Flu Shots as Risk Factors for COVID-19 in the Over-65 Age Group

There are a large number of risk factors for acquiring or being seriously affected by COVID-19.

These involve pre-existing co-morbidities, including advanced age, living in long-term care facilities, obesity, polypharmacy/over-medication, malnutrition (including eating the typical malnourishing America/ fast food diet), dyspnea (shortness of breath), chest pain, cough, expectoration, decreased lymphocyte count, increased inflammation, low socioeconomic status, hypertension (drug-treated), any chronic illness (including chronic lung disease, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, cancer, chronic cardiovascular disease) andchronic (and acute) exposure to electromagnetic radiation (ie 4G, 5G, cell phone and microwave radiation). Repel Umbrella Windpro... Buy New $22.95 (as of 04:49 EDT - Details)

Here is the summary of a new epidemiological study that shows that populations of older folks who typically have higher rates of annual flu shots (all of which have a variety of immuno-toxic ingredients in them), needs to have frequent flu vaccinations added to the list of risk factors.

Much more information about the downsides of the “annual” influenza vaccinations. The title of that article is: “18 Reasons to Consider Forgoing Flu Vaccinations This Year (and Perhaps Also Next Year) – Gary G. Kohls, MD


Positive Association Between COVID-19 Deaths and Influenza Vaccination Rates in Elderly People Worldwide

By Christian Wehenkel– October 1, 2020