Mass Deception: Dietary Supplements Unproven Experimental Vaccines Safe & Effective

Dietary Supplement Industry Is Brain Dead In Face Of The Biggest Man-Made Health Threat In History

Dietary Supplements For Covid-19 Are Untested And Cannot Make Any Claim They Prevent, Treat Or Cure Any Disease But Unproven Experimental Vaccines That Are Less Than 1% Effective And Untested For Safety In Large Populations Are Mandatory.

The opportunity of a lifetime came to the dietary supplement industry when the World Health Organization announced a (pre-planned) pandemic caused by a newly mutated virus that the whole world population had no immunity against and for which there were no proven vaccines or medicines.  Would dietary supplements as the only option save humanity from predicted extinction?

Retail stores ran out of zinc pills.  Thanks to the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service informing the world that intravenous vitamin C brought hospitalized patients back from a certain grave, C pills also vanished from store shelves.  While modern medicine is still dragging its feet in denial, vitamin D has unequivocally produced a better survival rate than any proposed vaccine ever will.  In fact, the effectiveness of the flu vaccine is dependent upon pre-inoculation vitamin D levels.  Supplemental vitamin D among vitamin-deficient individuals improves vaccine efficacy.  (Yet hospitals refuse to test for vitamin D blood levels upon admission.  Hospitals can’t afford to implement vitamin D prophylactically due to loss of income.) The Cruelest Miles: Th... Salisbury, Laney Best Price: $1.49 Buy New $12.27 (as of 04:47 UTC - Details)

With no other alternatives available, the public reached for natural remedies such as vitamins (C and D), minerals (zinc and selenium), and herbals (garlic, resveratrol, licorice, to name a few).

Natural health product websites are “missing in action”

Yet an examination of dietary supplement industry websites makes one wonder why there is such a disconnect between public reliance upon natural remedies and the content on industry websites which appear to be oblivious to what actually happened.

With the exception of the National Health Federation website, the dietary supplement industry and major health freedom organizations appear to be intimidated by the FDA or are as clueless as everybody else is about COVID-19. Chicken Soup for the S... Newmark, Amy Best Price: $1.24 Buy New $9.24 (as of 04:47 UTC - Details)

With over 70% of the American population taking dietary supplements, it’s possible vaccines never provided much protection against infectious disease while vitamin pills were helping the population develop herd immunity all along.

95% effectiveness is impossible

As of December 25, 2020, the U.S. reports 329,000 accumulated COVID-19 deaths since the start of the year within a population of 325 million Americans.  In regard to mortality a vaccine cannot be any more effective than its death rate, which is only 1/10th of one-percent.  You have to vaccinate 100% of all Americans to prevent 1 specious COVID-19 related death in 1000.  That is a 99% over-vaccination rate.

Dietary supplements only need to be 2% effective to double the effectiveness of vaccines

The masses are being deceived.  The 95% effectiveness numbers being bandied about by makers of experimental vaccines is just 1%.  The 95% effectiveness number is a relative number.  A placebo vaccine only reduces mortality risk by 0.1% and an RNA vaccine by 0.95%.  But both numbers are under 1.0% in hard numbers (less than 1 in 100).  Ninety-nine (99) out of 100 vaccinated individuals will receive no benefit and only face the prospect of side effects.

Were TB cases misclassified as COVID-19?

Despite the fact 94% of COVID-19 associated deaths may be due to old age and co-morbidities (diabetes, heart disease), or patients died with but not of COVID-19, the remaining 6% may just be cases of tuberculosis, another lung disease that is not being counted in the death figures, which suggests mass deception.  Lockdowns are expected to increase the number of TB deaths by 200,000 to 400,000 worldwide as patients with active TB may not be able to obtain needed antibiotics, which could be mistakenly (or intentionally) attributed to COVID-19.

Keep your mouth shut if you want to keep selling dietary supplements

Vaccine makers can say their experimental unproven vaccines are “safe and effective” while dietary supplements are unproven (but not disproven) and any claims supplements are effective are muzzled.  The rub is that supplement makers can’t even state their products prevent dietary deficiency disease like scurvy (vitamin C), rickets (vitamin D), beriberi (vitamin B1) or pernicious anemia (vitamin B12).  This is of significant importance as you will learn below. No Ordinary Dog: My Pa... Layden, Joe Best Price: $3.18 Buy New $15.99 (as of 04:47 UTC - Details)

Vaccines planned to fail?

I wonder if our rulers don’t want the vaccines to fail so they can continue to keep us all locked down and under their control?  Public health authorities say 4 of the first 7 vaccines will fail.  Which one will Americans be forced to take?  A University of Texas report asks: “Is it unethical to refuse a COVID-19 vaccine?” faces online censorship after it posted a report claiming an FDA document warned of a slew of vaccine side effects including death.

Bogus death numbers spread fear

This is all occurring as news agencies report more than 3000 deaths per day from COVID-19, but these have to be bogus reports since they are released the day after the so-called deaths occurred, before death certificates can accurately be tabulated.  An estimated ~8000 American were dying every day prior to the COVID-19 outbreak anyway.  No data shows there have been excess deaths due to COVID-19 before the lockdowns were ordered (more about that below).

Taking the fall for the other guy

With all that is said about potentially toxic dietary supplements, why health food stores must be hiding the dead bodies of their customers underneath their floorboards!  Meanwhile, thousands of Americans are already experiencing vaccine-related side effects including severe allergic reactions and over a decade of vaccine trials have yet to show any vaccine can prevent a coronavirus infection.  Vaccines may only allay symptoms temporarily, not provide long-term immunity.

What, no virus?  Then how can there be vaccines?

The most egregious deception is there may be no COVID-19 virus.   Health authorities in Ireland admit COVID-19 does not existThe Polymerase Chain Reaction test being used to confirm infection rates is known to create false epidemics.

It’s a dietary deficiency disease

No Better Friend: One ... Weintraub, Robert Best Price: $1.73 Buy New $7.02 (as of 04:47 UTC - Details) COVID-19 appears to be a dietary deficiency disease that mimics viral infections – vitamin B1 (thiamine) deficiency, known as beriberi.  This would not be the first time a vitamin deficiency was confused for a viral epidemicBeriberi fooled an entire advanced country in the mid-1970s into thinking it was a viral infection.  It was then described as a “nation-ruining disease.”

The lockdowns have resulted in overconsumption of alcohol, sugar, coffee and tea that block or interfere with vitamin B1 absorption or utilizationBeriberi is known as the great masquerader.  The military doesn’t need to be called out to vaccinate millions of Americans.  The antidote for beriberi is at health shops, not vaccination centers.

Can you imagine the owners of dietary supplement shops being mandated to coerce their employees to vaccinate against COVID-19 when their store shelves have proven cures on their shelves?  Dietary supplements may be unproven, but they are not disproven.  Dietary supplements are safer than table sugar, salt, aspirin, penicillin, insulin, diuretics, acid blockers and statin drugs.

Despite the great promise of dietary supplements, dietary supplement industry leadership is, with one exception, not only misdirected, but it has no backbone.  I’m not sure the dietary supplement industry is committed to telling the world about the safety and efficacy of its own products.