One Of America’s Brave Frontline Pastors: Rodney Howard-Browne

This article features an exclusive interview with the pastor

Rodney Howard-Browne with the River at Tampa Bay Church in Florida was the first pastor in America to go to jail when he refused to close his church to obey Covid-19 orders. Today he not only still preaches the gospel, he warns his congregation, and the people of the world with his global internet broadcasts, about the imposition of global draconian lockdown and mask measures using Covid as an excuse, the experimental “vaccines,” the emerging globalist technocracy under the Davos Group’s Great Reset, and the fraudulent presidential election.

While police helicopters circled overhead and marked police cars parked on the street at his home where he lives with his wife Adonica, on March 30, 2020 he was cuffed and arrested, fingerprinted, posed for a mug shot, imprisoned, and released on bail. His courage to stand up for what he believes in: that God – not the government – is sovereign; the state has no authority to close down the church; the right to freedom of religion is protected by the First Amendment – inspired other reluctant clergy to open their churches.

Tampa Bay Florida Retr... Buy New $21.99 (as of 07:53 EST - Details) “No governor or mayor can write an order to supersede the Constitution,” Pastor Rodney asserts. “I had to make a stand for the First Amendment. Everything happening right now is a globalist, communist takeover of America. To all the pastors who are giving up your ability to worship freely: Unless President Trump has something up his sleeve, you’ll never get it back. America as you know it is done. If Biden gets in we are not bowing down to anything. I might get a couple more mug shots. In the next one I will smile.”

The day after the pastor’s arrest, Gov. Ron DeSantis declared churches an essential service in Florida, with no mask or social distancing requirements. The city dropped charges against the pastor. When the fake news media demonized him and published his police mug shot all over the internet, he received 80,000 death threats on his Facebook page alone. As a safety precaution, he temporarily cancelled services in the church building. He did nightly online broadcasts on YouTube and on radio talking, preaching and answering chat questions and comments live on the air. Adonica, also a pastor, often joined him, as did Pastor Jonathan Shuttlesworth.

The clergy in America who preach the Word of God, understand the dystopic bankers’ and technocrats’ plans for the planet’s people, speak truth to power, oppose Marxism, educate their congregations, and provide specifics on what they can do to take action are few and far between. Some priests and pastors in the U.S. have been legally fighting to keep their churches open. One is John MacArthur of Grace Community Church in Hunt Valley, California.

“The whole thing was on purpose,” Pastor Rodney says of the disruptions at the U.S. Capitol on January 6. “There were left-wing, Antifa activists as well as clueless, yet enthusiastic, Trump supporters who entered the Capitol. In some cases, doors were opened and the police welcomed them in. The vast majority of patriots were peaceful, unlike the aggressive and destructive Antifa riots that are still going on in some areas. Laptops disappeared. No one knows who took them but the Democrats are now disingenuously using the President and the millions who support him and love this nation.” Janmid Men’s Lin... Buy New $19.99 (as of 07:53 EST - Details)

There is no question in his mind that the presidential election was fraudulent. “Trump won,” he says. “The voter fraud was blatant and perpetrated across multiple states. Anybody with any brains can see. And then every ‘check and balance’ of government turned their back on all of us as they failed to do their duty in confronting and rooting out the obvious voter fraud. They know that the people overwhelmingly support and voted for President Trump. Even with all their lies and propaganda and their censorship of social media, they realize they have little public support. Even now the Democrats don’t look like they won, they look frantic. Unfortunately, Vice President Pence committed high treason. He should have sent the electors back to the seven states in question to clean up the votes and he didn’t. It was a coup d’état and not from people wearing Viking horns. It was a coup with the states, the Senate and the House, stealing the election from President Trump, disenfranchising 75 million voters across America. He doesn’t have a voice; they have shut his voice down. But he still has a few options left.”

The River Church’s back parking lot was turned into a field to hold outdoor services and the church issued a manifesto called The Stand. It states:

“The ‘antichrist’ system, operating through the WHO, the UN, and governments worldwide, have mocked the Church and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

“They have done this by arbitrarily shutting down the Church, by not acknowledging or recognizing the Church as an essential service, by openly discriminating against, and even persecuting, the Church. In their arrogance and godlessness, they have attempted to neutralize the Word and power of God and to mute the voice of the Church—the voice of Righteousness and Truth. They ignore or belittle the teachings of Jesus Christ. They mock the Word of Almighty God; the Blood of Jesus; the power of the Holy Spirit; the power of our worship; Psalm 91, the saving, keeping, and preserving power of God; the power of Communion, the table of the Lord, the body and blood of Jesus; the doctrine of laying on of hands; the commandment to gather together; the power of unity and prayer of agreement.

