’ve been Jabbed begin to get sick and even die from it – their Jab having rendered them as vulnerable to the “new variants” as emphysematic 80-year-olds were to the Original ‘Rona?

This could happen.

We know what happened, at any rate. All it took was “the cases! the cases!” – of hugely sketchy positive tests, breathlessly “reported” every 15 minutes – to cause a wave of health paranoia to sweep across the country that made the ’50s-era Red Scare seem like the nothingburger it was in comparison. People got blackisted – but no one was locked down. Weird obedience rituals were not imposed as the condition of being allowed to enter stores to buy food.

That just happened – and thus, it could happen again. What was once unthinkable – in a country full of people who like to imagine they are “free” – became mandated upon almost the entire population.

It would be wise to keep that in mind – and to get ready.

One way being to arrange it so that food is available without needing to enter a store – or even to leave your driveway. Gardens – and chickens. Plus some ducks. Now you’re in business!

And not going hungry.

The eggs keep coming. If you have a small flock of six or so birds, you should get about  a dozen eggs every day. That’s enough high-quality protein for several people every day. The eggs can be eaten solo – scrambled, over easy or hard-boiled – or they can be mixed with rice and other staples to create a hearty meal for a whole family.

And if you have a rooster to go with your girls (and a drake to go with your ducks) you will have more than just eggs. You will have eggs that become new chickens (and ducks and drakes).

This will enable you to have meat, in addition to the eggs.

Chicks and ducklings grow to harvest weight in just a couple of months and if you let your original girls hatch out two or three clutches of eggs, you will have meat in the freezer for months.

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