The Really Scary Part

PLANDEMIC is an epic film documentary about covert efforts to create and spread a mutated respiratory virus in the world, brought to you by The World Health Organization and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, two organizations steeped in financial conflicts of interest, the latter masquerading as a philanthropic org.

Zig-zag health advice

Who in the world hasn’t been deluged with often confusing and contrary information since this pandemic officially began in late 2019 in Wuhan, China?  Lockdown “flattens the curve.”  Masks block spread of infection.  Or do they?  Social distancing (6 feet) is outside the airborne range of the virus expelled when coughing.  But studies say viral particles are airborne up to 12 feet.

Yes, but you will forever be vulnerable to this virus if you don’t get exposed to it and develop natural antibodies.  Why wait for a problematic vaccine when your (healthy) body will develop antibodies on its own?  Studies show that is precisely what has happened in Sweden, a country that did not lockdown or mandate face masks. Contagion Myth: Why Vi... Fallon Morell, Sally Buy New $22.49 (as of 04:23 UTC - Details)

Whatever health practices are implemented out of fear may never be abandoned regardless of the contrary facts

Despite errant health advice about mask wearing, lockdowns and social distancing, once these practices were instilled by fear, it would now be almost impossible to abandon them since they provided peace of mind in a world without a licensed vaccine.

Countries that habitually wear masks @ 90%+ of the time have high COVID-19 mortality rates (examples: Chile, Bolivia, Guatemala).  Don’t tell the people this.  You’re taking away their false props against this dreaded disease.

Governments managing epidemics use them to gain political capital

The World Health Organization guidebook on how to handle epidemics forbids politicians from management epidemics.  That dictum is ignored in the US where governors of States have implemented draconian interpretations and practices on their residents.  What was needed were deaths, lots of deaths, to drive fear deep into the hearts of Americans.

Hospitals were given financial incentives to use reimbursement codes for COVID-19.  More than 80% of COVID-19 deaths involve co-morbid conditions like obesity, diabetes and autoimmunity.  Only 20% of deaths are due to COVID-19 coronavirus alone.  Subtract 80% of the reported COVID-19 deaths and you don’t have a scary pandemic.

Governors transferred COVID-19 infected patients from hospitals to nursing homes, a murderous error that resulted in many thousands of needless deaths.  Governors were over-counting deaths in hopes the mounting body bags would unseat a standing President from re-election.  The public was no wiser because the news media, pitched against the Executive Branch of the Federal government, continues to practice a blame game against the President. WARNING TO THE WEST Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr Best Price: $11.00 Buy New $16.00 (as of 02:40 UTC - Details)

Guidelines or legal mandates?

Once the scaremongering World Health Organization ushered in coercive voluntary lockdowns, mask wearing and anti-septic practices, these morphed into guidelines by public health agencies that news media then presented as legal mandates.   These practices were intended to keep so-called natural herd immunity from occurring and left the masses free of infection but no natural antibodies against the deadly virus.

The entire population of the world was now vulnerable to the mutated respiratory virus in circulation, for which there was no vaccine.

But lockdowns were only completely practiced in areas like China, which Bill Gates applauded.  He was miffed Americans were getting infected and surviving a bout of coronavirus almost without symptoms.  This would foil efforts to prove a vaccine works.

Quash real remedies

Furthermore, the indoor lockdown resulted in the crashing of sunshine vitamin D blood levels, a hormone/nutrient that is produced in the skin and stored in the liver during summer months.  A wintertime vitamin D deficiency explains the seasonal onset of infectious disease throughout the world.  Now everyone would need to be vaccinated, but only as long as vitamin D pills were dismissed as a natural antidote.

Draconian lifesaving practices leave no remaining life to live

Lockdowns destroyed businesses and left many millions with no future.  Live for today when there is no tomorrow.  What folly.

Social distancing and social gathering, particularly focused on churches, would keep the masses from developing their own narratives and create fear of each other. The Problem of Politic... Michael Huemer Best Price: $28.00 Buy New $33.99 (as of 04:55 UTC - Details)

Pre-planned phobia over spread of the virus by paper money

The world became phobic over an unseen virus that could even be spread by paper money.  Credit card companies were obviously behind that phobia and so was the World Economic Forum that wants to eradicate paper money and usher in a new worldwide digital currency in conjunction with Master Card, Microsoft and the International Monetary Fund, that has planned an economic reset for January 2021.

In the process, hand sanitizer sales went through the roof.  But viruses aren’t even alive.  They are globs of genetic information that only replicate inside a living cell.  Belatedly the Centers For Disease Control issued a lone paragraph in its volumes of advice to say physical contact with the virus wasn’t the common way the disease is spread, which is by aerosol transmission from infected lung to uninfected lung of a vulnerable subject whose immune system is not up to par.  But it is too late.  Grocery stores are cleaning shopping carts and asking customers to only touch what they buy.  Actually, no one dies of the COVID-29 coronavirus if they have a functioning immune system.

How to handle public pushback part of their plan

Public health agencies began discussion how to coerce a vaccine reluctant population to get immunized.  One such tactic is a vaccine passport, a document obtained by proof of antibodies against the COVID-19 coronavirus.  But then came an admission that health authorities had been hiding from the public since at least 1986 – zinc-dependent T cells, produced in the thymus gland, kill off virally infected cells in the lungs and elsewhere in the body, not antibodies.  So much for a vaccine passport.

But it’s not antibodies

Then another admission.  The human body doesn’t make long-term antibodies against this or any coronavirus or influenza virus.  This would render vaccination of such temporary benefit that it would be more appropriate to boost immunity naturally with vitamins (A, C, D) and trace minerals selenium and zinc.  But what to do with the billion-dollar stockpile of vaccines? The Rape of the Mind: ... Joost A. M. Meerloo Best Price: $14.72 Buy New $2.99 (as of 06:50 UTC - Details)

Vaccines were purchased before proven safety and effectiveness

Then given the contrived world health emergency, governments released funds to vaccine makers to develop a vaccine under fast track provisions as the death counts and body bags supposedly mounted.  There are seven other coronaviruses and no vaccine has ever been developed against them.

Not to matter, governments issued purchase orders to “vax-obscene fakers” to make billions of doses of vaccines with a promised mandate the masses will have to get inoculated.  The vaccines aren’t even vetted for safety let along effectiveness, and they pharma companies are counting their profits.  Their stock prices are soaring before one life has been saved.


The whole epidemic was scripted 5 months prior in EVENT 201 conducted at Johns Hopkins Center For Health Security in what was called a pandemic drill.  Preparedness plans include how to censor anyone who spread false rumor about the vaccine.

And now for the scary part 

Unreported Truths abou... Berenson, Alex Buy New $5.99 (as of 03:17 UTC - Details) And now for the scary part.  In the documentary film Plandemic, at about the 33:02-minute point, we learn that the World Health Organization’s GLOBAL MONITORING PREPAREDNESS BOARD in 2019, in its report entitled WORLD AT RISK, calls for a “simulation exercise” that has now morphed into reality.

Theirs is a “multi-year plan” with “progress indicators required by September 2020.”  Two pandemic exercises are planned (WORLD AT RISK, Foreward, Page 8).  “The United Nations (including WHO) conducts at least two systemwide training and simulation exercises…” by September 2020.  One pandemic must be “a rapidly spreading pandemic due to a lethal respiratory pathogen…”

Now for the remaining question:  As I write this prescient report, what is pandemic #2 that is supposed to be unleashed by September 2020?

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