Putin Among the Barbarians

The Democrats answer to John McCain Speaks

In the Tweet heard round the world, George Stephanopoulos interviewed President Joseph Biden (note Infogalactic Internet encyclopedia also features an entry on 2020 Election fraud timeline as well) and asked a very provocative question about Vladimir Putin; as The Duran noted in a recent video, that will be posted below, it seems unlikely the questions and answers were spontaneous and not well planned by the controllers of President Biden, whom I assume are his cabinet appointees and staff at the CIA and State Department. The video excerpt via Twitter is below (but perhaps it will removed or perhaps they consider it a triumph) and this Reuters article via Yahoo News article, which summarizes:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Joe Biden said Russian President Vladimir Putin will face consequences for directing efforts to swing the November 2020 U.S. presidential election to Donald Trump, and that they would come soon.

“He will pay a price,” Biden told ABC News in an interview broadcast on Wednesday. Asked what the consequences would be, he said, “You’ll see shortly.”

A U.S. intelligence report on Tuesday bolstered longstanding allegations that Putin was behind Moscow’s election interference, an accusation Russia called baseless.

At the same time, Biden noted that “there’s places where it’s in our mutual interest to work together” such as renewing the START nuclear agreement, adding that the two leaders have a known history.

“I know him relatively well,” Biden said, adding that “the most important thing dealing with foreign leaders in my experience…is just know the other guy.”

Of Putin, Biden said he does not think the Russian leader has a soul. Asked if he thought Putin was a killer, he told ABC: “I do.”

Unfortunately, the late Professor Stephen F. Cohen is no longer with us to have an intense conversation with John Batchelor discussing the latest events, but my perspective is much as his: I believe myself to be a National Security patriot, and I believe no good comes from not only hostile and degrading remarks that diminish the office of the American Presidency (although as Lew Rockwell has written with much wisdom on its perverse and malevolent nature, perhaps only the mask has slipped a little more to reveal the pathetic monster beneath, Anthony Fauci notwithstanding) that destroy all diplomatic norms, good manners, and subjects the Biden regime—if not America—to well deserved global ridicule, and shock and anger by the Russian people. After all, my perspective is that Russians are human beings, with a right to live live life as they see fit and have a government that they choose; the “ruling class,” the Oligarch sociopaths and the Neocons in the West seem full of hate to all things Russian, especially its people. War with Russia?: From... Cohen, Stephen F. Best Price: $8.99 Buy New $8.50 (as of 02:15 UTC - Details)

In no way do I consider President Putin to be above criticism or without sin; he’s a human being, and he governs Russia from a worldly perspective, I believe; he is not the last pious Christian Tsar who attempted to turn back the tide of a people who had become terribly godless and ultimately self-destructive; in no way is today’s Russia a nation whose majority follow the Way of Jesus Christ, for most of its people are secular and materialist, concerned with the things of this world. Yet all the same, a core believers in the ancient Orthodox faith remains, and I believe President Putin allows the Russian, spiritual revival to continue, with the building of many churches throughout the nation (certainly provoking the Trotsky loving Neocon’s ire).

Be that as it may—and I offer only my opinion—President Putin’s response to President Biden’s remarks presents to us the position of a statesman, who understands diplomacy is about civility and manners, even if you and your opponent do not agree or are in an adversarial relationship. This video of it might soon be removed from YouTube for violating its edicts, so I will also include a Yandex Translation of the key points made and covered in the Russian edition of TASS. I reproduced the translation in English of the title of the article and have left the relevant quotes from President Putin, which are in the below video.

(Since the link was to a translation, I no longer have it; perhaps searching using Yandex as the search engine and to translate the title in Russian words first might get results for those interested in reading the full text.)

Photo: Vladimir Putin’s interview for TASS News Agency (2020-02-20)  WikiMedia Commons

“Those who call themselves names like that are called that themselves,” Putin commented on Biden’s words

According to the Russian leader, when evaluating and criticizing others, people always seem to look in the mirror and see themselves in the reflection

“As for the statements of my American colleague. What would I say to him?” I would say to him: “Be healthy!” I wish him good health,” the Russian leader said, noting that he says so “without irony, without jokes.”

