Red Alert: A Revolution in Progress in the USA

In the last four months America has experienced violence and upheaval not seen since the Civil War. Widespread rioting and burning cities have been the order of the day. We have witnessed anarchy and destruction on an unprecedented scale. Our nation has been vilified and accused of being irredeemably racist. Ritual kneelings took place on all levels: from people in the streets to politicians in the highest echelons of our government. We have seen shameless pandering and the political class bitterly divided. We watched law enforcement standing by while the rioters looted and burned with impunity.

These events have caught most of us by surprise. Especially startling has been the speed with which these developments have unfolded. A mere few months ago, we were an apparently well off and stable country. Today our nation seems to be falling apart at the seams and slouching toward a civil war. In February of this year, Gallup released a poll which showed that Americans’ confidence in the U.S. economy was at a 20-year high. At that time nearly ninety percent of Americans were happy with the course of their personal lives. Barely eight months later, we are a country on the verge of anarchy and lawlessness. How could it happen? Why did it happen? Most people just cannot make sense of this.

The Red Trojan Horse: ... Elder, Alasdair Best Price: $14.85 Buy New $14.50 (as of 03:45 UTC - Details) There is, however, a definite reason and explanation for the upheaval and disturbance in America today: what we are witnessing is a revolution in progress.

This may come as a surprise, but it is true nevertheless. The forces that are attempting to carry out this revolution are, in fact, quite explicit about it. Those marching in the streets routinely chant revolutionary slogans and carry placards featuring the word “REVOLUTION.” To make their purpose unmistakably clear, they regularly deface buildings with graffiti of sickle and hammer and other revolutionary symbols.

Below is a first-hand account of an event which took place as part of the so-called anti-racism “protests” in June of this year in New York City:

“With masses cheering the several calls for communist revolution, we marched down one of Brooklyn’s busiest streets, Flatbush Avenue. Bus drivers blared their horns and raised their fists as we chanted the names of Black youth murdered by the racist police, while marching past graffitied and smashed-up NYPD police cars.”

This unfolding revolution has been launched by the Hard Left and its goal is to topple our society and replace it with an altogether different system of governance.

The underlying ideology that informs the thinking and actions of the revolutionaries is Marxism and its derivatives and modalities such critical race theory, Cultural Marxism, liberation theology and the like. The revolutionaries call themselves by different names such as Marxists, communists, socialists, progressives, liberals, Democrats and such. (Not all who describe themselves as Democrats and liberals are Marxists, but some are.)

At this time the revolution is being spearheaded by the organization known as Black Lives Matter (BLM). BLM is frank about its agenda and ultimate goal. The headline video on its website is called “Now, We Transform.” The teaser underneath reads:

“Our fight for liberty, justice, and freedom continues. Together, we can — and will — transform. This is the revolution.”

When these people call for a revolution, they do not mean some kind of partial change or reform. What they want is a complete remaking and transformation of the American system.

A brave American girl refuses to kneel in the name of BLM Marxist revolution

The founders of BLM are trained and committed Marxists. The New York Post reported this summer: The Devil’s Plea... Walsh, Michael Best Price: $7.99 Buy New $10.46 (as of 04:40 UTC - Details)

“Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors said in a newly surfaced video from 2015 that she and her fellow organizers are “trained Marxists” – making clear their movement’s ideological foundation, according to a report. Cullors, 36, was the protégé of Eric Mann, former agitator of the Weather Underground domestic terror organization, and spent years absorbing the Marxist-Leninist ideology that shaped her worldview.”

Patrisse Cullors and other leaders of Black Lives Matter make no secret of their desire to overthrow American society. They may be closer to their goal than most people can imagine.

The BLM inspired terror and upheaval of the past four months has followed the pattern of Marxist revolution that has unfolded dozens of times in the past 100 years.

It features the following components:

  • Intense hatred of the existing order by the leaders of the revolutionary movement
  • Demoralization of the population by propaganda, blame, intimidation and terror
  • Delegitimization of law enforcement and existing governmental structures
  • Destabilization of society by violence
  • Inversion of moral values
  • Subversion of law and order
  • Generation of lawlessness and anarchy

The revolutionary movement has achieved a significant measure of success on all of these fronts, making our society ripe for being overthrown and taken over by the Marxist insurgents.

Some Observations

This revolutionary movement did not begin with the riots that erupted on May 26, 2020 in Minneapolis and spread like a wildfire across the United States. The groundwork had been laid decades before. Its roots can be traced to the 1960s, and its precursors go even further back. The Genesis of Politic... William, Michael Buy New $17.95 (as of 03:56 UTC - Details)

This work has been carried out by individuals and groups intent upon seeing American society radically changed or overthrown. Almost all of them drew – in one way or another – their ideological nourishment and inspiration from the ideology of Marxism or its offshoots. They pursued their mission on both the intellectual and practical levels. As to the former, they spread and propagated ideas that were contrary to the fundamental beliefs and values of American culture. On the practical level, they took actions that weakened and undermined the institutions and ways of doing things which had made American society what it is.