“So, with the Stand, like Elijah, we mock the prophets of Baal; we mock the mainstream media; we mock those who oppose and resist Almighty God. They will fall and fail—every one of them.

“We stand for the Word of God and for billions around the world whose rights to worship freely were removed and have not been, or perhaps will never be, restored. We stand for the hundreds of millions who are dying of starvation, because of this ill-advised, unwarranted lockdown. Quiksilver Men’s... Buy New $21.00 (as of 07:53 EST - Details)

“There is a virus, as there have been in the past; however, there is no justification for the draconian steps taken by governments to ‘keep us safe’ which, as it turns out, were contrary to the advice of scientists and epidemiologists—experts in pandemics and immunology. The percentage of deaths has been low, compared to the recovery rate; and even lower compared to the number of people who are, and will be, adversely affected for years to come, as a direct result of the loss of jobs, businesses, the destruction of their economies, and the loss of personal freedoms. Many more people are at risk of dying, or have already died, because they have been denied medical care for other ailments.

“Our stand, on this field, represents the dreams of billions of people world-wide.
We stand to see all the nations of the earth opened back up—with no blackmail of the citizenry—through forced participation in tracking apps, mandatory vaccines, or the threat of permanent loss of their freedoms and rights. Governments serve people—people are not obligated to serve governments. Our rights are given to us by Almighty God. We are not slaves—we are free people. We stand to see the restoration of the people’s liberties—to live and die at their own risk.”

A recent guest at the River Church was Dr. Simone Gold, who led the frontline doctors’ press conferences on the U.S. Supreme Court steps. The doctors explained how they had successfully treated Covid-19 patients with hydroxychloroquine and zinc and stated 100,000 lives – at that point the number of people who had reportedly died of Covid-19 – could have been saved if they had had access to HCQ and zinc. The YouTube video received 8 million views when the social media site deleted it.

Pastor Rodney took the red pill at age 12 when his mother gave him a copy of Gary Allen’s “None Dare Call It Conspiracy.” He read it and over the years learned so much he began writing his own books. “The Phantom Virus,” co-authored with Paul Williams, is his latest, focusing on Covid-19 and the globalist technocrats’ agenda. His other political books are “Killing Uncle Sam,” “Killing the Planet” and “Socialism Under the Microscope.” His more scripturally focused books are “Anointing” and “Jesus.”

A fervent anti-communist born in South Africa, he explained on the CBJ Show how China is taking over Africa, pillaging the resources of Angola, Mozambique, Zambia, the ports of Zambezia, and the Congo: “My poor African brothers are being used as slaves.” He added China is colonizing the globe and using the cash from their central bank to buy up the U.S.: land, Congress, the Supreme Court, the music business, sports, and the churches including “pastors who have sold their soul to the devil by accepting money from organizations bent on the destruction of America.” Florida Map Beach Blan... Buy New $27.99 (as of 07:53 EST - Details)

In 2014 Pastor Rodney walked door to door to every House and Senate office to deliver copies of “Seeing Jesus as He Really Is” and “The Reality of Life After Death.” Career politicians are the source of many of the problems we face in this nation. His meeting with the very jaded Mitch McConnell is still vivid in his mind. “It was like talking to a corpse. I thought they were going to interrupt us and bring in more embalming fluid.” He tried to talk to the Senate Majority Leader about “the private bank that is going to take us out” – the Federal Reserve. “He referred me to Rand Paul. I told him ‘But I’m talking to you.’ He couldn’t wait to get me out of his office.” When Congress offered Covid-19 stimulus money to churches, “We never took one dollar from the government,” the pastor says.

Many Christians interpret the globalists’ unfolding plan to track, trace and vaccinate the people of the planet, use a social credit score to monitor compliance with the state and not allow individuals to buy or sell without an immunity passport as the mark of the beast. They wonder what they can do in the face of this unfolding tyranny of biblical proportions. “What can one person do to make a difference?” Pastor Rodney asks. A lot. He cites as examples how two women – Madalyn Murray O’Hare and Margaret Sanger – “called by the devil, full of wickedness, wreaked havoc.”

“One person can also do much good” he says. “Pray and educate yourself,” he says. “Use the skills God gave you” and take targeted action appropriate to the situation. “God is in control. God always chooses and uses someone. He chose Moses and Joshua. Each person has an assignment. Ask God what He wants you to do and do nothing less. And keep praying.”

“Use every legal avenue open to us,” adds Pastor Adonica. “On the local level we need to make sure we put people in who respect the Constitution. Your life must be focused on the Word of God: ‘Keep your eyes on me and keep walking.’ Jesus is the living Word. Everything you think is real is fake. You have to be led by the Holy Spirit, not what your head tells you. Give it all you’ve got, fight, pray, win souls, and stand strong. Do what you can. Pray like it all depends on God.”

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