Don’t Ever Let Your Child Wear A Face Mask For Any Reason

I just read your article about facemasks in dentists’ offices.  I’m reaching out hoping you have guidance regarding school districts.  

Our small district is suddenly very swiftly removing many rights not only of students but also parents. The facemask situation is just a small piece of a larger picture.  

However, our county numbers are down drastically. Our Governor has suspended the mask mandates, yet our school has become more forceful about them: sending middle school students home if they are caught only three times with them below their noses.  

My child has missed a week since this keeps going, keeps respectfully refusing. Today he is sitting in a small room alone feeling like he’s in solitary confinement.  

I had mask exemptions written for my two other children, but at that time my middle son wasn’t bothered by them and the school was allowing them to keep them pulled down.  

Now that he’s had enough, I can’t find a doctor to write one. The chiropractor that wrote a note for my oldest retired and our family doctor now has a hospital policy preventing any doctor from writing an exemption for any reason.  

I’m fed up and ready to just pull him. With less than a month however I am also just annoyed and not willing to let them win!  

Do you have advice?

Thank you,

A Caring Mother  

My advice. Get your precious son away from these sick people as quickly as possible. Consider 2020 to be a blessing that let you reorder your life in realization of how sick these people truly are and how disinterested they are in the wellbeing of your son.

You see the harm and discomfort the face mask does to him, but it will be years before you see the harm the actual lessons taught in that school do to him. You may never notice it.

It took me years to overcome my own brainwashing, and I still find myself stumbling across the detritus of incompletely removed instances of that brainwashing. I suspect it may be a lifetime effort trying to get rid of the evil that was crammed into my head. The past is the past. There are things I can’t undo in my life, but which I can correct for the future.

Though there are undoubtedly things I would have missed out on, how much more wonderful my education could have been if I were homeschooled.

I had a very good education by the standards of the world, far better than most, but I could have had a great one at home. Don’t our children deserve great? Don’t we deserve great? Shouldn’t we aim for the best we can give them?

While you’re at it, you can also see this as an opportunity to find better doctors who will stick their neck out for their individual patients, a behavior which medical ethics dictates, going back 2500 years to the Hippocratic Oath. The medical tyranny does not end here. Stay a step ahead of it with an ethical and well-informed doctor. If you don’t, you’ll likely be writing me again soon about the latest goofy idea that the local hospital has implemented on all doctors and will now come to affect you and your family.

If none of that stuff means anything to you, and you still think it’s a good idea to leave your pride and joy with these sick people for 4, 6, 8, maybe even 12 hours a day, rather than his own mother, I would take the following path.

1.) Get a copy of the policy. 

In March 2020, written policies were hard to come by. By May 2021, everyone either has a written policy or says “We follow the county orders” or “We follow what the CDC says.” Well, then you have the policy. Go find it and identify the exemptions. It sounds like you may have already done this.

2.) Notify the appropriate person that your son is not able to wear a mask safely and will not be wearing one. 

It can be hard to figure out who the appropriate person is. A good indicator that you are talking to the wrong person is that they tell you “no.”

Ideally you can have a face to face conversation that is calmly conducted or alternately a calm phone call. Email is good for record keeping, but I find people more amenable through face to face conversations and phone calls.

If the principle says no, contact the superintendent.

If the superintendent says no, contact the school board.

If the school board says no, contact a lawyer and send a letter.

It’s better if the lawyer agrees with you but that’s not needed. Almost any run-of-the-mill lawyer will review and sign a demand letter for a few hundred dollars and have a fifteen minute follow up phone call with the other side’s lawyer.

Even when you contact the school board, it’s best to have one-on-one conversations or phone calls.

3.) Do not cease until you’ve reached a resolution that fits your child’s needs. 

Be very comfortable saying “That doesn’t work for me, what else can you do?”

All the while be doing the following:

1.) The details of his medical exemption are no ones business, you do your child a disservice when you make it anyone’s business. 

Don’t provide a letter. Make it clear that you will not be showing anyone a doctor’s note. The cost of a doctor’s note is not fair to you. The effort of a doctor’s note is not fair to you. Don’t acquiesce to the doctor’s note request. Fight it.

That’s the trick they play on you, to put the work on you to invoke an exemption. That’s plain wrong. Put it back on them. “I will not be showing you a doctor’s note, it lists private medical issues,” or “No, you cannot speak to my doctor on the phone, by knowing his name and area of specialization, which is easily searchable, you will already know far more about my sons health than I choose to share with you,” or “The county policy says nothing about a doctors note. Where did this idea come from that you have a right to ask for a doctors note?”