The most obvious and distilled expression of this anti-Americanism is the Culture of Repudiation, which made deep inroads into academia, media and government. The Repudiation Culture could be described as a rejection of fundamental American values, mores and institutions. Its nature was perhaps best captured by the late Roger Scruton, who summed up its ethos as: “Whatever is ours, reject it.” The Culture of Repudiation is a direct attack on the very underpinnings of our country. A nation that rejects its culture rejects itself and as such cannot survive for very long. Proponents of this Culture know this well, which is the very reason they propagate it.

Multiculturalism, especially in its hardcore varieties, is another manifestation of the effort to subvert American society. Like the practitioners of the Culture of Repudiation, hardcore multiculturalists are actuated by a strong animus toward their own country. They invariably put down and belittle their own culture while extolling the purported virtues of various foreign and exotic ones. They seek to subvert their society by dilution on both the intellectual and practical levels by importing beliefs, values and practices that are contrary to those which make the successful functioning of their own society possible.

The army of these anti-American partisans has been diverse and varied. Its members can be found in all spheres of society and walks of life. They range all the way from university professors through media commentators and politicians to the vandals in the streets. Even though their backgrounds, positions and skills vary considerably, they all work together toward a common goal – subversion of their society. Recent developments have revealed the synergistic effectiveness of their cooperation. Sophisticated intellectuals had long prepared the ground by devising arguments purporting to demonstrate the immorality and illegitimacy of America. Teachers on all levels had used these arguments to indoctrinate several generations of students against their own country. When the crisis reached a boiling point and violence erupted, the media would both egg on and cover for the vandals who were carrying the work of physical destruction. At the same time leftist officials in the Democratic Party would aid the revolution by tying the hands of law enforcement to prevent them from being able to keep law and order. Into the Lion’s ... Maltz, Mr Steve Best Price: $14.37 Buy New $14.00 (as of 03:45 UTC - Details)

After nearly six decades of their persistent and systematic efforts, the radicals have made our society ready for capture. The mass of the American people are unable to effectively defend their cultural and national inheritance, because they have been left demoralized and confused by the years of relentless propaganda and attacks. Our key institutions such as the judiciary, education, media, and government have been infiltrated by anti-American activists and weakened to the point that they do not perform their intended function.

Thus when the moment of crisis arrived earlier this year, the Marxist Left seized the opportunity to pounce on a hollowed-out America. Speciously claiming that America was an irredeemably racist and immoral nation, the Left attacked with fury and vengeance. After decades of brainwashing and cultural weakening, we simply lacked the moral resolution to stand up to this travesty. It took weeks for anyone to merely point out the obvious fact that, rather than being oppressed, American blacks are the most coddled and advantaged minority in history, one that enjoys unprecedented privileges and opportunities. Facts notwithstanding, the duplicitous revolutionaries have been able to seize the high moral ground and they have unleashed violence which is now seen as a justifiable means for bringing about “social justice.”

As the revolution has unfolded, Marxist operatives and their collaborators in government managed to effectually neutralize law enforcement. In a textbook example of value inversion, America’s law enforcement has come to be seen as an immoral enterprise while the criminals and murderers from whose predations the police are trying to protect us are painted as some noble heroes.

Because of the police paralysis, anarchy and lawlessness have prevailed in many places across this country. Portland and Seattle are instances of this. The anarchy there has been explicitly encouraged and enabled by local anti-American politicians. In an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on June 11, a far-left operative called Jenny Durkan, who presently serves as Mayor of Seattle, brushed away any suggestion of federal assistance in stemming the disorder that had engulfed her city. Instead she intimated that this was just a peaceful movement, a kind of joy-filled “block party,” which was possibly going to usher another “summer of love.”

We have seen what has happened since.

Please do see this short video of a hard left operative in action. Observe the hard expression on Durkan’s face and the cruel smile she puts on as she enunciates her lies and propaganda. These mendacious revolutionaries are shameless, callous and dangerous.

The breakdown of law and order is exactly what the revolutionaries seek, because this is the state of affairs in which they can seize control. In some jurisdictions they have already succeeded. Our institutions are now starting to prosecute citizens who are trying to protect themselves and their communities. We have seen this with Kyle Rittenhouse, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, and others. Until recently, it was considered perfectly acceptable in this country to defend one’s life and property against criminal predators. Today those who try to exercise this right are themselves treated as criminals while the actual criminals are allowed to roam free. Cultural Cancer: Treat... Kane, Daryl Best Price: $20.00 Buy New $9.95 (as of 04:04 UTC - Details)

This constitute a complete change of worldview, which makes us vulnerable to an overthrow. With the breakdown of law and order and with a demoralized population and paralyzed law enforcement, we are a country which is on the verge of being taken over by the Hard Left.

Because of the havoc the Left has wrought, the unfolding revolution has a good chance of succeeding. When you study history, you learn that revolutions take place very quickly – usually in a matter of weeks – before most people have had a chance to realize what is happening. This is where we find ourselves today.

There is no question that this is an hour of great peril for America. What we face is nothing less than a national emergency.

We must see the unfolding events for what they are and take appropriate measures to stem this immoral Marxist revolutionary movement. If the Marxists have their way, calamity and misery of unimaginable proportions will ensue, as they always do when revolutions of this kind succeed.

We will speak about what measures need be taken in the next installment.