The Breadth and Depth of the Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Vaccine, Lockdown and Global De-stabilizaton Agendas are Wider and Deeper Than One Might Think

Research done today shows the collaboration between Gates and the WEF and a multitude of such innocuous-sounding entities like the National Academy of Medicine (previously Institute of Medicine) and its President Victor Dzau, McKinsey & Co, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the International Partnership for Innovative Healthcare Delivery, Duke University’s Schools of Business/Medicine, Innovations in Healthcare at Duke, the USAID, and the University of Washington/Seattle

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1] National Academy of Medicine (NAM) Symposium in Seattle “Precision Population Health” – Dec. 6, 2016

The National Academy of Medicine’s 2016 Richard & Hinda Rosenthal Symposium will focus on precision medicine and its role in population health.

Susan Desmond-Hellmann, president and chief executive officer of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, will be the keynote speaker.

Panelists include Chris Murray, professor of global health at the University of Washington and director of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation; Jay Shendure, professor of genome sciences at the University of Washington; and Bob Waterston, William H. Gates III (“Bill Gates”) Endowed Chair in Biomedical Sciences and professor and chair of the department of genome sciences at the University of Washington.

The discussion will be co-hosted by National Academy of Medicine President Victor J. Dzau, MD and Paul G. Ramsay, CEO of medicine and Dean of the Medical School at the University of Washington.


The symposium will take place on Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2016 at the University of Washington.

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2] McGill Alumnus Victor J. Dzau, MD to Be Next Institute of Medicine President – February 19, 2014

3] Victor Dzau: Change and Controversy at the Institute of Medicine – By Geoff Watts – June 28, 2014

4] Duke University’s Innovations in Healthcare, founded as the International Partnership for Innovative Healthcare Delivery (IPIHD) was formally launched in 2011 after two years of research and planning, led by Duke Medicine and McKinsey & Company through the World Economic Forum, on how best to support the scale and replication of innovative solutions for healthcare.

According to Clickmedixthe International Partnership for Innovative Healthcare Delivery (IPIHD), catalyzed by the World Economic Forum, was formed as a result of McKinsey’s extensive research analyzing innovators worldwide.

5] The Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator at Duke (SEAD) was co-founded by Duke University’s School of Business

It was initially funded as a USAID Development Lab for Scaling Innovations in Global Health 

SEAD was a joint initiative between the Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE) at Duke’s Fuqua School of Business, Innovations in Healthcare, and the Duke Global Health Institute (DGHI), in collaboration with the Developing World Healthcare Technology (DHT-Lab) at Pratt School of Engineering and Durham. South Carolina-based Investors’ Circle, the world’s oldest, largest and most successful early-stage impact investing network. The Healing of America... Reid, T. R. Best Price: $1.35 Buy New $8.99 (as of 05:31 UTC - Details)

In addition, faculty from the Sanford School of Public Policy, Department of Economics, and elsewhere across Duke served as advisers for the initiative.

The program was funded by United States Agency for International Development (USAID), through its Higher Education Solutions Network (HESN).

6] The Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator at Duke (SEAD) is:

  • Inspired by the promise of healthcare innovations 
  • Supported by leading public and private sector organizations
  • Driving collaborations to scale and replicate innovations in healthcare

Co-founded by Duke Medicine, McKinsey & Company, and the World Economic Forum, Innovations in Healthcare is hosted at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. In a short period of time we have developed strong partnerships with leading healthcare innovators, corporations, foundations, and government organizations around the world, which together are committed to scaling and replicating innovations with the potential to solve the most pressing healthcare challenges.

7] Duke University’s Innovations in Healthcare’s fiduciary Board of Directors (BOD) includes representatives of its three co-founding organizations: World Economic Forum, McKinsey & Company, and Duke Medicine

McKinsey & Co Background of criminality (?):

Americau2019s Bitter P... Steven Brill Best Price: $2.01 Buy New $9.27 (as of 06:35 UTC - Details) Note that over the decades, McKinsey & Co (which funds the McKinsey Global Institute, which studies global economic trends for over 3 decades) has been either directly involved in, or closely associated with, a number of notable scandals, involving Enron in 2001, Galleon in 2009, Valeant Pharmaceuticals in 2015,] Saudi Arabia in 2018, China in 2018, ICE in 2019, an internal conflict of interest in 2019 and Purdue Pharma in 2019,] among others. (For a good summary of the numerous scandals involving [especially its outrageous escalations of its drug prices] Valeant Pharmaceuticals [that changed its name to Bausch Health to obscure its numerous scandals and near bankruptcy])

8] Innovations in Healthcare’s Fiduciary Board of Directors (Note the 100% incidence of serious conflicts of interest- GGK)

Victor Dzau, MD, Chair – President, National Academy of Medicine

Arnaud Bernaert – Head of Global Health and Healthcare Industries and System Initiative, World Economic Forum

Nicolaus Henke- Senior Partner and Global Leader of McKinsey Analytics, McKinsey & Company

Mark McClellan- Director, Margolis Center for Health Policy at Duke University

Michael Merson – Founding Director, Duke Global Health Institute

Krishna Udayakumar – Head of Global Innovation for Duke Medicine

Innovations in Healthcare’s Board of Advisorswhich provides strategic guidance and input to the Board of Directors as well as to the core team”.(note the 100% incidence of serious conflicts of interest with the WEF’s and the Gate’s Foundation’s evil pro-over-vaccination agendas – GGK

Karan Arora, Chief Commercial Digital Officer, Global Vice President, AstraZeneca

Richard Bartlett, Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company

Molly Coye, Executive in Residence, AVIA (a “healthcare” corporation the is on “the front lines of a movement to transform healthcare by assisting its 46 large healthcare companies to digitally transform its operations in order to [allegedly] “improve patient outcomes”, “streamline processes” and “reduce costs”.) For list of its large healthcare corporation/customers, go here.

Jeff Dill, CEO, Vynamic (Vynamic’s “Trending Health” podcast for October 22, 2020 states that its goals include the “widespread distribution[ of Covid vaccines], the spread of public health information, ensuring patient compliance” andotherwise ensuring the “widespread adoption of a COVID-19 vaccine. [])

Dessi Dimitrova, Head of Healthcare Transformation, World Economic Forum

Jeanne Kehren, SVP, Digital and Commercial Innovation, Bayer Pharmaceuticals

Orin Levine, Director of Global Delivery, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Jenny Sia, Director, Global Health and Patient Access, Pfizer

Dan Sullivan, Executive Director, Head of US Value Based Partnerships, Amgen

Shenglan Tang, Deputy Director, Duke Global Health Institute

Susanne Weissbaecker, Global Head of Access to Medicines, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Jason Williams, Co-Founder, Morgan Creek Digital Assets, CEO PRTI; Angel Investor, Duke Angel Network

9] Gates Foundation is Donor to Seattle’s New University of Washington Genomics Center By Alma Pater, Wall Street Journal – April 24, 2003