2.) Your child is not a walking biohazard. He is a human.

Since he is a human and not a petri dish, we are concerned about his well-being.

Face masks are not neutral for a child. Face masks are bad for a child.

They do damage.

Don’t let your child be damaged.

No child that I care about wears a face mask for any reason in my presence. Don’t let your child wear a face mask ever. Not for any reason.

3.) If you give your child a say in this, you are missing how truly awful the face mask is.

I don’t mean this maliciously. You really seem like an amazing and caring mother. There’s this idea that being “a helicopter parent” is bad for children, therefore parents should always be ready to keep a safe distance. The world needs you to second guess your protective instincts so that they can prey on your child.

Yes, you should let you kid run around freely and skin their knees. No you should not let your child live under the tutelage of whatever demonic spirit has attacked this school district. No you should not let your kid roam the internet alone. No you should not let your kid be around people he shouldn’t be around alone.

I know I’m belaboring the point, and surely preaching to the choir, which is exactly who I want to be preaching to: your protective instincts are good. Run with them.

I don’t care if your child thinks a little face mask is no big deal. If the neighborhood creep started to give your son a hug every time they saw each other and your son said it was no big deal would you look the other way? If the neighborhood drug dealer started to give your son free samples and your son said it was no big deal would you look the other way? If the neighborhood delinquent started to train your son in his ways and your son said it was no big deal would you look the other way?

A group of sickos are grooming your son and doing him harm. Your son doesn’t know any better. Take that mask off of him and if you ever see it on his face again, treat it like the sick grooming that it is. 

Don’t stop there though. Don’t let masked children in your house or on your property. Don’t let anyone masked on your property. It sets a bad example and normalizes bad behavior. You can’t say who goes masked and unmasked in the world, but in your home, on your property, in your family and others put in your care, you certainly can.

Protect your child from this sickness. Don’t let psychosis be normalized in his presence. He deserves better.

4.) Final issue: Organize. Stick your neck out there. 

Put the following in a letter:

Dear Fellow Parent, 

I’m a concerned parent of a —— grader. 

According to a CDC published study of May 2020, face masks do not work to prevent the spread of Covid-19. This is the most thorough study of the past year. 

We shouldn’t be saying “Well, let’s mask the kids because, what’s the harm?” 

Masks are not neutral. They do biological, sociological, and psychological harm to children. The studies on this topic of the harm done from masks over the past year are adding up so significantly that it’s almost impossible for anyone to say that they can wear a face mask safely. 

We need to stop experimenting on our children. 

Call me if you agree that mask should not be mandated in our schools. 



Phone number 

Pass the letter out at in front of the school. Even in a tiny three-family school, you are going to find 1 out of the other 5 parents who agree with you. As much as the powers-that-be would like us to believe otherwise, seldom is there consensus on any issue. You always find agreement and disagreement in a group over a certain size. It’s a natural part of life. I imagine you have a much larger school than three families. Some parents won’t like your ideas. Some parents will. The most vocal and well organized usually win in such moments.

What I really think you should do, because I can tell you care, is to pull your kid out and to still fight the fight, if this is a fight that you are passionate about.

Vail, Arizona Started With Just One Parent 

Vail School Board, southeast of Tucson, Arizona on April 27, 2021 had a parent-centric school board meeting that school board members fled from. Parents wanted mandatory masking to be over, instead of voting accordingly, school board members ran away. It’s made national news. It is inspiring parent-centric offshoots all over the country. Those board members won’t be able to run away forever. The spotlight is now on them and they are certain to either lose their seats or comply with the wishes of the parents.

Do you know how it started? With one mother sticking her neck out and telling another mother she didn’t like this mask policy. Before they knew it, it wasn’t just two people anymore, it was national news.

Someone has to be that spark. Someone has to be that first parent. Why not let it be you?

You might be surprised how much more your phone call means when you have five other parents, who you organize with, making the same phone call that same day, asking all the same questions. Suddenly the superintendent’s whole day is spent not just dealing with one easy-to-dismiss annoying parent but with five or ten annoying parents. At some point, it’s almost worth it to stop saying “no” to you, because it’s too much hassle to do otherwise.

You might be surprised how quickly almost anyone in authority will crumble under a little organized pressure.

Stop masking your child. Stop it now. Read Allan Stevo’s bestselling “Face Masks in One Lesson to learn how, read his writing and sign up for his informative classes and free videos offered through his newsletter at What it really comes down to though is demanding a higher standard and living by that.