Mask Mandates at Work May be an OPPORTUNITY

A reader writes:

I have read your article on never wearing masks. I don’t believe they protect for viruses and that they are actually harmful. I try to support businesses that do not require them. I usually just walk in and no one says anything. I try to share info with others.

My husband does home care and required to wear paper surgical masks while with patients. He has no choice if he wants to be employed.

Please let me know your thoughts on this. I totally understand that people need to stop wearing them. We live in a blue state with many people living in total fear a believing masks & covid injections will protect them.

Thank you for your time.


Someone with a Case of the Blue State Blues 


Thank you for your note and for your support of my work. Chef’s Path Airt... Best Price: $32.27 Buy New $33.97 (as of 03:49 EDT - Details)

If I had need of a home health aid, they would not be in a mask.

I’m not the only person who feels that way.

A reader in Arizona never lets contractors on her property with a mask on. She notifies their superiors beforehand that she is not insured against the added fainting hazard and does not want to take on the liability of a masked person on her property.

On her property and in her life, she fights back doggedly against the evil norm that is being imposed upon her, and she is so often on the offensive that she hardly has the opportunity to find herself on the defensive. She is a true a hero in my life.

You can be assured that someone out there wants a home health aid that is not wearing a mask. That number is certainly in the hundreds of thousands, if not the millions.

The Invention Of The Wheel 

The week that the wheel was invented, the guy who was about to launch his first prototype pulled his buddy over to the side to show him his top secret project, and you know what happened when the buddy saw it?


He laughed at him and made fun of him and might have gone around telling the whole village how they wouldn’t believe what “Simon the Dreamer” came up with this time. Some buddy that guy was.

Well, you know what, Simon the Dreamer wasn’t the first guy who came up with the wheel. A non-zero number of people preceded him. Clarence the Dreamer, Fred the Dreamer, Joe the Dreamer, and a bunch of others. The thing that was different about Simon is that he didn’t care that they laughed at him. All those other guys had the idea first, but they got laughed into compliance. They got laughed into submission. They got laughed into obedience. King Arthur, Measure f... Buy New $7.99 ($0.17 / Ounce) (as of 03:49 EDT - Details)

The world doesn’t just change because of innovators with good ideas. The world changes because of innovators with good ideas and with guts.

It’s no surprise to me that the best economist of the last century, the dreaded “Century of the Great State” (1917-2016), was an economist who had as his personal motto “Do not give into evil but proceed ever more boldly against it.”

He wasn’t just an innovator, a dreamer, a doer, and a man dedicated to his work. He was an innovator a dreamer, a doer, and a man dedicated to his work WHO HAD GUTS.

They didn’t just laugh at him. They ransacked his home. They put him on a wanted list. They burned his library and banned his books. They chased him to kill him.

Are you hearing me?

Because of his ideas, they chased him to kill him.

That’s what they did to Ludwig von Mises. And when the man came to the United States, the treatment hardly stopped. He wasn’t under penalty of death, but he was certainly banned in some quarters, in demonstrations of imbecility nearly as barbaric as the Nazis he ran from.

Sticking Your Neck Out Brings Risk And Reward, In A Cowardly Era Like This It Almost Always Brings Far More Reward Than Anyone Would Ever Imagine 

I don’t know why people laugh at and ridicule good ideas. It’s just what most people do. That’s life.

It takes a special person to have the vision to grasp the value of a good idea early on and to also be secure enough in oneself to be able to look greatness in the face and not be threatened, to realize that the man showing you that sliver of greatness may change the world and grow into someone who has no place for a slow grower in their lives. It takes a special person to react that way in the face of greatness.

If Simon the Dreamer would have feared the laughter, and every wheel inventor after him would have feared the laughter, then here we would be in the year 2021 without any wheels.

If your husband really wants to not wear a face mask while working in a healthcare setting, your husband needs to stick his neck out. He needs to take a chance. It’s not a huge chance, but it’s a chance. It’s likely a chance that will pay off. Chef’s Path Airt... Buy New $44.97 (as of 03:49 EDT - Details)

An Option That Works Successfully 19 Out Of 20 Times With Ease 

One option he can take is to read a policy and to invoke an exemption. He can ask to see the policy at work, he can find an exemption, and he can have the discussion with his boss that he won’t be wearing a mask because he fits under that policy. If you have a problem with wearing a face mask, until you’ve read that policy don’t assume you don’t fit under it maskless. Millions of Americans are legitimately exempt from wearing face masks under federal, state, county, city, and private policies which tend to be full of exemptions.

