Land That I Love

From the mountains, to the prairies, to the oceans white with foam

o Spending money

o M&Ms

o Great cars

o July the 4th

o Picnics in the park

o The Pledge of Allegiance at events

o Lemonade stands by kids

o Big bands and parades

o Making your own money

o Buying your first car

o Dodgeball when you were a kid

o Being in the greatest country in the world

o Jewelry

o Potato chips

o High school homecoming queen

o Football/ baseball

o Thanksgiving Day turkey

o Mother’s Day

o Dogs

o Hamburgers

o Coin collection

o The Big Apple

o Victoria’s Secret

o Barbeques

o Ice cream shop

o Vitamins

o Pumping gasoline

o Driving a car

o Going to the library

o Babies in push carts

o Trampolines

o Birthday parties

o Christmas gifts

o Dr. Pepper

o Halloween

o Shot of whiskey

o Fish aquarium

o Diplomas

o School recess

o Own a home

o Bicycling

o Sun tan at the beach

o Frisbees

o Comic books

o Thanksgiving

o Weddings

o Passport

o Vacations

o Donuts

o Grand Canyon

o Guns

o Charity

Now……..poof………. let it all be gone!

The ushering in of THE GREAT RESET will abolish all of the above.  Oh, you don’t know what the GREAT RESET is?  You’ve never heard of it?  Here is what it looks like, “and you will be happy,” or else. Finding Freedom In An ... Broze, Derrick Best Price: $9.00 Buy New $12.00 (as of 05:25 UTC - Details)

No sovereignty and therefore no borders.  No traditions.  No church weddings or funerals.  No history.  No God, no religion.  No ownership.  No small independent businesses.

Here are some of the lures: all debts forgiven; no physical banks and therefore no bank robberies; financial security – – guaranteed income; one currency for the whole world; no theft since no money to steal; no poverty, everybody equal financially regardless of differences in skill; no racism (even where there was no racism);  no guns or ammo, therefore no murder by bullets; climate control; no petroleum; medicines will be free.

Here are some of the drawbacks: meaninglessness; no choice; no incentives; no freedom to choose; no freedom of speech or even outlet to express your thoughts (censorship); no way to defend yourself; no checks on authority of government (no Bill of Rights); no elections; rules set by government, not the people; no paper money; social control via control of digital money; limited electricity; very little meat in the diet (and massive malnutrition due to missing nutrients – – iron, zinc, vitamins); perpetual contrived viral epidemics and therefore endless forced vaccination to show you allegiance to The New World Order.  No social gatherings and therefore no way to overthrow government; no culture; no ownership/ rent everything; disposable people (after age 60); massive surveillance.


Manifesto of the Free ... Vibes, John Best Price: $10.86 Buy New $14.74 (as of 05:25 UTC - Details) A way of controlling populations via a police state by controlling their money.  In fact, people will have no money other than what the state provides them.  COVID-19 pandemic is just a contrived plot to use fear to usher in the draconian new world order.  If the New World Order is good for us, why do they have to use covert ways to implement it?

Who is behind The Great Reset?  The International Monetary Fund; The World Bank; The United Nations; The World Health Organization; Mastercard; Microsoft; Blackrock; Most billion-dollar corporations that plan to gain an anticompetitive position.

A report published in THE SPECTATOR says: “Indeed, anyone who fears big government and values free speech, freedom to choose and property rights, should be terrified. Yet, so far, political, business and church leaders, along with the mainstream media, seem oblivious to the threat and turn blind eyes to the dictatorial abuses already perpetrated in the name of the pandemic…. Think inequality, serfdom, and misery.”

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