“There are many difficult, dramatic and bloody events in the history of every nation and every state,” the Russian President said. “But when we evaluate other people, or even when we evaluate other States, other Nations, we always seem to look into a mirror, we always see ourselves there, because we always transfer to another person what we breathe, what we are in fact.”

“I remember when we were kids in the courtyard, when we argued with each other, we said: ‘Whoever calls you names is called that,’” the President remarked. In his opinion, “This is not accidental, it is not just a childish proverb and a joke, the meaning is very deep in this, psychological.

“We always see our own qualities in another person and think that he is the same as us, and based on this, we evaluate his actions and give an assessment in General,” Putin stressed.

Following Biden’s remarks, Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov was invited to Moscow for consultations on bilateral relations. Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov earlier on Thursday told reporters that the us President’s statements showed that he definitely does not plan to establish relations with Russia. The Kremlin representative assured that in the future Moscow will proceed from this. Peskov also called Biden’s words “very bad.”

The American establishment

Putin said that in relations with Washington, Moscow will rely on honest and decent Americans.

At a meeting with representatives of the public in Crimea and Sevastopol, speaking about relations between the Russian Federation and the United States, the head of the Russian state drew attention to the difference in the views of the American people and the establishment. According to him, there are “a lot of honest, decent, sincere people” in the United States who want to live in peace and friendship with Russia. “We know about this and value it, and we will rely on them in the future,” the Russian leader assured.

“As for the American establishment, the leading, ruling class, its consciousness was formed in well-known and rather difficult conditions,” Putin said.

“After all, the development of the American continent by Europeans was associated with the extermination of the local population, with genocide, as they say today, the direct genocide of Indian tribes. This was followed by a very hard, long, difficult period of slavery, very cruel,” the President recalled.

“Guided by such considerations, the ruling class of the United States solves both domestic and foreign policy problems,” the Russian head of state is sure. “After all, the United States is the only country in the world that used nuclear weapons, moreover, against a non-nuclear state, against Japan, at the end of world war II against Hiroshima and Nagasaki,”  the Russian President said. He is convinced that “there was absolutely no military sense in this; it was a direct extermination of the civilian population.” Failed Crusade: Americ... Cohen, Stephen F. Best Price: $4.99 Buy New $15.00 (as of 02:50 UTC - Details)

Favorable conditions for Russia

Moscow will cooperate with Washington only on favorable terms, Putin said, warning that the US leadership will have to reckon with this.

“I know that the United States and the leadership of the United States as a whole are determined to have certain relations with us, but on those issues that are of interest to the United States itself, and on their terms,” the Russian head of state stated at a meeting with representatives of the public in Crimea and Sevastopol.

“We, although they think that we are the same as them, other people, we have a different genetic and cultural and moral code, [emphasis added] but we are able to defend our own interests,” Putin stressed. “We will work with them, but in those areas in which we ourselves are interested, and on those terms that we consider beneficial for ourselves,” he added. “And they’ll have to reckon with that. They will have to take this into account, despite all attempts to stop our development, despite sanctions, insults. They’ll have to deal with that.”

“Keeping in mind our national interests, we will develop relations with all countries of the world, including the United States,” the Russian President said.

I hope the reader observes what I did; when Putin acknowledged Russian “genetic differences” he is not only slapping Biden hard, but also James Clapper, who notoriously commented as Professor Cohen wrote about his statement on Russian genetics and also former CIA Director John Brennan’s hatred of Russians, politely referred to by Russia’s diplomats as “Russophobia”; Clapper said that from Professor Cohen’s article:

“‘The Russians, who typically, are almost genetically driven to co-opt, penetrate, gain favor;’ and CIA Director John Brennan, who warned that Russians ‘try to suborn individuals and they try to get individuals, including US citizens, to act on their behalf either wittingly or unwittingly… Individuals going on a treasonous path often do not realize it until it is too late.’”

