Behind the Diaper

I bought new running shoes the other day – just barely and probably never again. At least, not from the store – Fleet Feet in Roanoke – where I have been buying my running shoes for more than a decade.

Because of the Diaper.

My refusal to put on this latter-day analog of the yellow star – and the store’s insistence I and everyone else do so. Even though some of the store’s employees agree it’s a vile and vicious policy, but – as one of them confessed to me while wearing his Diaper – it’s either go along with it or they get shown the door, too.

I got in the door – barely.

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The store had been re-arranged since the last time I was there before the mass hysteria set in. No more personal contact. They used to measure feet, fit shoes. Now they don’t because to be in proximity of a customer – let alone touch one – is dangerous!

The cases! The cases!

Everything is prophylactic now – except without need, on account of the hysteria. Because of the playing along with it – which is what maintains it.

But never mind that.

They now have a desk right by the door – and beside the desk, the box of yellow stars, the degrading and medically useless (but psychologically very effective) piece of cloth they insist people to wear – in order to maintain the mass hysteria and the sense of hopelessness and despair which attends.

The Case Against Masks... Heckenlively, Kent Buy New $12.99 (as of 04:52 EDT - Details) This store and others like are perpetuating both of those awful things – and conditioning people to accept much worse things soon to come if this is not stopped –  by making it almost impossible to get in the doors anywhere without wearing the loathsome totem, thereby showing or at least making it appear that you’ve submitted to the hysteria.

Thereby showing they can make everyone submit by locking anyone who doesn’t out.

Well, like Jane’s Addiction, I walked right/through the door . . . walked right through the door.


For the same reason I won’t ever put on a red armband with white circle and you know the rest, either. Not only for my own sake – and principles – but because I understand what it would mean to wear that if others saw me wearing it.

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