A Tool of the Warrior: “How Did You Arrive at That Conclusion?”

My fellow warrior. You may be afraid. You may be uncertain. You may not know where to begin.

If that describes you, I’ve written at length about where to begin: never wear the face mask again.

Demand more from your life.

Set a higher standard.

If you do not set that high standard, you will have a low standard and the inevitable outcome of such standards.

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How To End The Lockdown In Your Own Life

Articles like these here  can help you set that standard.

Books like this one can help you get there, starting with never wearing a mask again.

It all comes down to making a high standards decision and making that decision a necessity that you refuse to live without.

If you can figure out how to never wear a face mask again, you can figure out how to say no to the vaccine, how to reopen your business, how to end the lockdowns in your own life, and lots of other bold and awe-inspiring behavior.

That’s Not Enough 

But that’s not enough. A lot of territory has been lost in 2020 and needs to be regained and far exceeded.

We need to push into the breach and win greater victories for freedom.

If you are at a loss for the next step from there, take one phrase out into the world with you: “How did you arrive at that conclusion?” 

It’s a phrase for learning from others who know what they are talking about. And it’s also a useful phrase for encouraging, influencing, and winning, for it is so effective at identifying and overcoming mindlessness in the world around you.

If a person trying to communicate with you has thought through what they need to say and why they need to say it, that’s fantastic.

I’m A Firm Believer In The Hinlicky Rule 

I’m a firm believer in the Hinlicky Rule, which says: Men’s Quick Dry ... Buy New $29.99 (as of 05:28 EST - Details)

“You shall not criticize the position of another…until you can state that position with such accuracy, completeness and sympathy, that the opponent himself declares, ‘Yes, I could not have said it better myself!‘ Then, and only then, may you criticize. For then you are engaging a real alternative and advancing a real argument. Otherwise you shed only heat, not light.”

I love to learn from others.

Tacit Approval Is Not Okay, It’s Quite Evil. Intellectual Rigor Is Needed

Nodding and approving during that process of learning, though, isn’t acceptable unless you actually approve.

It’s both okay and good of you to be brutally honest, direct, and intellectually rigorous with a well-studied peer, inferior, or superior. Your challenging questions are needed for someone who knows what they are talking about. If they know what they are saying and are studied on the topic, they are ready to be hit over the head with the mallet of your intellectual curiosity and may have just the helmet of knowledge to protect themselves. Done right, both you and they are better off for such a conversation.

Relatively few people actually know what they are talking about. Those who don’t know could really use the benefit of your question. “How did you arrive at that conclusion?” The more worked up they are, the less likely they are to know what they are talking about and the more they could benefit from being asked that question by you. All around you could really use the benefit of your question. “How did you arrive at that conclusion?” The whole world could really use the benefit of your question. “How did you arrive at that conclusion?” 

And after you get a response, how useful it is to be ready with an honest follow up. If you are at a loss, a pretty useful tool at a moment where you refuse to give tacit approval is to look the other square in the eyes with an honestly, compassionately, and calmly delivered “I don’t find your argument very convincing.” 

Two Generations Ago, Society Was More Edifying, Today Almost All Adults Are Derelict In This Role 

Two generations ago, boys who could have been straight or could have been gay were encouraged by society to be straight and to live the life of a family man, because, among other reasons, by many measures that would provide greater happiness.

Today society refuses to provide even that. Society instead goes so far as to encourage confusion about if they are even a boy.

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I don’t see how that serves the interest of that child. Children need the guidance of adults who will lead the child fearlessly down an edifying path.

Ignore Whines, Assaults, and Ad Hominems, Don’t Let Them Distract Your Focus  

For pointing this out, am I anti-gay? Am I a homophobe? Hardly.

But should that question even matter? Only in a frivolous and distracted age would such a thing be mentioned.

These are mere ad hominems, thrown to distract. That question of what I am has nothing to do with what is being said. The question of who or what anyone “is” has nothing to do with the validity of any argument being made.

Such pejoratives are lobbed at people who have a line they will hold. They are to be shrugged off or seen as a note of accomplishment indicating that you’ve adeptly found the target and have hit at some hard, honest truth. This should not deter you from holding the line or pushing ahead into the breach.

As more than one wise man has pointed out, when confronted with such distractions:

“Do not give into evil, but proceed ever more boldly against it.”

We’ve Crossed A Line That Is Bad For All

We’ve gone beyond this line in which society exists to edify the individual and instead corruption of the individual is a more likely role played by members of society.