Most recently, Putin responded with an invitation to Biden for a live, unedited, public conversation, shown in this video:

Paul Craig Roberts wrote recently that “the Kremlin reads the latest allegations as an excuse for more sanctions against Russian companies and individuals. This reading is mistaken.  Washington’s purpose is to demonize Russia and its leadership in order to set Russia up for regime change and, failing that, for military attack.”

Most recently, in his “AN OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT PUTIN” he writes:

Whoever is advising the Kremlin is an idiot.  Every time the Kremlin replies to insults and false accusations from Washington, the Kremlin hands to the entire Western media—a propaganda ministry, the likes of which has never before existed on earth and can be found only in science fiction such as George Orwell’s 1984—the opportunity to repeat the charge:  “Today the Kremlin spokesman denied that Putin is a killer.”

If I may offer my advice, President Putin, explain to Peskov and to Zakharov not to respond to accusations and insults.  Ignore them.  Say nothing. Stop trying to appeal to Washington and its NATO puppets.  The fact that Russia believes facts are relevant is seen by the West as a sign of great weakness.  Facts don’t matter in the West.  Russiagate proved that for you.

Go about your business where you are welcomed and regarded as a potential protector against Washington, such as Iran.  Form an explicit mutual defense pact with China.  Not even criminally insane Washington will take on Russia and China.  Add Iran and the Taliban.  The best way to keep Islamic terrorism out of the Russian Federation is to befriend them and turn them against Washington.  Beat Washington at its own game.  And by all means, stop Israel and Washington from attacking Syrian territory.  Until you show Russia’s power, you will not be taken seriously. The longer you are not taken seriously, the greater the likelihood that threats against Russia will mount until nuclear war arrives.  Obviously, Russia is not taken seriously with American Democrat leaders describing the President of Russia as the “new Hitler” and “a killer.”  No American president dared to speak of a Soviet leader, where there actually was justification for the charge, in such terms.

I offer this advice not because I am pro-Russia and anti-America, but because I worked with President Reagan to achieve the goal of ending the Cold War and its threat of nuclear Armageddon.  People can go on all they want about climate change and Covid, but nuclear war is an end times occurrence.

The American neoconservative intent to acquire world hegemony will bring nuclear war unless you turn Russia’s back to the decadent, corrupt, and dying West and protect with decisive force the interests of Russia and her friends.  Washington denies you friends in Europe.  Find them elsewhere.  The peace of the world is at stake.

I truly respect Mr. Roberts; he is a patriot and of course I like him for writing anything that challenges America using nuclear weapons and bringing about its own demise (depopulation, don’t you know) but in so doing he will be smeared as a “domestic terrorist,” and who knows, perhaps 3:00 a.m. raids on not only his home but mine and imprisonment in a gulag, and execution—especially for my putting Jesus Christ and peace against the interests of the moronic, demonic “ruling class” or oligarchs—there is nothing elite about them—will get us killed or worse; so be it.

But as I have written in the past, and provided videos, which again I reproduce a few here, knowing they are subject to termination at any time, Russia’s development of advanced weaponry means it is very much prepared for war; it knows the cost of war, it faced a fascist power and defeated it in the form of Nazi Germany at great cost. Even now, the Russians are doing their best to get the truth of history to the people, for those who have ears to hear, as in this article on RT, “EVERY FIFTH PERSON: The USSR’s loss of civilian and military life during World War II – our Great Patriotic War” in which I learned that the Nazis were literally vampires, transfusing the blood of children until they died to provide for their Wermacht and SS goons. Putin has spoken candidly what good is a world without Russia? So I believe just as many Jews say “Never again,” so too do the Russian people, although unlike the Washington Neocons like Blinken and Nuland, they do understand the terrible human cost of war.

Ironically, on the day Biden was disgracing America and himself, the Israeli Foreign Minister met with an official of TASS and granted an interview; of course Israel and Russia do not agree with each other on many issues, but that does not mean the exchange wasn’t conducted in a civilized fashion. Again, the translation is by Yandex.

[Excerpt of] exclusive interview with TASS first Deputy Director General Mikhail Gusman, Israeli foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi:

— Mr. Minister, this year is important as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and Israel. What events will be held on the occasion of this anniversary?

