More Covid Political Theatre

I worked in healthcare research for 15 years. My wife worked in geriatric healthcare for 30 years. A fair amount of experience but we are not doctors. Here is an anecdote about Covid-19 and Hydroxychloroquine.

A friend of ours came down with Covid-19. This person, that we will call Pat, came down with the symptoms and a couple of days later was admitted to a hospital. Testing for Covid-19 was administered three times just to be sure. Pat had a good friend that was a doctor who followed Pat’s condition closely. Pat is middle aged but not in the three oldest age groups the CDC generates statistics for.

My wife was in cell phone contact with Pat multiple times per day and on the second or third day she said Pat was no longer making sense talking. Now my wife has had multiple geriatric patients die in her arms and in her clinics over the years. She knows the symptoms of the end game very well. Undercover Epicenter N... Olszewski, Erin Marie Buy New $24.29 (as of 02:20 UTC - Details)

The doctor friend administered Hydroxychloroquine. Pat said it burned like fire, the pain being severe but they could not prescribe opiates because they depress respiration. Pat had to ride it out, about three days of non-fun. Soon thereafter Pat was discharged as recovered.

A sample of one is useless statistically as a clinical trial. Should I get Covid-19 and I have been in public working or shopping everyday in this pandemic, I would certainly want the option to take this drug. I would literally demand it.

P.S. Having worked side by side with doctors for more than a decade I learned a few things. Unreported Truths abou... Berenson, Alex Buy New $5.99 (as of 03:17 UTC - Details)

  • Always be demanding of a physician verbally. They have a legal requirement/responsibility to answer all questions and discuss all possible treatments; now not later! Hydroxychloroquine is an off-label treatment so they must consider it and explain why pro or con.
  • Do not let them leave an exam or treatment room until they have satisfied you by answering all questions. If they do not then demand of the Nurse to put you in immediate contact with the Administrator On-Call. Every hospital has one at all times, another legal requirement!
  • They also have a doctor in the facility at all times called a ‘Hospitalist’ this is an Internal Medicine specialist that can be seen by every patient, as a patient you can always demand a second opinion from the hospitalist.

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