The line we’ve crossed as a society is bad for children. Heck, it’s bad for grown men too.

I can count in the thousands the number of grown men I know who act like little boys: straight, gay, whatever.

They sabotage their own lives, their own potency, their own impact on the world in search of titillation.

Hedonism Demarcates That Space, And Is A Word This Newspeak Era Wants You To Never Have Access To The Definition Of 

My favorite Greek philosopher says “All that is not related to the creation of children, or the raising of children into adulthood, is hedonism.”

Every day, I find myself agreeing more and more with him about that specific definition.

Some Greeks have a way of carrying a dictionary of human civilization in their heads in the form of their language and culture. It’s no surprise that so much of life stands upon that ancient civilization. Words are messages to us from a wise past, distilled over many generations of testing.

Just as our era wants us to define “decadence,” as “tasty,” as in a tasty piece of chocolate cake or a decadent piece of chocolate cake — ignoring the definition “that which brings decay” — our era would like us to define hedonism as merely “that which feels good.”

Our era is prone to reactively ask “What is wrong with something that tastes good?” or “What is wrong with something that feels good?” Nothing, if pursued in the right proportions and for the right reasons. Such sense appears lost in this moment.

Obesity is rampant, causing far more Covid deaths than lack of lockdowns, lack of face masks, lack of vaccines, or lack of social distancing combined. Yet obese officials hypocritically focus on face masks. “Treats,” are eaten at all meals, between meals, and whenever an officemate, a third cousin, or the mailman has a birthday, promotion, or even a far more minor life event.

Life is wonderful and celebration is grand and underrated, but our civilization is in such decay that comfort and gluttony and “treats” must forever surround us, in total disregard of ancient wisdom on how such decadence brings decay to all areas of life.

Why It Is Inaccurate To Blame & Focus On Those Who Go Astray

The world has gone astray. There are always people who go astray. There’s little wrong with some people going astray and doing their own thing. That’s life.

There’s everything wrong with the great mass of people going astray if the reason for that is, when looking around society for leadership, all they see along the lines of certainty are those who have gone astray.

Do you hear me? 

Do you hear me?

The only people who are certain, the only people who are leading, the only people who exhibit the slightest indication of trustworthy leadership are the people who have gone astray in the most foul ways.

They have little edification to provide anyone.

People who know better are needed to lead.

Face It. Some People Need Leadership 

Face it, some people NEED leadership. You may call them “sheep.” I call them human. We all need leadership once in a while.

When was the last time you refused to lead? When was the last time someone lost came to you and instead of leading, you called them a “sheep?”

Be careful of this word and this thinking, as the use of the word sheep to describe another is often an admission that the speaker refuses to shepherd one who wants to be lead.

If the ones who know better about the direction of society — such as the well-studied, wise readers of these pages — refuse to lead, then inevitably some pretty bad dudes who have no business leading anyone, ever, for any reason, are the ones who get to step into the vacuum that you leave around you.

They don’t just get to lead, oh they lead great swaths of the population and in the most evil ways, down the most evil paths.

Can You Blame A Half-Witted Slob That They Destroy Everything When They Are Left In Charge? 

Is it the fault of a Pelosi, a Schumer, a Whitmer, a Newsom, a Cuomo, a Pritzker that there is a vacuum of leadership that any half witted slob with a savvy campaign manager can step into?

Enriching themselves to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars over the course of a career in “public service,” impoverishing their land and people.

What else would you possibly expect of a half-witted slob when you step back and let them have the keys to the kingdom?

Don’t blame the half-witted slob for the destitute destiny your children may now inherit from you and your generation: experimental vaccines, indoctrination, debunked fluoride, dehumanization, debunked face masks, debunked lockdowns, living life isolated, dying alone, without property, without a real job, chipped, and a slave.

Don’t blame the half-witted slob, because so predictably that’s exactly the kind of thing a half-witted slob does when they are left in charge.

Blame yourself.

Blame the one who stepped back and refused to lead and let a half-witted slob have the keys to the kingdom, and not only do they have the keys to the kingdom, you’ve pretty much given them the keys to your own castle as well.

You Are A Waco Waiting To Happen 

If you don’t believe that, read the history of no knock warrants. Search the name Duncan Lemp. Tell me if you really think the world is going to stop what it’s doing and ride to the rescue because a few cops brought an end to your world?

