A Face Mask Article You Will Want to Share

The world looks very different than what the media tells us. Being aware of the ways different states, different regions, different cultures, different families, and different individuals handle common concerns can inform our own behavior, shorten our learning curve, and enrich our lives in unpredictable ways. 


If I walk out my door into this most locked down city in the country, I might find half the people in the park unmasked. The media won’t show that. They tend to speak a narrative and show images that demoralize the audience and bring about compliance. They are not our finest institution. 


I would like to encourage you to follow people internationally on social media in order to get a feel for what is taking place in other places. The media isn’t doing that and if they were, they would not truthfully report on it. Social media allows us a glimpse into other cultures without having to pass through the approved channels that inject their own narrative.  Tiny Tots Brisling Sar... Buy New $39.84 ($14.17 / lb) (as of 11:17 UTC - Details)


Two Strikingly Different Scenes


In the past weeks, I saw two adjacent posts on Linked In. One was posted by a California-based reader of Austrian economics. He stood in a spot well known to many legal immigrants in Silicon Valley. 


He captioned the photo “Today we are finally able to join our children as fellow Americans, it was a long road but it was certainly worth taking.” 

If it were not for the face masks, the social distancing, and the lockdowns that continue over this past year, it would be particularly touching for me to see such a wonderful person legally join the ranks of the land of the free and home of the brave. We need more good men, and we need them encouraged by living in community with other brave and good men. Freedom and bravery is hard to find in America today and the very existence of this version of America does dishonor to a different era that found meaning and inspiration in the flag he was handed as he took an oath. 


Our national mythology can mean something special, but moments in our recent history do it such injustice, Covid-19 being but a culminating moment. How dare anyone muzzle a man as he is handed an American flag and takes an oath to the Constitution.  Bar Harbor Wild Herrin... Check Amazon for Pricing.


There are bad people who glory in such a moment being as demoralizing as possible. To put razor-wire around Congress — a reminder of who those within consider the real enemy — to muzzle a person taking an oath to the Constitution, to muzzle a preacher speaking the word, to muzzle a child telling his mother “I love you.” 


I don’t care what the muzzler claims as his intent. If you force muzzles upon people in moments like this, you are pretty low.


The other photos below, in sharp contrast, were posted by a European Bitcoin options company. For some time there has been worry in the Bitcoin industry that this company might be declared illegal in the Europe Union or in the United States with a harsh crackdown. In the photos they are having a well attended meeting describing their product, in totalitarian Beijing of all places. The narrative in the US is that the US is free, the EU is free, and China is unfree. Not only is this company able to attract a group of people interested in their services in Beijing, but in the room are approximately 100 people, and I see a maximum of ten wearing masks.


The photo above and these, posted two hours apart, are striking in their contrast. 

The Contrast Begs Many Questions 

The contrast begs many questions.

If masks work why aren’t they wearing them religiously in China?

If China is ground zero for the economy-destroying CCP Virus, why aren’t they living in fear?

If the Covid-19 is so deadly, and decimates populations, how can they be at this event pretending that all is fine?

If China is so oppressive and the US so free, why is it that the Chinese above are unmasked and the Americans masked?

If social distancing works, why aren’t they social distanced? Crown Prince Natural K... Buy New $52.49 ($0.90 / Ounce) (as of 06:29 UTC - Details)

Maybe they have all received the mRNA shot, although the Chinese shot is both unsafe and ineffective. If they aren’t masked, social distanced, and locked down after their unsafe and ineffective Chinese Covid shot, then why does the unsafe and ineffective American shot still mean Americans need to triple mask, lockdown, and social distance?

Are all 100 people in the room perhaps part of the same household? If they are not, and are safely unmasked, what is the reason Americans are to be masked at all, even at home, alone in cars, and while walking outside?

If the people above are okay to carry on conversations unmasked 24-36 inches from each other, is there a reason Americans cannot do the same?

Why are super-spreader events okay in China while vast portions of American culture from opera to church, from business meetings to family gatherings, from schools to stores shuttered? Are the Chinese even frivolous enough and brainwashed enough to have a term such as “super-spreader event?”

The narrative doesn’t stand up to the slightest introspection. The powers that be are a Potemkin Village of lies, a Hollywood set, ready to be taken down by a firm gust of wind, a gentle tremor, an effortful push against their weak construction.

And it’s not just this wonderful man and his family above who are masked. Everyone knows so many people who are obediently masked, especially inside businesses, but also outside, and also when doing other important activities.

Being Preposterously Hypocritical By Focussing On Oppression Around The World Rather Than The Oppression We Ourselves Aid Daily  

We cannot obsess about the Uyghur genocide in China while we wear our face masks, our face masks of submission, and prepare the way for our own obedient entry into a less free world than we now know. Doing so is preposterously hypocritical.

Perhaps in masking, in obediently locking down, obediently complying, we prepare for a genocide on our own shores. We can’t predict the future, but we do know that giving up freedom lightly always leads to the most heavy tyranny. It is a thing regrets are made of.

The Uyghurs are not the problem that needs our attention. Beijing isn’t. The CCP isn’t. Iran isn’t. Klaus Schwab isn’t. Bill Gates isn’t. Even that clown Fauci isn’t. Those who wear masks in our midst are a far more pernicious problem. 

If that is you, please never wear a mask again. Please don’t add to our problem.

It’s good to be aware of all the other problems in the world, but we need to focus at home — at the totalitarian uniparty on own our shores — and more importantly in our own homes and our own individual lives. These are the places we can truly impact. The rest is distraction. 

