Black Privilege

It has been said over and over that all the rioting, looting and destruction that has been inflicted upon America in the last six months is due to racism. We have been told repeatedly that America is an irredeemably racist society that discriminates against black people. “Systemic” and “structural” are the terms used to describe the nature of America’s alleged oppressiveness.

The stream of unceasing allegations has been kept up – unsurprisingly – by the political left. One of the recent examples is Michelle Obama who said this of Donald Trump in her pre-election message to the American people:

“So, what the president is doing is, once again, patently false. It’s morally wrong and, yes, it is racist.”

As the rest of them, Michelle Obama is a brazen liar. Donald Trump is not a racist and neither is this country. There is no systemic or structural racism in American society. Quite to the contrary, in America black people enjoy an array of rights and advantages that are unavailable to the rest of the American population and can only be described as Black Privilege. And this privilege is very efficacious indeed. False Black Power? (Ne... Jason L. Riley Best Price: $8.95 Buy New $8.95 (as of 10:15 UTC - Details)

It is ironic that Michele Obama should play the race card given that she and her husband benefitted so richly from their Black Privilege. To begin with, Barack Obama – a black man – was elected to the highest office in what is a majority white country. He was not elected not only once, but twice – in 2008 and again in 2012. The plurality of the votes that catapulted him to the presidency were cast by white people. The repeated election of a black man to the most prestigious post in American society should blow out of the water any claims of anti-black racism.

But this is not all. The reason why Barack Obama was elected was primarily because of the color of his skin. It would not be unfair to say that Mr. Obama was probably the most under-accomplished candidate to ever become a US President. A junior first-term senator from Illinois, his qualifications for the presidency were virtually nonexistent. By his own admission, his most consequential employment prior to his entry into politics was as a community organizer. As a senator, both on the state and federal level, he had little to show for it. He apparently neither sponsored nor originated any significant laws or initiatives. While a state senator he merely voted “present” on a number of occasions. Apparently being an agitator in the south side of Chicago and a good talker were his major qualification for office.

Such was Obama’s background when he declared his candidacy for the highest office in this land. Were Mr. Obama white, he would have never gotten anywhere close to the Oval Office. Given his obvious lack of experience, a white Obama would have been laughed at the moment he announced his intention to seek the presidency. There can be no question that Obama was elected primarily because he is black. How could – we have to ask – such a thing happen in an allegedly deeply racist country?

If Joe Biden should come out on top in this election, there is a great likelihood – given Biden’s enfeebled state – that within two years Kamala Harris would succeed him as president. Should this happen, it would mean that America would have two black presidents within six years. Both would be “affirmative action” presidents, since Kamala Harris was also chosen to be Biden’s running mate primarily because she is black (the second reason was that she is a far-left woman). Harris was certainly not selected because she is particularly competent or distinguished. In fact, her main talent seems to be bestowing sexual favors upon her political benefactors. But such is the great power of Black Privilege that black men and women can be propelled into the Oval Office despite their lack of accomplishments and qualifications. Please Stop Helping Us... Riley, Jason L. Best Price: $17.99 Buy New $9.50 (as of 04:34 UTC - Details)

Black Privilege, however, is not operative only in politics, but in every area of American society. In school admissions, for example, black candidates are blatantly advantaged over candidates of other skin colors, most notably whites and Asians. A couple of months ago, the US Department of Justice found Yale University to be in violation of federal anti-discrimination laws. Apparently at Yale black candidates were ninety percent more likely to be admitted than their white counterparts with roughly comparable credentials. This is nothing but blatant anti-white racism. Yale, of course, was not alone in this. This kind of pro-black racism has been a common practice at institutions of higher learning across the United States. This approach has been adopted in all spheres of American life: standards have been lowered for black people across the board in order to give them advantage over other racial groups.

