A New Way to Enter Trader Joe’s and a Dozen Other Stores with No Mask

Three minutes is all it takes to protect your freedom.

Make this three-minute phone call to the manager of a Trader Joe’s, and you will always be aware of their policy. They will also feel pressure against their existing policy from your phone call. And it will open the door for you with no need to worry about repercussion.

Around three out of four questions I receive about face masks can be answered by just calling a manager, asking about their policy, informing yourself about the policy and what it’s enforcement looks like, invoking the policy, and then walking through the front door of that business.

Just because they tell you information one time that gets you through the door unmasked,  call each time until all of these policies have been rolled back. It’s just a matter of time before they try to catch you at the front door again in some goofy scheme to test your willingness to comply with goofiness.

Continuing to call keeps you on guard, reminds you who is in charge in a relationship between a customer and customer service provider, and provides an easy opportunity for you to gauge changes and immediately confront them.

The following steps will get you through the door of dozens of businesses now and is very much like the techniques from “Face Masks in One Lesson” that have been able to get thousands of others through the door all along.

Step 1.) Call and ask “What is your face mask policy?” 

You: “What is your face mask policy?”

Likely Answer From Manager: “Everyone is required to wear a face mask.”

You: “Is there anyone not required to wear a face mask?”

Manager: “Children under two and the medically exempt.”

You: “Is there anyone else not required?”

Manager: “You do not have to wear one if you are vaccinated.”

Step 2.) Inquire further about what that means. 

You: “How do you confirm vaccination status?”

Manager: “We do not.”

Step 3.) Confirm what will happen when you get there. 

You: “So when I arrive with no mask on, what exactly happens, do I just walk through the door and go about my shopping?”

Manager: “Pretty much.”

You: “Does ‘pretty much’ mean yes or no?Because I don’t want there to be any problems at the door.”

Manager: “That would be a yes, no one who works for me will disturb you.”

You: “That’s great. If anyone who works for you asks, I’ll just say I spoke to you. What was your name by the way?”

Manager: “Francis.”

Step 4.) Put a good word in for the employees, and prepare for the next battle ahead. 

This is important as well, but should only be brought up after you have successfully answered the questions above to your satisfaction.

  • We need to take down the employee mask mandate. To push against that lightly you can ask:

“Are the employees unmasked yet?” and “When are the employees going to be allowed to work unmasked?”

  • We need to take down the vaccine mandate. If we don’t, it will sit on the books of many big corporations silently, until it suddenly one day we realize those policies grew teeth. To push against that lightly you can ask:

“And why is it any of your business if I have been vaccinated or not? It’s awful that your policy even mentions vaccines.”

This phone call is important. 2020 was able to happen the way it did, because so many people forgot the authority they have over evil. So many people forgot their ability to stand in authority over such twisted policies and to say “No!”

Step 5.) Walk in the front door of the Trader Joe’s or this list of other stores unmasked, just like you used to before the Ides of March 2020, when corona communism was allowed to enter our lives. 

What this all comes down to is that TRADER JOE’S HAS ENDED THEIR FACE MASK POLICY.

This list of other stores below, and others, have reportedly done the same. I recommend the above process: to keep yourself fully apprised of what is happening in each store, to remind yourself of authority over any evil activity taking place, and to remind others of your authority over those perpetrating evil. Come flu season, these policies could come back with a vengeance. For now, these stores claim to have relaxed the face mask policies in the United States.

AJ’s Fine Foods
Best Buy
BJ’s Wholesale Club
Dollar General
Food 4 Less
Food City
Foods Co
Fry’s Food Stores
Giant Eagle
Harris Teeter
Home Depot
King Soopers
Sam’s Club
Trader Joe’s
Whole Foods

How To Grow Freedom, Rollback The Tyranny, & Prevent A Repeat Of 2020 

If every locality had a handful of people making phone calls like this from the start, I don’t believe 2020 could have taken place the way it did.

I say this based on the amount of response these phone calls are able to garner, if a person is able to ask questions and to assert themselves. Once you’ve stumbled through that activity a few times, you get good at it pretty quickly, constantly improving. Phone calls like these keep a manager on his toes and can help to provide flexibility and exemptions locally even when a national policy doesn’t.

Now we know better. It has taken us a year to marshal some of our resources and are ready for a magnificent fight.

Do This For You, Your Family, & Your Tribe 

Don’t do that for the good it brings to an amorphous collective. Do it for the good it brings to you and the individuals around you.

2020 has been training ground for bigger battles. If you embrace that training, those bigger battles become a most special thing that you are ready for. When you are ready for bigger battles you are able to change the world around you for yourself, for your family, and sometimes even for your immediate tribe and the greater community.

These baby steps of picking up the phone to inquire about policy have helped many others get used to bending policy to their will, whether that be at grocery stores or in other areas of life.

Do This To Train Yourself On Being Better Than A Second Class Citizen 

In our society, non-lawyers are effectively second class citizens. What makes lawyers so effective is not just their ability to go into court and fight, nor their ability to use the word lawyer next to their name on a letter, it is their ability to sway another’s opinion by making arguments backed up with a little assertiveness.

That is on the job training many lawyers receive. But it is the birth right of many more of us. An opportunity of the world post-2020 is that we can be reminded that we can train ourselves to be just as assertive, just as effective, as any lawyer.

You are not a second class citizen if you will make that so. Your freedom is yours for the taking if you will just reach out and grab it.

Never wear a face mask for any reason. Read Allan Stevo’s best selling book on the topic “Face Masks in One Lesson,” read his articles, and sign up for videos, classes, and activism opportunities at