— Relations with Russia are very important for Israel. But they didn’t start 30 years ago, they started earlier—with a common culture and common traditions. As you know, we have a huge community of Jews from Russia. Many Jews came from Russia to Israel at the beginning of the last century in order to establish a Jewish state. Both countries have a great cultural influence on each other.

But there are also very important bilateral relations.

Russia is one of the key players in our region

This year marks the anniversary of the resumption of diplomatic relations, and I am very happy to be here, and it is an honor for me to meet with my colleague, Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. We have a very busy schedule of festive events both in Israel and in Russia. Both Russian and Israeli audiences will be able to participate in cultural events. We have received an invitation to take part in the Moscow film festival. And we will have other cultural events in Moscow and Russian cities, we want to show Israeli culture to Russians. Conferences on Economics and innovation will be held in both Russia and Israel.

In addition, as you know, our country also attaches great importance and appreciates the contribution of the USSR to the Victory in world war II. Our Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and your President Vladimir Putin have unveiled monuments in Netanya and Jerusalem. [Emphasis added.] I think we are moving in the right direction.

Will the Israeli Foreign Minister for his dignity and professionalism—acting as a diplomat, understanding what diplomacy means—be branded as a “domestic terrorist” by anyone in the Biden administration? I suspect not.

In any event, relations between America and Russia are only getting worse and perhaps “war” is on the horizon. I don’t think even if there’s limited nuclear war it will “end the world,” for that I believe will be God’s decision, not man’s and to the chagrin of those “Rapture” Christians like Pence and Pompeo, only the devil will enter the world, I believe, but it will be a great catastrophe all the same. Perhaps more likely than direct military conflict, incidents such as this fake Sputnik Vaccine also reported on RT here and on the Sputnik site. (And who is responsible? Some Western government agency, either British Intelligence and/or the CIA?)

I am sure more such incidents will take place in the future, along with using proxies in Syria and Ukraine. I’m afraid I don’t have a solution that ordinary people can do to make change; there are not enough voices for peace. With “COVID” too many are worried on just surviving from day to day. Yet Putin’s response has shown that now, as this op-ed discusses, the Russians have most likely decided a break in U.S.-Relations is now taking place. Most recently, Tass in Russia featured this article, “Biden on Putin: Blunder or Provocation?” and here is a Yandex translated excerpt, which discusses the recalling of Russia’s Ambassador:

Actually, the Vice-presidential position that Biden then held did not allow him to [“role play”]. At the time, he steadfastly adhered to the line of his Democratic party and its then-leader, Barack Obama. I know this for a fact, because I interviewed him in Washington before leaving for TASS and Rossiyskaya Gazeta, which was published under the eloquent headline “Reload: winning results.”


On the other hand, at a meeting with representatives of the Russian opposition at the American Spaso house in Moscow, Biden said that if he were Putin, he would not participate in the 2012 presidential election. In fact, this was, of course, a direct intervention in Russia’s internal Affairs. Presumably, it did not add sympathy for the overseas guest in the Moscow corridors of power.


Former Russian Ambassador to the United States, and now Senator Sergey Kislyak, answered my question about whether we observed in this case a home preparation, or improvisation: “Whatever it is, the result is the same.” According to him, Biden’s statement is “a serious blow to our relations, which were already in a very difficult state.”

 “In addition to the fact that this response is already at the level of political rudeness, it also reflects, most likely, the absolute unwillingness of the American leadership to think about the prospects for the development of our relations in the future,” the expert stated.

The history of diplomatic relations between Moscow and Washington knows only a few examples of Recalling ambassadors for consultations from their host country to their own capital. So, in 1998, Russia recalled its ambassadors to the United States and great Britain in connection with the massive missile and bomb attacks on Iraq by these countries as part of operation desert Fox. But Yuli Vorontsov (the former Ambassador to the United States) was absent from Washington for only five days, and I, for example, simply do not remember this, although it was during his time that I started working in the American capital. American ambassadors twice left Moscow for Washington on call: in 1934-without explanation, and in 1980-in connection with the entry of Soviet troops into Afghanistan.

