The Case Against Biden is a Case For Trump

1) Biden is suffering from the early stages of dementia. It is very obvious when you watch one of hundreds of clips that are available which show him forgetting who he is running against, what office he is running for, or simple quips from important documents like the Declaration of Independence stating “all men are created equal” which he botched by saying “All men are created by the uh oh you know you know the thing.”

Voting for a man who has mental decline in his late 70s to be the President of the United States for the next four years (when his condition will significantly worsen by all indications), to hold the keys to the nuclear launch codes, is extremely irresponsible. This alone is a complete disqualifier and should, frankly, be the end of the discussion. It is outrageous bordering on elder abuse that people in the DNC and Mr. Biden’s family are putting forward an individual in his condition for any kind of political office for this reason alone.

2) Biden is the lockdown candidate. The media, led by anti-reason outfits like CNN that resemble CIA propaganda machines more than news agencies, have done an outstanding job convincing the average uninformed American voter that there is an extremely deadly virus sweeping the country, that it’s all Trump’s fault, and that it constitutes justification for a war on civil rights not seen in this country since the abolition of institutional segregation (government sponsored racism) in the 1960s. Fallout: Nuclear Bribe... Bruner, Seamus Buy New $25.20 (as of 04:53 EDT - Details)

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Common sense tells us the following: 1. Deaths are what matter (not cases). Nobody cares how many people got a sore throat, are asymptomatic, or got a bad fever and chills. We care about a whole bunch of body bags piling up at abnormal levels. 2. There is NOT an abnormal number of people dying. The total number of dead people in 2020 (THE ONLY NUMBER THAT CANNOT BE POLITICALLY MANIPULATED) is approximately exactly the same as it is every single year in the United States. What does that mean? That means the hospitals are surviving their extremely low patient loads (their “flattened curves”) by reporting more cases of Covid (for which they get compensated) and under-reporting whatever other condition the patient is suffering from. This is not intentional malfeasance, it is a function of definitions and incentives. Drum up a national hysteria, define everyone who comes into the hospital with the symptoms of the common cold as Covid (the flu, common cold, and Covid all have essentially the same exact symptoms) and you can stack up a huge number of Covid cases – and even deaths among those in hospice or already suffering from a very serious condition like a heart attack. Require people to get tested at work with uber-sensitive tests that search for RNA fragments (correlation and hypothesis rather than isolating an actual pathogen and proving causation) and you can stack up a lot more.

The commonly heard numbers, something like 250,000 or whatever the “ministry of health” is propagating as the Covid death toll these days, is so full of holes that it doubles simply as a lie. This is why the CDC itself recently pushed a report that highlighted ONLY 6% OF ALL DEATHS to the date of the article as having actually been caused solely by Covid. Of course the literature on masks also says they don’t work. It also stands to reason that they’re more likely to do harm than good (they’re an irritant Petri dish on your face that lowers your oxygen levels by causing you to recycle CO2 and thus drop your immune system’s ability to fight disease). None of this matters in the United States of Covid slavery (and that, in no uncertain terms has become the Democrat agenda.

Lastly, and this is the most important point: the numbers, whatever they are, do not matter because you cannot stop a virus from spreading without completely destroying the world. Viruses spread way faster than government edicts (although sadly these are also infecting the planet).

If you, the government tyrants, do decide to COMPLETELY DESTROY THE WORLD BY LOCKING IT DOWN, then you are only delaying the inevitable spread and doing monstrous damage along the way. When (IF) the lockdown is ever lifted, the virus (IF it actually is what they say it is) will start spreading again as all it takes for an extremely infectious virus (albeit no more serious than any flu virus) to spread is one person to emerge from lockdown with it. And guess what – this is not an argument for pretending you can put everyone in solitary confinement without a black market in human contact developing, it is an argument for WAKE UP! OPEN UP! STOP PRETENDING YOU’RE HELPING AND STOP MAKING EVERYTHING EXPONENTIALLY WORSE. Shadowland: From Jeffr... Thomas Horn Best Price: $15.00 Buy New $15.11 (as of 04:26 EDT - Details)

And that is exactly what lockdowns do: WAY WAY more harm than good. Please watch Tom Woods’ description of this situation as he lays it out perfectly. In short, Trump, for all his faults, is the “open up candidate.” He wants and has been working hard against the anti-humanity DNC efforts to destroy people’s normal lives, to get back to life as it was in 2019 (a much less stupid year). Biden and lifetime bureaucrats like Dr. Anthony Fauci want to force feed you an unconstitutional (illegal) national lockdown. They want to double down on the 2020 damage governors (S. Dakota’s heroic Christy Noem excepted) have already done and they want to do it to everyone (intelligent folks like the South Dakotans won’t escape a national lockdown unless they muster the courage to tell D.C. to completely stuff it. They should and Trump is the best bet (of the two realistic options available) to send these terrible ideas packing.

3) Biden is a pathological liar. He has an outrageous history of blatant plagiarism from law school to his 1988 presidential campaign where he was caught using significant parts of a JFK speech verbatim to more recent incidents described perfectly in this article from MSN. More recently the account of Joe Biden’s “family business” dealings from Mr. Bobulinski (a Navy veteran and businessman who was courted by the Bidens to be the CEO of their enterprise) shows beyond a reasonable doubt that the Biden family is running an international influence peddling scheme.

In other words, if you’re a foreigner and you want to pay for access to legislation that benefits your interests, Biden is your guy). That is why Mr. Bobulinski, traditionally a Democrat supporter, came forward out of disgust with the DNC propaganda machine, and said on national TV that Mr. Biden was “compromised” (an intelligence term that puts you on equal footing with foreign spies actively working to undermine the US government). His motivation? CA Democrat representative Adam Schiff, the liar in chief in the DNC, casually dismissed Bobulinski, a Navy veteran whose entire family history is full of veterans and who also held a top-secret American clearance, of being a Russian agent. You can listen to Mr. Bobulinski’s interview here and decide for yourself if he’s telling the truth.