Nor need we mention pro-black racism in government employment and contracting. Numerous welfare programs operate on an implicitly race-qualification basis, having been designed and tweaked to channel funds especially to blacks. Because of Black Privilege, black criminals receive special consideration in encounters with the police. Despite of what we have been told by leftist demagogues, black felons are treated more leniently than other racial groups. Indeed, black suspects are far less likely to be shot by the police than white suspects. This is not surprising, given the fact that that the use of force against blacks is treated with special severity by review boards and judicial bodies. And this holds true despite that fact that though blacks constitute only 13% of the population, they commit more than 50%  of all violent crimes and murders. The truth is that most violent criminals and troublemakers in American society are black. By lowering the standards of acceptable behavior for blacks and by treating them with undue leniency, American society further encourages black criminality and delinquency… to everyone’s harm.

The demagogues use misleading videos such as the one of George Floyd to assert that black people are routinely harassed and killed by the police. Such claims are simply preposterous. In 2019, fourteen unarmed black men were shot dead in the US by police. Almost all of them posed imminent danger to others at the time they were killed. By way of contrast, several thousand black people were killed by other black people in the same period. The talk of black genocide by the police is just another of the left’s monstrous lies. (By the way, George Floyd was not killed by his arresting cop. He died of a fentanyl overdose.)

White Guilt: How Black... Steele, Shelby Best Price: $13.13 Buy New $10.08 (as of 05:01 UTC - Details) We got to see Black Privilege up close during the recent and ongoing riots. We saw the  videos of thousands of black youths rampaging, stealing and looting stores and businesses while the police just stood by, watching. Most of these criminals will never be brought to justice. They have been able to commit these crimes and get away with them purely because they are black. If white thugs ever attempted to loot and rampage in this fashion, they would be quickly dealt with by law enforcement. They would be shot on sight, as is customarily done in such situations. But the police would never do such a thing to black hoodlums. Such is the power of Black Privilege.

In America black people are being constantly excused and taken off the hook just because they are black. The truth is that there are two standards in this country: one is for blacks who are given preferential treatment and all kinds of advantages, and the other is for everyone else. Blacks get away with things that members of other races never would get away with.

How astonishing, then, that Michelle Obama would complain of racism. With a net worth of over 100 million dollars, the Obamas are richer than 99.9 percent of white people in America. And how did the Obamas amass their immense wealth and power? They have gained it through Black Privilege. Said Michelle Obama in her pre-election missive:

“I want everyone who is still undecided to think about all those folks like me and my ancestors, the millions of folks who look like me and fought and died and toiled as slaves and soldiers and laborers to help build this country.”

Yes, Mrs. Obama, we do think of you when we contemplate the racial situation in this country. What we see, however, is no lowly black slave but a wealthy and powerful woman who has obtained her great fortune on the back of her Black Privilege. If you and your husband were white, you would be just another suburban couple. It is because you are black that you were able to attain to the great heights of power and financial success. You can be sure most people do not like it when a person like you plays the race card like this. Frankly, you look phony.

What a wasted opportunity. A woman like Michelle Obama could have been a true leader for the black community. She could have been an example to those who look up to her – an example of gratitude to the country which provided such ample opportunities for its black citizens. Instead she talks of slaves. Has she not noticed that we have long moved beyond that? After all, slaves are not elected president.

Blackout: How Black Am... Owens, Candace Buy New $16.73 (as of 06:22 UTC - Details) Here is truth to power for you: never in history has any minority had it as good as blacks have it in America today. Blacks are not only completely equal but enjoy special advantages that are unavailable to the rest of the population. The accusations of discrimination are an egregious lie. Our society has been set aflame on the basis of a complete fiction. Blacks today are rioting and complaining not because they have been discriminated against, but because American society has not been willing to enforce the basic standards of decency, morality and good behavior in the black community. Writing about the prevailing attitude of whites toward blacks, the great black writer Walter Williams makes the same point: “Often, they accept behavior and standards from black people that they would not begin to accept from white people.”

In other words, what we are witnessing is a moral tragedy, not a racist one. This, however, is not the fault of blacks. This situation has been deliberately created by white leftists. The reason for their malevolence is the desire to subvert American society. More than six decades ago, they figured out that they could tear America apart by fomenting racial division and conflict. This they accomplished by destroying the moral fiber of the black community through techniques such the lowering of standards, undue leniency, over-indulgence and fostered dependency on the state. Once you ruin a racial demographic, there will inevitably follow anger, resentment and strife. We are now seeing the results of this subversion.

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