The Left’s Attempt To Steal the Election… Just Another Night in The Deep State

The American left never for one moment accepted their loss in 2016.  They were shocked, enraged, apoplectic that Hillary Clinton, one of the most corrupt candidates in US history, failed to extend their hold on the Marxist project to remake America in their Alinskyite/Stalinist vision.

It’s been a long-view enterprise that began with the racist Woodrow Wilson, but took off in earnest when the radical leftists of the 1960s took over academia.  They’ve won.  Two generations of American students have been purposefully miseducated to believe America is irredeemably racist, that the capitalism that has enabled the US to become the most successful nation on the planet is evil, that socialism is better.

All these years later, the dream of MLK that character counted more than skin color has been blown into a million tiny pieces by the left’s dedication to identity politics.  For the left, all Americans, for that matter all humans, are to be defined by their victim group – race and gender.  All minorities, all women, all gay and trans persons are victims.  Victims of whom and what?  White supremacy, specifically white males.  Asians and Jews are exempt from the victim category because they succeed at greater rates than the rest of us; they must be discriminated against by the social justice warriors. And they are.

The election of Donald Trump, particularly on the heels of the failed Obama administration, was a bridge too far for the intolerant, elitist left.  How could this old white man have beaten their oh-so-overrated Hillary?  He won because a majority of Americans were and remain sick to death of the coastal elites’ contempt for them.  They were and remain sick to death of their constant drive to remake society into their dreamscape of a tiered society, rather like India’s caste system, that categorizes people by not by class but by victim status.

With themselves at the top, as American nobility, the left’s mandarin wannabees seek to force those of us not of their exalted class to live by the rules they devise (from which they exempt themselves).  Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, and Joe Biden, for whom profit always came before people, have all become fabulously wealthy by trading on the power they’ve all wielded in government.  Trump became a wealthy man by building things, by employing ten of thousands of people around the world.  That alone was enough to engender their hatred. That he campaigned on his promise to drain the swamp they all inhabit was too much to bear.  He had to be utterly destroyed.  So, they set out to do just that.

From Hillary’s devious team came the plan to accuse Trump of colluding with Russia.  They commissioned the stupid comic-book dossier.  A cabal of like-minded Trump haters, who felt threatened by his “drain the swamp” promise, joined in to submarine the man even before he was elected.

Once elected, they doubled down on their wholly fabricated allegation.  They hired the hapless Mueller and his team of vipers to do the job; it was a clear coup attempt.  They failed.  They failed at the phony impeachment too.  They demonstrated their truly ugly side when they attempted to derail the Kavanaugh confirmation.

If Americans had not realized how vile these Democrats can be, they saw first-hand just how diabolical they are at heart.  These are cruel, evil people for whom the truth means nothing.  Getting and keeping power is all that matters.

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