That’s the reality you helped build for yourself by refusing to lead. Every man’s and every woman’s castle is a Waco waiting to happen.

You put the keys to your castle in the wrong hands and once they who wish to do you harm are standing in your living room, it’s too late.

Build yourself a Niemollerian Buffer. Set the boundaries wide. Protect someone else. Fight for your liberties on a front far away from your living room.

Unfortunately there is a war and the front is already on your face, in your mind, and in your home.

Your guarantee of survival depends on you advancing the front far from where it is and into the enemy’s mind, the enemy’s face, the enemy’s living room, that this precious terrain of you and yours may last many more generations untouched.

Some People Preach The Gospel Of Giving Up 

The adage “Voting is violence” can so easily be applied as loser talk. The idea that the two party system is broken can so easily be applied as loser talk. They can be applied as reason for inaction and as reasons for not leading.

To do otherwise than lead, makes you the ignoble subject of Thomas Paine’s who begs for peace in his day, preferring to let the burden of righting society fall upon his child, while he enjoys his years in comfort.

There’s good reason to call voting violence. There’s no good reason to then drop out of the system, pretending like that system won’t catch up with you. Dedicate your life to changing that. There’s good reason to call the two party system broken. Do something about it.

The most evil voices on this planet would like libertarians and conservatives to give up and to feel convinced that they have no other option than to give up.

Things That Won’t Save You 

Moving won’t save you.

Going to another place won’t save you.

Accepting that there’s no one left to lead but you, that we live in a time of very heavy government, that someone is going to lead that government, and that sitting at home, reading some books, owning a few guns, and doing some prepping probably isn’t enough to protect your castle. Accepting that has a chance of saving you.

You can move, but if you aren’t dedicated to leading better than every half-witted slob who seeks to step into any leadership vacuum, then nothing will change. Moving will just buy you another 5 or 10 years before that place too turns to rubbish like the place you helped turn to rubbish by refusing to lead.

Some people move perpetually, investing next-to-nothing in the land they temporarily inhabit. Dare I say that the hedonism of doing that makes one a leech on par with the half-witted slob? The half-witted slob leeches off the people alive, giving little back. Many who perpetually move leech off the inheritance of liberty and culture handed to them, giving little back.

What The Half-Witted Slobs Need You To Believe 

My friends, the half-witted slobs need you to believe that you are not a leader, that you are not the solution, that you are not everything your tribe, your community, the world as you know it needs right now, because the only thing stopping a half-witted slob from being a multimillionaire many times over is your realization that it is up to you to step into the breach and lead, whatever the sacrifice to yourself.

Without a vast population of discouraged decent people, there is no way a half-witted slob like Joe Biden becomes a global powerbroker.

It starts with the face masks.

It continues with “How did you come to that conclusion?” 

But it certainly doesn’t stop there.

Whatever Excuses You May Have Thought You Had In The Past…

Whatever excuses you may have thought you had in the past, isn’t it nice to know that you can start seeing yourself as a leader right now? A leader who owns situations, and rises to the occasion, even catastrophic situations. A leader who acts. What a wonderful, challenging, and fulfilling use of all your abilities that surely is.

And sometime leaders even do drastic things that lots of people don’t like.

The Protests Mean So Little 

The little whines, protestations, and moans from others mean nothing. Calling leaders names means so little. Incoming ad hominems can be seen as a victory over the mindless, not as a harmful projectile. These are all automatic responses to something new or different.

Such reflexive whines are not to be regarded as thoughtful and hardly deserve to be thought about.

Don’t ask for permission. Just act. Just do it.

Step into every situation and lead.

Walk through life leading.

There is literally no one else but you.

There Is Literally No One Else But You, And Things Will Get Much Worse If You Won’t Step Up And Live Life As A Leader 

There is literally no one else but you, and if you refuse to accept that, you and your children will instead be led by the half-witted slobs and the most evil people. And it will be no one’s fault but your own.

Whatever protestations you have to that, I’ll probably respond to with “How did you arrive at that conclusion?” And in response to whatever you say next, I’ll probably find myself saying “I don’t find your argument very convincing.” 

There’s nothing convincing a grown adult can say to me about why he should not go through life leading.

Quit making excuses.

Everyone needs you to step up and lead.

It may already be too late.

Who’s with me?

Face Masks in One Lesson is a critically acclaimed bestseller by Allan Stevo that lays out a path to leadership, beginning with confronting face mask mandates. It is an actionable set of principles that has been used by thousand with great success.