That’s a training wheel maneuver. I wrote the book “Face Masks in One Lesson” to help people have a training wheel method of saying “No!” to face masks. This book was so needed that it became a bestseller its first week out. It’s not my favorite method, but boy does it work.

Literally 19 out of 20 times with almost no friction, these training wheel techniques are being used by thousands to go completely unmasked 100% of the time. It doesn’t really matter that it’s not my favorite method, whatever it takes to get your husband 100% unmasked I advocate for.

The Mask Is A Really Big Deal, And If You Can’t Say No To It Today, You Will Have The Vaccine Forced On You Tomorrow 

It’s very important to realize how big of a deal the mask is. If you or your husband will say yes to the mask, you or your husband will also say yes to the experimental injectable. Now is the time to draw that line in the sand and build those muscles. If the vaccine mandates come before he has figured out the mask mandates, your husband will become a guinea pig for pharma, Fauci, and Gates. There’s little question about that. I have little faith in people who say “I will wear this mask I really hate, but I definitely won’t take the vaccine.”

It’s a lot like when some morbidly obese people talk about what a disciplined diet they have. They don’t have a disciplined diet. They know it and everyone else does too.

The morbidly obese on the allegedly restrictive diet and the mask wearer looking for someone else to blame are intellectual, ethical, and moral peers.

We need to stop deflecting responsibility. We need to stop telling lies. If you wear a mask, it is 100% your fault and no one else’s. 

Growing up in Chicagoland politics, I learned to judge people based on their actions and not their words. Actions mean a lot. Especially now. Words don’t mean a lot. Especially now.

Taking the exemption route is so effective and I strongly recommend it because it applies to many millions of Americans and has been used successfully by thousands. Tasty Bite Brown Rice ... Buy New $18.08 ($0.34 / Ounce) (as of 03:49 EDT - Details)

But there’s a way cooler thing your husband can do.

An Even Cooler Method For Not Wearing A Mask At Work — Be Like This Portland Masseuse 

Your husband can tell his boss he doesn’t want to wear a mask anymore. He can let his boss know that he in fact wants his boss to call every client and to offer a maskless home health aid. If the regular attendant is $32 / hour, then the maskless should be offered at $35 / hour or $40 / hour.

It’s a value added service to have a home health aid that isn’t a Kool Aid drinking dingbat.

A reader of my work is a massage therapist in the land of Kool Aid drinking dingbats known as Portland, Oregon. In February 2020 she wanted to work. In March 2020 she still wanted to work. None of the Kool Aid drinking dingbats wanted to work after their laziness was excused by edict and it suddenly became virtuous to stay home from work.

Somehow, in what will be a total mystery for generations who didn’t live through this, societally, in 2020, it was resolved that you cared more about others than the next guy, if rather than going to work and doing the concrete helpful things that you were hired for, precisely because they are so helpful to others and which you are skilled and trained at doing, instead of that active and helpful behavior, you were far more virtuous if you instead declared yourself non-essential and lived off junk food and Netflix for the next 12 months in a state of unhindered self-indulgence. That was the move that truly made you the more virtuous one.

Since not everyone in Portland is a Kool Aid drinking dingbat, lots of people who liked getting massages in February 2020, still wanted to get massages in March 2020. With so many Kool Aid drinking dingbats who give massages for a living, the market rewarded the few who still wanted to work. They got better pay, more hours, new clients, and were even able to pick and choose jobs because the work was so plentiful.

If you can figure out how to buy straw hats in the winter, if you can be buying Bitcoin when everyone else is selling, if you can be maskless when everyone else is masked, if you can be impervious to being laughed at while everyone else is terrified of being laughed at, if you can be a person of faith when everyone else is a person of fear, well then there is so much opportunity for you in such moments.

The Media Tells Us The Whole Planet Is Masked, Can There Possibly Be A Market For Unmasked People Who Are Not Kool Aid Drinking Dingbats? 

Someone out there wants to hire an unmasked home health aid and will pay more for that value added service than they would pay for a masked home health aid.

There’s no question about that.

All you really have to do is find that person, which is usually done by letting people know that you are offering such a service.

That’s where the effort is involved, but I bet it will be a lot easier than you are imagining.

