If Derek Chauvin Acquitted, “All Hell Will Break Loose”




New York Times Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist, Maxwell Marmaduke Hoglicker IV, interviewed the Judge after his groundbreaking ruling in the Chauvin case:

Judge, why did you suddenly cancel the trial after its fifth day, dismiss the jury, and declare Derek Chauvin guilty of murdering George Floyd?

Well, Max, it was obvious to me there were overriding concerns about public safety. You know—burning cities, for example. The Crowd: A Study of ... Le Bon, Gustave Best Price: $6.98 Buy New $8.94 (as of 06:26 UTC - Details)

The legal community has hailed your ruling a breakthrough precedent.

I’m sure it is.

Were you personally threatened at any point, sir?

No, except for the letter the Minneapolis City Council sent me.

What did the letter state?

The title of the two-page message was: TRIAL? WE DON’T NEED NO STINKIN’ TRIAL.

I see. Talk to us about the safety concerns.

Well, Max, I weighed a preemptory verdict of guilty against the possibility of not-guilty, plus the destruction of several hundred US cities. And in the process, I realized I had new standard of jurisprudence in my hands.

What is that new standard?

Public safety takes precedence over actual evidence. That’s the sparkling distillation of 5000 years of the law.

Remarkable in its simplicity. Crystallizing Public O... Bernays, Edward Best Price: $9.20 Buy New $11.97 (as of 04:13 UTC - Details)

Let me give you an analogy from a different venue. It’s possible we have half a million adverse reactions to the COVID vaccine already. But we must continue to give the shot.


The idea of vaccination makes the public feel safe. It convinces them the government is in charge and everything is all right.

When you dismissed the jury yesterday, as a witness was detailing the crucial role George Floyd’s ingestion of a highly dangerous opioid could have played in his death…

I envisioned Minneapolis going up in flames. I believe that vision was sent to me by a Higher Power. A few hours later, I spoke with my pastor, who is in prison, and he confirmed he had the same vision.

So that was verification.

Yes, Max. And I want to say this. Going forward, I believe many, many cases will be decided on this new principle of public safety. In other words, if the threat of violence is sufficiently high, and the threat comes from inviolable groups, a judge will make a decisive and immediate ruling.

What is an inviolable group, Judge?

That would be an organization whose overall stance on matters of justice cannot be challenged. If that group threatens violence, a judge must act. In accordance with the group.

Did jury members speak to you after you dismissed them? Propaganda Edward Bernays Best Price: $6.42 Buy New $9.66 (as of 07:40 UTC - Details)

Yes. Several of them expressed relief. That was heartening to me. One juror claimed I was short-circuiting the evidentiary process.

What was your reply?

I had him arrested.

On what charge?

Malicious interference with a court proceeding. It’s a serious felony. The Department of Justice is investigating.

What about Derek Chauvin’s attorney? Did he have anything to say?

I imposed a gag order on him. I will tell you we had a private conversation in my chamber.

Can you reveal—

I told him he had laid on a spirited defense of his client—just as I would expect of any lawyer, because every citizen of this country has the right to legal representation. That is the core of our judicial system.

What about colleagues of yours? Are you hearing from other judges? The Dictatorship of Wo... Soukup, Stephen R. Best Price: $2.03 Buy New $10.34 (as of 09:29 UTC - Details)

My phone is blowing up, Max. Judges have been waiting for a moment like this. Hopefully, what I did will free them up to take a wider role in criminal cases.

Judge, before you made that momentous decision to pronounce Derek Chauvin guilty, did you seek advice from a respected mentor? A close friend?

I spoke with a US Supreme Court Justice. I won’t reveal his/her identity, but after considerable back-and-forth, John said, “Listen, if you do anything to put this sh*t on us, so we have to consider an appeal for any reason under the sun, your whole career…you’ll be passing up an opportunity to declare Chauvin guilty out of the blue and make new case law and free this nation from the burden of having to go up against threats of violence and actual violence.”

Did that piece of advice tip the scales for you?

It certainly helped. To know I had support from the highest level of our judiciary…it was a relief.

A CNN poll, just released, gives you a 97% favorable rating among Americans from all walks of life.

I’m glad to hear that, Max. I did receive a complimentary text from Bill Gates.

Really? Mr. Gates?

Yes. He said my decision could reduce vaccine hesitancy.

What about the President? Anything from him? Boomers: The Men and W... Andrews, Helen Best Price: $6.55 Buy New $13.00 (as of 09:01 UTC - Details)

A member of the Committee to Appoint Kamala Harris President expressed delight that I had “cut off violence at the pass.”

When is Derek Chauvin’s sentencing?

Sometime next year. We want to let things settle down first.

Can you offer us any hints?

I’ll be watching polls and news reports. I have to gauge the mood of the country.

Life without parole?

It’s one possibility. Or death. Or eternal damnation in a burning lake filled with crocodiles on meth. The Department of Justice and FEMA are preparing an island prison for domestic terrorists. So there’s that.

What about BLM and Antifa?

Since the major threats of violence were coming from them, I may hold a few meetings and solicit their advice on sentencing. I believe George Soros provides funding for those groups. He’s a man whose opinion I respect.

Is it possible your groundbreaking decision in the Chauvin case could be folded into the New Normal?

Well, Max, I think that’s the whole idea. The Great Reset certainly has to take the court system into account. After all, that’s the last stop along the line for public morality. Courts and trials. That’s where we test our principles. It’s where the rubber meets the road. How we define justice in practice.

Today, sir, many Americans have a warm feeling in their hearts for you.

Eternal threats of violence are the price we pay for a New Civilization based on control.

Who is doing the controlling?

I’m late for an appointment. Ask Klaus Schwab. And no, he doesn’t keep an old Gestapo uniform in his closet. That’s a mere rumor.

Reprinted with permission from Jon Rappoport’s blog.