COVID-19 Lockdown Will Result in a Million More (Not Fewer) Deaths

WHO & CDC Must Immediately Cease Lockdowns To Thwart Spread Of COVID-19 Coronavirus To Halt A Million Excess Deaths Due To Tuberculosis

The narrow focus of the WHO and CDC to halt the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus while ignoring other infectious diseases will predictably result in excess deaths from a more prevalent and deadly lung disease – tuberculosis.  The COVID-19 lockdowns are predicted to result in a million more deaths from tuberculosis than what would normally occur.  The COVID-19 lockdowns need to be halted immediately if this data is to be heeded and translated into public health policy.

We now have more data since May of 2020 when the STOP TB PARTNERSHIP announced that efforts to slow or block the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus will predictably lead to more excess deaths from tuberculosis, over and above TB deaths that usually occur.

Since the pandemic began in early December 2019 an estimated 21,393 people have died of COVID-19 per week in the first 33 weeks of the pandemic, 706,000 COVID-19 deaths total (Aug 6, 2020).

Invincible Microbe: Tu... Blank, Alison Best Price: $7.88 Buy New $7.99 (as of 04:18 UTC - Details) A total of 1.5 million people died of TB in 2018.  When data issued by the STOP TB PARTNERSHIP is extrapolated into a forecast, COVID-19 lockdowns are predicted to result in 1,513,200 excess TB deaths by the end of the year (31,525 excess deaths per week or 126,100 per month).

Patients with active (non-dormant) tuberculosis need to regularly attend TB clinics and undergo six months of antibiotic treatment to eradicate their lung infection, a regimen that is now thwarted by home lockdowns.

In May of 2020 the director of the STOP TB PARTNERSHIP predicted millions more people will predictably die of tuberculosis as a result of COVID-19 restrictions, many more lives than any lockdowns, quarantines, face mask wearing or social distancing could possibly prevent.

An estimated 1.8 billion people worldwide are infected with tuberculosis in their lungs.  TB is the leading infectious disease killer in the world – 1.5 million died of TB in 2018.  There are 13 million people in the US with latent (dormant) TB. The Forgotten Plague: ... Ryan, Frank Best Price: $6.99 (as of 04:57 UTC - Details)

Lockdowns and quarantines that isolate TB patients indoors often result in a decline in sunshine vitamin D levels that will predictably contribute to an alarming rise in excess deaths from tuberculosis than what would normally occur.  The narrow focus of the WHO and CDC has resulted in efforts to quell one viral infection while allowing another more deadly killer to spread uncontrollably.

The World Health Organization now says coronavirus is “going to be with us for a long time.”  They are whispering about a 3-year lockdown.

During the first 203 days of the epidemic modern medicine became singularly focused on COVID-19.  Medical investigators wrote and published 26,386 papers as posted at the National Library of Medicine concerning COVID-19 coronavirus.  That is 118 papers per day.

At the National Institutes of Health lists 2,341 COVID-19 related studies. Good-Bye Germ Theory: ... Trebing, Dr. William P Best Price: $36.69 Buy New $14.00 (as of 04:04 UTC - Details)

The singular focus of modern medicine on COVID-19 coronavirus has led to less funding to study other diseases.

A Stanford/UCLA study released this June estimates indicates the probability of COVID-19 infection is 1 in 40,500 persons; the probability of being hospitalized for COVID-19 coronavirus complications among 50-64-year-olds is 1 in 709,000; and the probability of dying due to COVID-19 coronavirus infection is 1 in 6,670,000.  These probabilities limit the effectiveness of any vaccine.  PLEASE RECOGNIZE, if vaccination against COVID-19 is mandatory, and immunization is 100% effective, it could only prevent 1 death among 6,670,000 vaccinated!  Almost no one would benefit from inoculation.

While many people are infected by COVID-19 coronavirus and by tuberculosis but never diagnosed, an estimated 18.8 million people worldwide have tested positive for COVID-19 (2.4 people out of 10,000) while 1.8 billion out of a world population of 7.8 billion have confirmed cases of tuberculosis (2,300 per 10,000).