Is It Prudent To Confront Strangers For Wearing A Face Mask?

“Tacit approval” is the allowing of a lie in your presence. It is not you lying by omission or commission, but it is you giving your support to a lie by saying nothing.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer asks people to not allow tacit approval and to do so peacefully. Unfortunately her version is based on bad science.

I’ll edit her to help her out:

Is it prudent to “politely, but forcefully assertively” confront another person not wearing a face mask in public? That’s what Gov. Gretchen Whitmer asked Michigan residents to do at a July 9 press conference. a thriving desire for honesty asks free people to do.

But at the end of the day, i It’s on all of us to do our part to educate the people around us whether it is in the store or it’s in our household or it is in our neighborhood or in our work place,” Whitmer said. “We’ve got to implore one another to step up and do the right thing. And Michigandersfree people are smart. We’re tough. We can figure out how to do it politely, but also forcefully assertively. Because it is on all of us.”

My thanks to an LRC reader for finding the above and to Gov. Whitmer for delivering it, before I fixed it.

Face Masks Are A Scam Based On Junk Science & Dictatorial Dreams Of Total Control

I’ve read many dozens of mask studies this year. I’ve also watched some good ones get scrubbed from the Internet.

For months, my kind request to the world spoken in venue after venue to find me a study that clearly says masks or lockdowns have a net benefit has gone entirely unanswered. It gets answered by lots of emotion, but I continue to await the studies.

If you think a mask reduces Covid-19 transmission, you are being scammed. I heartily invite you to prove me wrong. It is my joy in every intellectual stance I hold to be proven wrong.

There are mechanistic studies that say that masks should work in theory, but as far as controlled randomized trials go, with laboratory confirmed results, masks do not work to stop the spread of a respiratory virus. Dr. Jingyi Xiao and her team says this unequivocally in May 2020 and in a CDC journal of epidemiology nonetheless.

Xiao takes it a step further, citing WHO  data on the topic. “Using a mask incorrectly however, may actually increase the risk of transmission, rather than reduce it.”

The following from WHO is listed as behavior in the circular “Advice on the use of masks in the community setting in Influenza A (H1N1) outbreaks” that can increase transmission:

  • Touching mouth and nose
  • Touching a mask in use
  • Touching a clean mask with unwashed hands
  • Not washing hands every time after touching a dirty mask
  • Wearing a mask that is not new and clean
  • Continuing to wear a mask after it has become damp, instead of immediately replacing it
  • Re-using a single-use mask
  • Not discarding a single-use mask immediately upon removal, as opposed to leaving it in the immediate environment

Have you seen even one person follow that protocol in 2020? Proper mask protocol doesn’t stop there either. Rather than informing the public that such behaviors may actually help spread Covid, the most vocal instead demand that everyone be masked, regardless of the potential negative impact it may have in INCREASING the transmission of Covid-19.

In The Face Of This Total Lie, What Is An Honest Person To Do?

Call out a lie.

Call it out, every time you see it.

There must be no tacit approval, no smiling and nodding in response to total lies.

Don’t waste your day on such undervalued antics in our day such as demanding veracity from others, but engage in it as much as is personally fulfilling to you. You might not believe me how fulfilling it is to call out a maskhole innocently walking down the street, minding their own business, and adjusting their mask in fear as they see you unmasked, bugging their eyes out, giving wide berth around you.

Not everyone can engage in a rational conversation right now. Some people are frightened by them. Some people are unfortunately more interested in being told what to do. You can help someone like that live a more free life today.

Armed with the details of studies like the above-mentioned Xiao, 2020, and World Health Organization guidance from 2009 on how to properly wear a face mask, you can have a lot of fun with the obedient flock of masked folks separated from the flock.

It goes a little something like this.

The Most Fun You’ll Have Today

You: Excuse me!

(This must be directed loudly and insistently enough for them to realize you are talking to them and to remove their earbuds.)

Other: Uh…me?

(Looks behind their back at an empty space.)

You: Are you going to change that mask?

Other: Uh.

You: When was the last time you changed it?

You: Studies show masks help spread disease especially when they are dirty.

You: Are your hands sterile?

You: When was the last time you washed them?

Other: Just now.

You: Be honest!

Other: Yesterday morning!

You: This is so disgusting, I can’t believe you behave with such disregard for society.

You: Will you take off your mask until you find a clean one please?

(They hesitantly remove it and fold it gently in their hands.)

You: And don’t leave it in your grubby hands or your nasty pocket, you’ve got to throw it away right away.

You: There’s a garbage right there.

(Point to the nearest garbage can.)

You: Go!

You: Go now!

You: Let me see you throw it away.

You: That’s right. Throw it away. Throw it away right now in that garbage can.

You: And don’t leave it hanging over the top where a child might grab it and be contaminated by your inferior hygiene practices.

You: No. Deeper. Put it deeper. Deeper under the garbage. Stick your arm in there. You don’t want it blowing away and harming a child.

You: That’s better.

You: You should be ashamed of yourself. Next time follow masking practices better. No mask is safer for society than a dirty mask, and wearing no mask is far better for society.

You: Don’t let me see you behaving this way again.

(Assertively walk away.)

Your Bravery Is All It Takes

It’s fun to watch women do this to sheepish men who are total strangers. It’s fun to watch assertive men small-in-stature doing it to far more physically intimidating men. It’s really a very effective response to a masked person if delivered right.

If you can keep the rhythm going, you can really deflate even a tyrannical person and leave them reeling. They won’t even be able to collect themselves.

There are sheepish people in the world who want a brave authority figure to tell them what to do. An authority figure who promotes liberty can do that just as well as the authority figures who dominate this moment in time. The sheepish people just want a leader in life. If you don’t rise to that occasion among the people around you, they will follow vile leaders who will encourage the most ugly lynch mob style behavior, such as that being witnessed in our day.

“Twain wrote: I watched a man shout down a lynch mob and make it go home. Where is that moral man today?”

My dear friend, one person at a time we will shout down this lynch mob and set the world on a proper course again.

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