A Mask Confrontation in Florida

My city commission (who are compensated $70,000+ in taxpayer dollars annually) in Tallahassee, Fla., recently passed a mask ordinance (unanimously) requiring all people to wear a mask when inside any public building in Tallahassee proper.  Violators are to be fined $50.00 for the first offense, $100.00 for the second offense, and $250.00 for the third offense followed by a court hearing.  “If you’re inside a building, you’ll be wearing a mask,” one commissioner stated at the conclusion of the vote.

Tonight, I did not feel like cooking and decided to go to a deli (it is a commercial restaurant, but I will leave it unnamed).  Upon entering, I noticed that there was a sign on the door stating that all customers must wear a mask (I did not have a mask on), and as I entered the building, I noticed that the majority of the tables were blocked off for “social distancing.” Face Masks In One Lesson Stevo, Allan Buy New $10.00 (as of 03:17 EST - Details)

I calmly walked up to the counter and began placing my order.  After I ordered, the employee asked me if I had a mask.  I replied, “No.”  He then quickly pulled out a medical mask and asked if I “would please put it on because it is the company’s policy and a city ordinance.”  I then stated that it was against my religion to wear a mask.  The employee hesitated and responded, “OK, well, it is no problem if it is against your religion.  However, would you mind eating outside?”  I glanced around and saw a family of six eating inside at a table, and I responded to the employee, “They are eating within six feet of each other at the same table.  What is the issue if I eat alone?”  He said nothing.  I then sat down inside, and the employee brought my food to me, and I ate my meal in peace, just as if it were 2019 again.

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