What Will People Do For Food When Much of Europe And North America Is Too Cold to Farm?

Glacier National Park has had signs for the last quarter century reminding visitors that the glaciers were getting smaller due to global warming. Last year they had to be taken down because the glaciers have been advancing for the last several years.

It is true that snow melts in the summer. Where there are glaciers there is an imbalance of melting to snowing accumulation. When glaciers advance it is telling us that there is less melting than snow fall.

For several years retreating glaciers in Europe have made the headlines with the discovery of human remains found under the glaciers that were exposed due to the retreat. How interesting to think that we fear global warming when it is obvious that the world was once much warmer.[amazon template=*lrc ad (right)&asin=]

To know that farming settlements on Greenland have had to be abandoned because of global cooling should open a few eyes but sadly it does not happen.

World temperatures go up and down in cycles but the big cycle that people ignore is the cycle of ice ages that say we are near the end of an inter-glacial warm period. We’ve had it nice for the last 11,000-12,000 years but I fear the enjoyable warmth is coming to an end.

What people will do for food when much of Europe and North America is too cold to farm is a mystery to me. Spy Camera- 4K HD Hidd... Best Price: $45.07 Buy New $49.99 (as of 06:35 EST - Details)

Sounding the alarm of global warming might be a popular thing to do but it is a mistaken viewpoint not based on science or history but on emotion.

People think, “all those cars must be hurting the environment, lets get rid of them.” They use global warming as the reason to get rid of fossil fuels but they are terribly misguided. There is no proven research to say that carbon dioxide actually traps heat as in the so called greenhouse effect, in fact there is research that debunks that idea. Our carbon-based fuels have allowed us to have our modern civilization. We will need our carbon based fuels until fusion fuels can be developed that work. Fusion-based economy is always just 30 years around the corner. I’m sure we will develop the fusion economy and it may really just be years away. However long it takes, fossil fuels will effectively sustain us very well until then.

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