Utopia Envisioned: Welcome to the Socialist States of Amerika

Previously we suggested that the unfolding disarray we are witnessing in America is in reality an attempted neo-Marxist revolution. We have also spoken at some length about the important role that Black Lives Matter is playing in this process.

To obtain a realistic assessment of our predicament, however, we must be careful not to overstate the long-term significance of BLM. BLM is not the ultimate cause of our crisis. The groundwork for it had been laid long before BLM came into existence. It had been prepared in decades prior by leftists who kept systematically undermining the foundations of our society under the auspices of the Marx-inspired philosophies and ideologies we listed in this piece.

Comrade Obama Unmasked... Simpson, James Buy New $10.00 (as of 04:38 EDT - Details) BLM is neither the mastermind nor the originator of America’s plight. BLM is merely the militant wing of America’s Marxist movement, which is the primal originator of the present strife. Violent groups such as BLM and Antifa emerge into prominence when problems and contradictions in a society reach a critical point and the overthrow of the existing system becomes a realistic possibility. It is at this stage that the militants come to the fore and try to foment the maximum disarray possible. If they succeed in creating enough havoc, Marxist politicians who have infiltrated the government attempt a coup. If the system is sufficiently discomposed, the coup has a good chance of succeeding.

Although BLM is now spearheading the advancing revolution, its mission is only temporary. Should the revolution succeed, BLM’s violent ways will no longer be needed. Once the Marxists seize power, there will be no more need for internal destabilization. When this comes to pass, order will be restored and BLM disbanded. Some of its more militant leaders will be cancelled (by the firing squad) and some of those who survive will be absorbed into the new ruling structures. The foot soldiers – the looters, the hooligans, the gross woke – will be sent home and told to become good socialist citizens. They will be put under discipline of hard work in order to contribute to the well-being of their new society. Their factory shifts will begin at 8:00 AM and run until 6:00 PM. They will be required to dress and behave decently, just like their counterparts in North Korea. There will be no welfare payments, pornography, drugs or rap music for them. Insolence, shouting and protesting of any kind shall not be tolerated under any circumstances. Those who refuse to submit to the new socialist rules will be quickly dealt with by the internal police. Once in their hands, the former looters and misfits will tearfully recall the old times when they were coddled by good old American cops in whose tender care they enjoyed all kinds of rights. No such privileges under the new American Stasi regime! If there is a silver lining, America’s Marxist revolution will put an end to sixty years of the Left’s systematic destruction of the black family by misguided welfare programs. The destruction was, of course, by design because it was needed at that stage to further the Marxist agenda of subversion of American society. Burn This Book: What K... Loudon, Trevor Best Price: $9.82 Buy New $9.94 (as of 03:22 EDT - Details)

Ending the moral dissolution

The new socialist regime will move quickly to enforce morality. Up until now the Marxists have used sexual dissolution as a means of unravelling America’s moral fabric. They truly have done an excellent job. But it will have to stop at once when they are in charge. It is our prediction that a new government agency will be set up to deal with this matter. It will be called something along the lines of “The Department for Elimination of Sexual Degeneracy from the Socialist States of Amerika.” If the history of other socialist regimes is any guide, transexuals will be packed off into labor camps and open homosexuals will be given the option of changing their ways or be subjected to surgical removal of their reproductive organs.

Public displays of moral degeneracy will be strictly banned in socialist Amerika

The Black Book of the ... Horowitz, David Best Price: $12.29 Buy New $7.34 (as of 03:14 EST - Details) As far as racial minorities are concerned, their equality and special privileges will be quickly eliminated. No more reverse discrimination in the Socialist States of the former USA. Here is a well-known secret: socialists and leftists are inveterate racists. They have always been – they despise dark-skinned people. This attitude goes back all the way to Karl Marx who himself was a hardened and cynical racist. Marx, for example, claimed that French ethnologist Pierre Tremaux had scientifically proven that “the common Negro type is the degenerate form of a much higher one.”

Below is an account by Paul Kengor of the contemptible way in which Karl Marx treated his own son-in-law, Paul Lafargue, who was Cuban by birth:

“Paul came from Cuba, born in Santiago, and Marx thus viewed him as marred by ‘Negro’ blood and denigrated him as ‘Negrillo’ or ‘the Gorilla.’ Karl never let up his ridicule of poor Paul. In November 1882, still 14 years after Lafargue and Laura [Marx’s daughter] married, Marx complained to Engels that ‘Lafargue has the blemish customarily found in the negro tribe — no sense of shame, by which I mean shame about making a fool of oneself.’”

Founder of communism: Karl Marx was an inveterate racist who despised black people

One wonders what the founders of BLM, who are self-confessed Marxists, think of Marx’s ugly racism. Why have they not cancelled Marx given that they have cancelled others for far less egregious statements? They have, in fact, accused people of racism and subsequently done away with them for making no racist comments at all. Karl, however, gets a pass. Why is this so? The Shadow Party: How ... David Horowitz, Richar... Best Price: $3.48 Buy New $7.69 (as of 02:30 EST - Details)

