They Escaped Totalitarianism Twice, Only to See It Again in America

Let me tell you about my wife’s family, formerly oppressed immigrants who came to this country legally, and love the USA as only formerly oppressed immigrants could. They are being mistreated over politics by some of their Carmel, Indiana, neighbors who should be very ashamed of themselves.

My father-in-law was born in Poland during a German bombing attack during World War II. All the neighbors huddled in the basement of the apartment building while his mother gave birth to him. She was on her own because his father was in the Polish Air Force based in the UK and fought in the Battle of Britain. which saved that country once and for all from the threat of a German invasion.

After enduring countless indignities and threats to life, my father-in-law endured the equally bad occupation of Poland by Russians who quickly established Communist control after the war. Because it was dangerous for Polish veterans to return home, when my father-in-law was 7 years old, and suffering from tuberculosis and malnutrition, he, his older brother, and his mother were literally smuggled out of Poland to finally meet his father. The Politics of Obedie... Etienne de la Boetie Best Price: $7.00 Buy New $7.00 (as of 05:45 UTC - Details)

The family moved to Argentina because they were not welcome in Great Britain after the war—even after their great military service to that nation. The British didn’t want to irritate their Soviet allies, so Poles were prevented from marching in victory parades in England!

My mother-in-law was born in the Catholic country of Croatia, which was then part of the nation of Yugoslavia. World War II was extremely bitter there, and we get our modern word “partisan” from the Croatian language.

Her grandfather was lined up against a wall and shot by Tito’s communist forces. They wanted her father too. He, a professor of languages, escaped to the first country he could, which happened to be Argentina. Nearly 10 years later, my mother-in-law and her family reunited there with her father.

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