Kislyak believes that inviting an Ambassador for consultations is “perfectly normal” for a country that treats itself and others with respect. Moreover, in the current situation, the Russian response to what happened has not yet been fully formulated. “Consultations are being held in order to fully calculate our next steps,” he said, adding that they should be “calm and verified.” How long this may take is not yet clear, but in any case, the timing of the Ambassador’s return to work depends only on us: “We decide when and how to manage the time of our representative.”

Kislyak does not believe in the possibility of an American apology, although, in his opinion, “for reasonable relations between States, apologies for wrong actions are a seemingly normal thing.” In General, according to him, “we were not very optimistic about the rapid return to reasonableness in our relations even before the interview of the US President,” and now the “space for optimism” has narrowed even more.

You don’t have to have the knowledge and wisdom of the late Stephen F. Cohen to view recent events as nothing less than a monumental catastrophe. I hope to review the new version of Professor Cohen’s book, War with Russia, but yes, there is now a war going on; whether outright fighting will take place I cannot answer, but perhaps it’s only a matter of time. I am less concerned with my life ending, than the abomination of such a war ever happening, the scale of destruction, the loss of life, and the unutterable catastrophe to human life.

The Duran video on Biden’s remarks:

(This video, the most recent, with sources and references discusses NATO/Washington plans to use Poland as cannon fodder to attack Kalingrad,  and justifying an attack on Kalingrad as a “protective” or defensive war, and anticipates using nuclear weapons and the Russians won’t respond in kind. However, Borzzikman does not detail likely Russian response using Avangard, the “dagger,” Iskander missiles, all non nuclear to destroy military targets and not civilians. The idea Russian wants to conquer and invade Poland is insane, but as Borzzikman discusses, these Baltic nations are stirred up into a frenzy of hatred and irrationality by Washington; this is a very dangerous situation but I do think the report is accurate.)

Lastly, I would be remiss not to discuss the state of the art F-35, designed with supercomputers and not slide rules as the ancient B-52 that was designed with the use of slide rules, and its latest proof of invincibility and air superiority, demonstrating the genius of the “exceptional” nation and the Pentagon. The article is “A Flying Disaster: F-35B Jet Shoots Itself With Its Own 25mm Gun,” on SouthFront, whose reporting has been much appreciated by the U.S. State Department, notes:

Photo source: Wiki-media Commons

On March 12th, A F-35B Joint Strike fighter was significantly damaged. It happened when a round fired from its underbelly 25mm gun pod exploded shortly after leaving the muzzle of the cannon mounted within.

It suffered friendly fire from itself.

This is a “Class A mishap” – it results in a threat of the pilot’s life on the ground or in the air. It also needs to cause damage of more than $2.5 million.

Still, to be fair, if one is to keep in mind the F-35’s cost, any damage whatsoever probably results in damages that cost more than $2.5 million.

Prior to this incident, the F-35 has still been plagued by various incidents. Back in May 2020, a F-35A fighter jet crash-landed on runway 30 at Eglin AFB. The jet rolled, caught fire and was entirely destroyed.

Currently, the F-35 fighter jets fly with 871 flaws, having improved that number by 2 throughout 2020. On the upside, “only” 10 of these deficiencies are “Category 1” that can result in the aircraft being destroyed, or heavy injury or even death of the crew.

To rectify the chaos that is the $300 billion F-35 program, the Block 4 process was introduced.

It failed.


On the upside, the US managed to successfully launch a nuclear-capable of Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile from Vandenberg Air Force Base.

Luckily, the launch went successfully, and even if it didn’t the missile is without nuclear or conventional payload.

This provides the potential for a justification for future actions. After all, if a missile were to accidentally hit a US city, or maybe a warship in an F-35-esque incident, it could easily be blamed on Russia. Or on Iran. Or on China. [Emphasis added.]

Still, any casual observer would be impatiently looking forward to the United States beginning to test out its hypersonic technology, since if the F-35 is any indication, it promises to be quality entertainment.