Just Trust ‘Em! . . . Because You Can’t Sue ‘Em

You can’t walk into a store without wearing the Holy Rag – because someone might get sick. But if you actually get sick as a result of being forced to take the Holy Jab, you can’t sue the company that made the god-knows-what’s-in-it vaccine.

Which is pretty sick when you think about it.

The pharmaceutical mafia can force you – via its enforcer, the government – to take its products; vaccines are already required for kids in many states and if you don’t submit to it the state can take your kids . . . and then walk away from any harm caused because the government protects the pharmaceutical mafia from you.

Thus one-upping the health insurance mafia  . . . which only forces you to buy its product.

Collective Minds Strik... Best Price: $33.21 Buy New $37.74 (as of 07:13 EST - Details) The vaccine-pushers are uniquely endowed with government-granted immunity from lawsuits. They can wreck your life – and you get the bill.

This is almost beyond belief – especially in view of the fact that they are for-profit enterprises, meaning they can literally get rich off of the suffering they impose on people who can’t say no to the Jab.

Jabs, actually – as it’s not just one – and not just this one. There will be at least two Holy Jabs and then – having established the precedent that they can make you take those jabs, why not other jabs?

All the risk – which you won’t be allowed to say no to – on you.

All the profits for them.

Where are the Public Citizens and “consumer advocates”? Where are the investigative i-Team reporters?

They’re out there. The problem is they’ve been bought – literally. And sometimes you get what you pay for. Ask your doctor about Nemenda.

Don’t tell the audience anything about what Nemenda might do to you (cue the super-fast-talking dude who gets paid to read the fine  print at warp speed).

Else we – the drug-pushers – might pull our ads.

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