Think Alzheimer’s patients, dementia patients, children, and people with developmental disabilities, because looking out onto a world of masked faces has suddenly become very hard on them.

In an article in the January 2021 Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease authors Roger Gil and Eva Arroyo-Anllo point to face masks polices as particularly harmful for those suffering from Alzheimer’s:

“Face masks and physical distancing can disrupt facial familiarity and make it more difficult to recognize emotional facial expressions. It can provoke distress, which the visitor can perceive and feel obligated to take off the face mask. This gesture should not be considered as an act of indiscipline, but an act of empathy.”  

Think Christians. Hymn singing, prayer giving, and Bible reading doesn’t sound the same from behind a mask. Someone’s grandma might love to have her Bible read to her with no mask. If your husband likes reading the Bible, he might make a small fortune being the maskless guy who reads the Bible and comes by to sings hymns for $50 an hour, and on top of that he is a fully trained home health aid, which means the regular home health aid can go take a luxurious one hour lunch break. What a breath of fresh air that would be for some households. Am I getting your creative juices flowing? Are you seeing the potential of what it means to be sane in a time and place when everyone else is a Kool Aid drinking dingbat?

Times like these are times when the wheel is invented.

Think conservative groups. Things tea party groups. Think libertarians groups. Think civil rights groups like, or traditional nutrition groups like the Weston A. Price Foundation. Maybe the local Republican club. Connect with groups like that and you might be surprised how much more wonderful the world treats your husband for letting his desires be known, by essentially following the instruction “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”

The Things That Make You Unique: They Are Not A Bug, They Are A Feature 

The world wants you and your husband to consider your husband’s differences from the crowd as a bug in his software. I would like to think of them as more of a feature.

And we don’t have software by the way. We are human not machine, which is a detail of reality that makes life so very hard for the technocratic class and makes the technocratic class’s role in any position of authority so hard on the rest of society. The needless friction created by technocrats who are out of touch with reality is so costly, destructive, and frustrating to people firmly grounded in reality, that I wouldn’t be surprised if one day they were all pulled out of their comfy positions in society and were sent away to live on an island of their own where they can make the utopia for themselves that none of us want imposed upon us.

Your husband’s uniqueness is special. Everyone’s is. We willingly make ourselves less special when we deny our individuality and try to fit ourselves into one-size-fits-all approaches. If you can take that same perspective about him, about you, and about all the people around you who are not Kool Aid drinking dingbats, then the potential is limitless.

What would I do in your husband’s situation? Rather than trying to compete with a bunch of Kool Aid drinking dingbats, I’d figure out how to use my unique features to make more money, have more hours, have more clients, and to pick my jobs.

I’d do exactly what the Portland masseuse did. And if a twenty-something, sometimes bashful, girl can pull that off days into everyone freaking out about Covid, what is stopping you, or anyone else more seasoned in the world, from doing the same with a year of hindsight about what a clear mess this is?

Sure, just like anything else, that is easier said than done, but with the number of Kool Aid drinking dingbats out there, and the level of conflict they create for every other person around their highly touted virtue as a Kool Aid drinking dingbat, I think you will find this a much easier task than you imagine.

This is true ESPECIALLY IN A BLUE STATE, where the lines between Kool Aid drinking dingbat and healthy, sane humans are even more clearly magnified by the prevalence of the groupthink, rather than tempered by a more logical population.

I’d wish you success on this one, but you don’t need it. I know how easy it is to thrive when you start seeing obstacles as opportunities and bugs as features, especially right now, and especially around the topic of one-sized-fits-all health mandates and corona communism.

Drop me a letter in a few months with your stories of success. If it goes really well for your husband with this new outlook, maybe I’d even like to invest in his new business.

With a wife like you, and a good measure more faith than fear, I think your husband is someone who will be able to thrive even if everyone else is in famine.

As For You….

This letter is largely about your husband, dear reader, but let’s turn our attention to you now.

As for you…in the lockdown land you live in, it sounds like you sometimes get cowed into wearing a mask.

There’s no excuse for that.

If you want to go maskless 100% of the time the way I go maskless 100% of the time and the way many thousands of others do, my bestselling “Face Masks in One Lesson” is a perfect resource for that. My other articles are perfect for that. Also signing up at for classes, videos, and pointers is also perfect for that.