No more Black Privilege in socialist Amerika

Up to the point of their victory, American Marxists will use black people as pawns to foment racial strife and division in American society. Once they take over, blacks will lose their usefulness and the new socialist rulers will show their true colors. Black people will be scorned and treated with contempt. Now they will see and feel what real racism is. The black revolutionaries will rue their stupidity and regret bitterly that they have let themselves be duped this way. They will yearn for a return of the present America where black people enjoyed unprecedented rights and opportunities. Never in history has any minority had it as good as blacks have it in America today: they are not only completely equal but enjoy special advantages unavailable to the rest of the population. Rather than being discriminated against, as is often falsely claimed, African Americans enjoy what amounts to Black Privilege. So efficacious is this privilege that a black person can become President of the United States even though their accomplishments are quite miniscule. Just ask Barrack Obama, a former community organizer. Had Mr. Obama been white, he would have never gotten anywhere close to the Oval Office. Given his lack of experience and attainments, a white Obama would have been laughed out the moment he announced his candidacy. There can be no question that Obama was elected largely because of the color of his skin. If Joe Biden wins tomorrow, there is a great likelihood – given Biden’s enfeebled state – that within two years Kamala Harris will succeed him as president. If this should happen, it would mean that America would have two black presidents within six years. Both would be affirmative action presidents, since Kamala Harris was also chosen to be Biden’s running mate primarily because she is black (the second reason was that she is a woman). Harris was certainly not selected because she is particularly competent or distinguished. In fact, her main talent seems to be bestowing sexual favors upon her political benefactors. But such is the great power of Black Privilege that black men and women can be propelled into the Oval Office despite their dearth of credentials.

There will be no more Black Privilege under the American Stasi regime, to be sure. I fully expect that not long after their victory, American Marxists will start dealing with what they will call the “Negro Question.” If the history of socialist states is any guide, gulag type establishments will be set up for black people. It will not be good or pretty, but at least the duped black revolutionaries will not be able to say that they had not been forewarned. Here is the warning: Don’t play Marxists, because you shall be devoured by the beast. False Black Power? (Ne... Jason L. Riley Best Price: $8.95 Buy New $8.95 (as of 10:15 EST - Details)

The rich will pay for their cowardice in the socialist utopia

The rich will be another demographic to be put on the chopping block. It is truly astonishing to watch so many of them trying to play along. They think that their donations and odious virtue signaling will win them the good graces of the barbarians. An incident involving Apple shows just how spineless and pathetic some of them are. A couple of months ago, a photo appeared of an empty Apple store in one of the riot-beset cities. Knowing that the looters would likely break in, the staff had cleared out the shelves of the store. But before they evacuated, they placed a big BLM sign on the vacant table where Apple devices used to be displayed. In other words, they publicly pledged support for those who were coming to loot them and vandalize their property. Instead of taking a stand against this evil of lawlessness, theft and wanton destruction, they kiss up to the worst criminal elements in our society. Apple, Nike and others like them should do what is right and oppose this kind of behavior, as should every decent person and organization in America. They should demand that the police stop this criminal outrage. If the police are not able to do so, they should hire their own security to beat back the looters.

The cowardice and stupidity of the rich who run and own these woke corporations is something to behold. They believe that their pandering they will get them off the hook, but in this they are badly mistaken. The rich are among the first to go after a successful leftist coup d’état. They are the obvious target because they have what everyone wants: wealth. In liberal democracies their property is protected by law and a web of institutions. In socialist regimes, on the other hand, there is no reliable system of property rights or protections. Wealth is freely taken from those who have it by those in power. The only way you can keep wealth in a socialist paradise is to be highly positioned in the party apparatus. (And even then your situation is precarious, since you never know when the next purge may come.) Business people are never part of hard-core socialist governments, because those that rise to the top in such enterprises are usually murderers, criminals or riffraff agitators such as Stalin, Castro and Chavez. These are the wealthy ones under socialism. These types are naturally suspicious of practical businessfolk and harbor an instinctive dislike of them. This is why in Marxist utopias the wealthy are mercilessly cancelled (by the noose), or expropriated and exiled (the lucky ones). Despite their naïve hopes to the contrary, the same fate will befall the American rich should the unfolding revolution succeed. Socialism Under The Mi... Paul L Williams Best Price: $15.25 Buy New $14.95 (as of 03:47 EDT - Details)

Cleaning up the woke

The woke will likewise have to be dealt with promptly once the revolutionary stage ends and their usefulness is exhausted. The socialists will not want to have any clowns or oafs littering their society. Like in North Korea, all their laptops and screens shall be confiscated, and they will be duly dispatched to work. Their hair will be restored to their natural color, the rings from their noses, tongues and other body parts will be ripped away and they will be issued groovy brown uniforms in which to pass their diligent days. The screen-addicted, junk-food weaklings will be put under a vigorous exercise regime to strengthen their enfeebled bodies and minds. Under socialism we used to have massive sport events called the Spartakiads. It was a compulsory program whereby we were forced to rehearse collective athletic routines and then perform them in stadiums so that the system could show off its healthy glorious communist youth. The woke will greatly benefit from this kind of strict regime and their bodies and minds will be much edified in the process. After their intense sports sessions, they will have no energy or inclination to discuss their eighteen gender identities.

Woksters the beautiful: The woke will have to clean up and be well-behaved in the Socialist States of Amerika

The socialists in charge will put a quick end to all the woke nonsense, since no society – socialist or otherwise – can survive if this kind of thinking infects the minds of the population. It is truly tragic that we have not recognized this and have allowed the hard left push all kinds of perversions and inanities into the minds of our young people. A society that allows such things inevitably ends up confused and soft and becomes an easy target for a takeover. The Marxists now feel that their chance has come. The question is whether we are still capable of enough clarity and moral resolve to stop them.