The Biden family is as corrupt as the day is long and everyone who has been paying attention can see it plain as day. Moreover, the media (absent conservative reporter Tucker Carlson and liberal reporter and hero of truth in reporting, Glenn Greenwald – who resigned over his own company’s sensorship of his article criticizing Biden – have worked hard to black it out. Wall Street, Hollywood, the mainstream media, and Silicon Valley social platforms (all of the big money so-called “one percenters”) have aligned to back Biden. Why? Now you’re getting to the right question: why are the super-rich backing a pathological liar who can be bought and whose policies change as quickly as the breeze? The answer is obvious. Joe Biden Unauthorized... McCormick, Mike Best Price: $13.70 Buy New $14.49 (as of 06:03 EDT - Details)

4) Biden is a risk to blow up the system. Even if he doesn’t want to pack the court (a question which he has incredibly and irresponsibly avoided answering), he is not going to resist the socialist lunatics like AOC, Bernie Sanders, and Kamala Harris (the gal who called Biden a racist in the Democrat debates and smirked when Tulsi Gabbard called her out for mercilessly prosecuting victimless drug users imprisoned by Biden’s 1994 crime bill). If Biden does resist these uneducated lunatics it will be for one year or less at which point he will be removed from office by his own party using the 25th Amendment process on account of being unfit for service due to the worsening of his dementia symptoms. Then it will be the “nationalize everything” crowd in charge of the country. Free schools, free healthcare, free energy for everyone! Only the people who actually understand economics (most of them affiliated with the Mises Institute), know that nothing is free! You cannot conjure up medical care out of thin air. You cannot conjure up an education out of thin air. You cannot conjure up a fossil fuel free economy out of thin air. You have to do the work!! Somebody pays for it and all you do when you nationalize anything is put the most incompetent people on the entire planet in charge of it and then make it illegal (or impossible) for people with merit to offer competition. The cost of “free stuff” is long term “freedom” and it is a juice that is NEVER EVER IN A MILLION YEARS worth the squeeze.

5) Trump is the peace candidate. He is not perfect and unfortunately has done much damage drumming up the war propaganda when it comes to China and Iran. But he has not started any major conflicts. Biden and Obama illegally invaded two countries (Libya and Syria). Trump is the first President in my lifetime not to start a major war. THAT IS A BIG DEAL IN RELATIVE TERMS. It is worth giving him a chance to keep the peace train going.

6) Trump is against cultural Marxism. Biden is a puppet of the cultural Marxists. This is a big deal. When you hear the term “Black Lives Matter” three things come to mind: The first is the obvious and uncontroversial truth that the lives of black people matter. Obviously yes but no more and no less than any other life. Skin color DOES NOT MATTER! All people should be treated with respect as individuals.

Second is the idea of institutional racism against black people. This is a narrative that is quite simply false. THERE IS NO INSTITUTIONAL RACISM against black people in the United States in 2020. Institutional means government or corporate laws or rules that “institutionally” favor or disfavor someone based on their skin color, gender, sexual preference or other irrelevant characteristic unrelated to merit. To paraphrase Walter Williams, the 1964 civil rights movement is over and has been won. There are plenty of issues that need to be sorted but they don’t relate to racism. In fact, the only “institutional racism” left on the books that I can think of is against white children who are penalized by virtue of their skin color when they apply to college as a consequence of “institutionalized racist” laws like affirmative action. But the absence of institutional racism against black people does not mean you cannot have dichotomies in racial outcomes. Point in case, most NBA basketball teams are made up of black men. There’s a token white or Asian guy here and there but relative to the population it’s highly concentrated with black athletes. Why? Competence. Racism? No. The black guys are simply better players and playing basketball is something a lot of them like to do. Get over it and work harder if you want to compete in the NBA and you’re not black. The teams want to win (like all companies) and they hire the most competent to help them do that! End of story. THE HAMMER is the Key ... Jones, Alan Buy New $4.99 (as of 08:40 EDT - Details)

The third thing to be aware of is the organization Itself: “Black Lives Matter,” the non-profit. The BLM organization is founded by three women who self-identify as Marxist (that is, they hold the ideology of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels – two REVOLUTIONARY SOCIALISTS – as professed in writings like the communist manifesto). It is a sad state of affairs that a huge chunk of American millennials have been brainwashed by their professors to think it is ok to promote the anti private-property, redistributionist/confiscationist ideology that is the downright inspiration for the greatest mass-murderers in the history of human beings. Tens of millions murdered, enslaved, and stripped of their property. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot – all of these sick and disgusting human beings promoted different brands of socialism/communism. Read the Gulag Archipelago – there is no better description of this criminal ideology and what happens when it is implemented by force on a nation state.

To any free mind it is very obvious when reading the “I am a victim,” envy-based drivel that Marx spouts that his followers become thieves and murderers. It is no surprise that the hard left leaning mayors in places like Portland, Seattle, and most recently Philadelphia are tolerating racist and violent rioters burning down private businesses. These people in other places like St Paul, MN, have often catered to the absurd idea of defunding police while simultaneously working to weaken individual gun rights. That’s what a Marxist revolutionary movement looks like. It’s time people wake up and vote against the party that no longer stands for freedom but rather is a direct threat to it.

Vote against Biden. Support Trump if you’re in a swing state and at least vote for the decent human being: Jo Jorgensen (the Libertarian candidate) if the lying media has convinced you to hate Trump that much or if you’re in a solid blue state like California where the Democrat population is so far gone they’re trying to re-institutionalize racism in 2020 by mandating it via Proposition 16.