What an American One-Party System Would Really Look Like

The leftist dictatorship that may befall us will try to preserve certain democratic arrangements pro forma.

Observers from the Right have been warning the Democratic Party is trying to establish a “one-party system.” Evidence for this prediction is so overwhelming that I wouldn’t even dispute it. From plans to pack the Supreme Court, to maintain a permanent Democratic-Left majority, to pushing for an open borders policy that would make it possible to enroll loads more Democratic voters, to enfranchising convicted felons, to using a Senate majority to create two new Democratic states—the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico—it should be clear where all this is leading.

We also find other items on the Democratic wish list that warrant attention, for example, measures taken in Democratic-run states to send out unsolicited ballots, which Democratic vote-harvesters could return, and a national ban on voter identification laws. Such demands may turn elections into meaningless rituals for legitimating a leftist stranglehold on government. After Liberalism: Mass... Gottfried, Paul Edward Buy New $19.25 (as of 05:11 EDT - Details)

Riots by what Tucker Carlson aptly characterized as the “Biden voters” did not happen by chance. The Democratic Party and the overwhelmingly Democratic media condoned and even incited these “peaceful protests,” and former Vice President Biden’s staff labored mightily to bail out apprehended perpetrators of violence in order to put them back onto the streets. This is standard operating procedure for political movements trying to seize power. After World War II, the Soviets arranged for mob violence in Hungary, Poland, and other countries they occupied as preparation for the imposition of a Communist dictatorship. This violence, authorities claimed, proved the need for a new order.

Multiculturalism and t... Paul Edward Gottfried Best Price: $14.51 Buy New $25.00 (as of 06:40 EST - Details) The Nazi Brown Shirts wrought havoc in Weimar Germany that Hitler then insisted only his rule would end. While Brown Shirts battled with real Communists on the streets of German cities, our media have less credible street enemies.  The best they can come up with is the mostly powerless, racially integrated Proud Boys,  policemen who killed or wounded several black men with long criminal records, and President Trump’s indelicate phraseology. Apparently, these troublemakers, not the Democratic-friendly BLM and Antifa, were behind the mayhem and looting during the “Summer of Violence.”

Unfortunately, the party carrying out the coup enjoys a near-majority of voters. The electorate that is going along with the destruction of our constitutional order has responded favorably both to the media and what claims to be our educational system. We are also saddled with racial tensions that add to our political instability.

And perhaps even more unsettling, we have a mass media and a culture industry that are invested in the coup.

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