The first video I send out to anyone who signs up for that list is a good one about going maskless to the grocery store. It addresses that pretty well. There’s no excuse at this point for anyone to feel forced to be masked.

I’m not too worried about what the sheep are doing. But when a lion like you is masked up, it is a loss for the world.

Finally, Count Your Blessings That You Live In A Blue State 

I live in the most locked down, goofy-liberal place on this planet. It is the epitome of what communism in America will look like if public health officials are given much more time at the reigns of societal control. If anyone wants to know what the future bodes if you don’t stand up today, write me and we’ll spend a weekend together touring this sad and decrepit place that once had such a powerful effect on shaping the world — not in one world altering industry, not in two world altering industries, but in at least three world altering industries.

And with all those blessings, the technocrats and communists and other anti-social low lifes said “enough is enough.” They’ve done so much to ruin this wonderful place. But I have news for them. An awakening is coming and it started here. It started right here and it is spreading so fast I can hardly believe what I’m seeing.

We will end up more free on the other side of Covid communism than we were on the front side of it. Why? Because that’s the kind of people we are. Not every person, not most people, but lots of people and a plentiful enough amount have woken up and will not tolerate this any longer.

The tyrant has overplayed his hand, as every tyrant has done in all human history. The media is so full of foolishness, but even that I count as a blessing. With every increasingly ridiculous pronouncement across the airwaves I can hear the death rattle of the globalist regime.

It has been, and may continue for some time to be, a challenging period of life since the Ides of March 2020, since the implementation of corona communism, a challenging period that part of me will be happy to leave in the dust, but I also know how strong I will be for having lived through it, stood through it, and fought through it, and I know how glorious the other side of that victory will be, because I lived life and spoke truth and brought courage with me in my every step.

I am blessed to live in the place I live. And though I don’t know you, dear reader, by mentioning the term blue state negatively, I worry you may be missing the same recognition of your blessings.

I can tell you this. When the park rangers show up for people not wearing masks while exercising in a public place, I sure am glad I live in a blue state. When the cops show up because someone is asking too many questions about the health orders, I sure am glad I live in a blue state. When an activist doesn’t back down and takes a matter to court and no one shows up to represent the state, I sure am glad I live in a blue state. When I have a meeting and three times as many show up as I thought would show up, because they are so fed up, and EVERY SINGLE PERSON is highly motivated, I sure am glad I live in a blue state.

The lines between the sheep and the lions are so much more clear in the blue states. I’m not here to escort the sheep, I’m here to wake the lions. The almost farcical law and order of a blue state is a different beast than in a red state. Disobedience is the norm and has long been, dissent is the norm and long has been, not totally fitting in is the norm and long has been.

Blue state is not worse, and red state is not better. There are trade-offs. Recognize your blessings and play to those blessings.

I hope you write me many more times, but I hope you never write me again about the misery of living in a blue state. We all know the ways they suck. What they truly are, just like any other place and any other time, is an opportunity to rise to the occasion.

There are people in every place and every time who really suck. Sucky people are not the variable in the equation. Sucky people are the constant. Sucky people exist just as certainly as the sun will rise in the morning. The variable in every time and place is the leadership and resolve shown by people who don’t suck.

Any place that sucks, sucks because of a lack of leadership from the people who don’t suck. That is the variable.

Recognizing that, you, singlehandedly can be the force for good that moves to alter the trajectory of yourself certainly, your family possibly, your community perhaps as well, and who knows, perhaps you, dear reader may be able to one day look back in awe at the life you lived and to see how you changed the world as you know it.

But it ain’t gonna happen with you wearing a mask, keeping obedient, trying to not rock the boat, and saying “If only I lived in a better place.”

Nope. That’s not how it works. You are where you are. Until the spirit moves you elsewhere, you are where you are. Even then, in that other imperfect place, you are where you are. That is your place to steward. The resources placed in your hands are for you to steward. The people around you who look to you for leadership are for you to steward.

Act where you are. Act for the now. Tomorrow is not promised to us. Yesterday has passed us by. This moment is all we can be assured of.

Knowing that, what will your last actions be? Choose wisely. If the last thing you do is to speak the words “If only I didn’t live in a blue state,” I fear that you have lost such an opportunity to capitalize on the only moment promised to you.

For anyone who wants the training wheel method, read “Face Masks in One Lesson,”  read my articles, and signup at, and you will get all that and more.

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