It Was Not The Virus That Did So Much Damage To The US In 2020. It Was Our Response To The Virus That Did So Much Damage

It was not the virus that did so much damage to the US in 2020. It was our response to the virus that did so much damage:

the forced and voluntary closing of businesses,

the forced and voluntary closing of schools,

the forced and voluntary closing of churches,

the forced and voluntary masking of children,

the forced and voluntary masking of society,

the forced and voluntary isolation of the handicapped,

the forced and voluntary isolation of the elderly,

the forced and voluntary decision to let the sick die in hospitals alone,

the forced and voluntary decision to let mothers die alone, brothers die alone, children die alone, yes, in 2020, we let scared children die alone so that their parents would be safe from the bogeyman, so that nurses, doctors, and hospital administrators would be safe from the bogeyman, we let children die alone without a loving hand to caress their face as they slipped from this world,

the forced and voluntary decision to let people die alone and to not honor them with a funeral, to not give the living the gift of resolution that this ceremony is so adept at offering,

the forced and voluntary decision to hide at home and to tell ourselves the story that it’s not so bad,

the forced and voluntary decision to declare people’s entire lives non-essential.

The Government Is Not To Blame 

Please note. I say both forced and voluntary. It isn’t government that visited this evil upon us, though those in power truly played their role with a moral turpitude that is historical in its magnitude and in need of culling from any position of leadership, but in so many more ways, it was individuals outside of government making voluntary decisions in their own lives that made the past year so awful.

Each Year, 2020 Including, About 1% Of Americans Die 

One-third of society did not die, as took place with the bubonic plague. One-tenth of society did not die. One-tenth of a population dying is the source of the verb “to decimate,” a reality of human history that is recorded in the living history book that is language. No, it wasn’t one-third or one-tenth that died.

Each year about one percent of American society dies of something. And in 2020 about one percent of American society died of something. Causes of death for one percent of American society each year can include heart disease, car accidents, respiratory disease, and many other causes. Maybe when more concrete final morbidity and mortality statistics for 2020 become available, which usually happens around mid-summer each year, we’ll see 0.75% of the population died in 2020. Maybe we’ll see 1.25% of the population died in 2020. It won’t be 30%. It won’t be 10%. It probably won’t be 2% and it probably won’t be 0.5%. We will see that about 1% of the population died, as takes place every year. 

A List Of Things That Won’t Rescue Us From This Fraud 

This wasn’t the danger to humanity we were told it was. 

It is not the danger to humanity that we are still being told it is. 

And that means we don’t need the lockdowns to protect us. 

We don’t need the mask. Wellsley Farms Marinat... Buy New $25.86 ($0.43 / Ounce) (as of 07:00 UTC - Details)

We don’t need an experimental Covid therapy to protect us, in which we throw all caution to the wind and conduct a Phase 3 trial on the public — not with medical release forms and waivers and counseling about all the possible risks of experimentation, but instead — with the faulty narrative that the Covid shot is “safe and effective,” a narrative that the FDA won’t even make in its own Emergency Use Authorizations. The airwaves are filled with marketing on this topic, not science.

We don’t need any of this.

The Only “Safe And Effective” Solution To This Nightmare Is Entirely Within Your Control 

We can’t move politicians to act on our own, we can’t force another to change on our own, but we can change our own behavior and in every way possible we must live our own lives as normally and as freely as possible.

One person at a time life goes back to normal. That’s how lockdowns end. It doesn’t matter what a 38-member blue ribbon panel says about ending a lockdown. It doesn’t matter what the media says about ending a lockdown. It doesn’t matter what a governor says about ending a lockdown.

In fact, anyone on this planet who says “It’s not safe to end the lockdown,” should be treated as a con artist for the entirety of your life, whether that be your favorite journalist or your closest friend. They should be treated as a con artist in perpetuity, until one day they are discovered to have come to their senses, repented, and made amends.

There are many ways we can bring life back to normal in our own lives. The most apparent and pernicious one is the face mask. It must be done away with.

My friend, please acknowledge this and digest this: YOU MUST NEVER WEAR THE MASK.

Not for any reason.

Not because you have a clever mask with pithy words on it.

Not because you “just want to get through the door.”

Not because you “just want to be left alone.”

Not because you are “fine” in a mask.

Doing so is cowardice. Doing so is telling a grand lie to other people. You owe better to yourself and to those around you than to be a liar. 

There are many resources to help you stop wearing the mask easily, legally, safely, and ethically. On top of that, the mask does not work. We knew this unequivocally by May 2020 when three weeks after the mask mandates were put into effect by the political hacks at the CDC, the editors of the CDC’s peer-reviewed journal of epidemiology, Emerging Infectious Disease, shared a very different perspective and published the best face mask study of 2020. It states that masks are not effective against the spread of respiratory viruses and that improper use may, in fact, help to spread disease. These scientists and editors were quickly informed that truth would not be welcome on this topic, and the article was swept under the rug.

Do not do things that are supposed to work, but which you know do not work. It is a lie to go through such motions.

It does not matter who you make comfortable. Don’t do things to make others comfortable if they do not work. It’s not your job to help others feel comfort in a lie. If you are an honest, ethical, and moral person the exact opposite is your job. 

If you don’t know that, please read Face Masks in One Lesson, which tells you how and why to never wear a mask again legally, safely, ethically, and with very little conflict. Please read the last year of my Lew Rockwell articles, which say the same. Please sign up at RealStevo.com (https://realstevo.com/) and I’ll send you information and classes on how to never wear a mask again, but really, all you need to do is resolve to never wear a mask again. That’s really all you need to do. The details on how to do that are out there if you need them.

The pictures above speak a thousand words on how we are being conned.

Please stop being conned.

Please stop others you love from being conned.

Please stop, and share this article with everyone you know, the masked and the unmasked alike.