Left’s Post-Election Agenda: More Riots, ‘Truth Commissions,’ Other Punishment For Their Foes — That Means You

You hear it every day. Someone says, “I just want the election to be over,” hoping out loud that things will somehow “return to normal” once the 2020 vote ends. But it won’t. The left already has plans to ensure that.

By “return to normal,” of course, we refer to an America not so riven by politics that families and neighbors no longer talk to each other because of the deep political divide. An America where people again become friendly and human, politics recede in importance, the economy and schools reopen, and suspicion of others’ political motives fade into the deep background.

Sounds great, the fabled tolerant America of yore. But, sorry, whether Donald Trump wins or loses, the left has other plans.

And “normal” isn’t part of them. In fact, even if Trump wins in a landslide and Republicans win both chambers of Congress on his coattails, the left already has plans for “Trump II: The Disruption.”

No, this isn’t some dystopic fantasy. After four years of non-stop interference with Trump’s presidency by the Democrats, we know it’s a hard reality. Balaclava Ski Mask - W... Buy New $16.95 (as of 05:23 UTC - Details)

Here’s more evidence: A group called “Shutdown DC” vows street action, regardless of the outcome:

We can’t anticipate exactly how Trump and his enablers will try to attack democracy (although we have been gaming out a number of different scenarios), but we know that the stakes are too high to sit on the sidelines and wait. That’s why we’re making plans to be in the streets before the polls even close, ready to adapt and respond to whatever comes our way.

Get that? “In the streets before the polls even close,” means mass intimidation and instilling public fear. The left’s imagined bogeyman? A Trump “coup,” which, of course, in their fevered imaginations means any Trump victory at all.

“Trump has shown that he will stop at nothing to maintain his grip on power. Trump will not leave office without mass mobilization and direct action,” the group says. Expect riots.

The plans are very specific, sketching out activities even by date. Using online organization tools, the idea is to forge loose “affinity groups” that will be free to take more “high risk action.”

As the Federalist’s Joy Pullmann, who dug up all this, noted: “What kinds of actions these might be are stated in a ‘Strategic framework for action following the 2020 election’ that sketches out their plans for rioting and attacking American institutions and life until Joe Biden is installed as president. It claims if Trump declares victory that will mark ‘the start of the coup.’ “

In other words, a Trump victory will be a “coup.” So much for your right to vote. Mysuntown Unisex Winte... Buy New $19.99 (as of 06:11 UTC - Details)

William L. Gensert in the American Thinker gives a colorful, but sadly accurate, preview of the chaos to come:

After the polls close, they will conduct a mass mobilization in the streets to prevent Trump from declaring victory and to prosecute ‘will of the people’ riots as a supposed organic reaction to Trump having stolen the election under the auspices of Vladimir Putin and white supremacists.  Their ululations of ‘COUP’ will be shrill and frequent — projection lives loudly within the left.

Their deployment will be open-ended as Twitter and Facebook shut down all opposition on their platforms and Google tweaks algorithms to give only results approved by the rebellion.

Riots. No matter what.

Lest you think this is will happen at the fringes, think again. Even the supposed “mainstream” Democrats have plans to make Republicans miserable, especially if the GOP wins.

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