Bill Sardi’s Wonderful Synergistic Health Formulations

Years ago, searching on a health issue (when I was ignorant of the drawbacks of using Google and it was less techno-fascist and inclined to censorship of “dissident” websites), I discovered an article by Bill Sardi on and have been a regular reader of his work and the site ever since. Bill has been a tireless advocate of promoting people to self-educate and learn that the current American “healthcare” system is essentially a disease management monstrosity designed to make money in the trillions of dollars for big business, especially “Big Pharma” and provide government control over people’s choices and lives and worse of all, actually fails in treating disease and making people well. From this website: Under Armour Men&rsquo... Buy New $14.97 (as of 02:50 UTC - Details)

Top Health Statistics

  • Medical billing errors cost Americans $210,000,000,000 annually.
  • Roughly 12,000,000 Americans are misdiagnosed each year.
  • Medical errors cause an estimated 250,000 deaths in the United States annually.
  • As many as 80 percent of medical bills contain at least one error.
  • A little more than 4,000 surgical errors occur each year.

It’s estimated that 7,000 to 9,000 patients die every year from medication errors.

By those figures, hospitals and doctors should be closed because they’re causing more death than COVID-19, and its newest iteration, COVID-20.

Bill has recently written “The Futility of Fear” for and included this graphic:

In March and April of this year while fear of the pandemic was at its height, Amazon and Iherb (I hadn’t checked Wal-Mart) were out of stock of vitamins C, D, and various iterations of zinc.

But what I want readers of is to be aware of is that Mr. Sardi has created his own synergistic formulations where the sum of the parts is greater than the whole, and they help to boost the immune system, along with maintain general health for those who are aging. As I write this, there is a sale on his site (note that his products are not sold anywhere else) of several of his products.

Bill wrote about garlic and its beneficial health effects and of crushing a clove of garlic on in “Stealth Molecule” but there are obvious drawbacks in eating a crushed clove of garlic. However, Bill’s own formulation Garlinex® is available through this link (and there’s a Fourth of July sale) and it has none of the drawbacks of eating a crushed raw garlic clove.

There’s even this cute animated video on YouTube that Bill made:

And this video of Bill’s as well on garlic’s benefits:

In addition, Bill has formulated “T-Cell Zinc®” which is superior, because of its multiple ingredients, than what is available from or Iherb, e.g. zinc picolonate or citrate forms and  you can purchase via this link. Under Armour Men&rsquo... Buy New $16.24 (as of 02:50 UTC - Details)

Finally, a revolutionary patented formulation of resveratrol is available through this link and you can learn more about the product here. Longevinex® has proven effective against macular degeneration as Mr. Sardi has written in this piece for

As with taking any supplement, caution is for those who are nursing or pregnant, and with Longevinex® those who are anemic (and you don’t take it at the same time with Vitamin C and milk products, which reduce its effectiveness); any of these products, as with other supplements, might have a slight chance of causing an adverse reaction and there is contact information in case you do. But I have recommended Bill’s writings and his creations to many people who could benefit from their use over the years; some listened, some didn’t. One kind woman with deteriorating vision discussed with her ophthalmologist Longevinex® and he was aware of it and she started taking it. An individual who had engineering and physics background and had a rough time with conventional treatment of a brain tumor (his cancer was in remission) thought after researching the product had merit; he also was given links to Bill’s writings. Coleman Camping Chair ... Buy New $42.78 (as of 04:35 UTC - Details)

If I could have one wish/request for Mr. Sardi, is that I hope he can develop a Vitamin D3, MK-7, (liposomal?) Vitamin C, Magnesium, Vitamin A and Quercetin product, because I currently take those from other manufacturers as multiple pills and I suspect the big Internet merchants might soon frown on selling supplements or once again there will be a run on them and they’ll be hard to find.

I can’t recommend highly enough not only the wonderful writing and work of Bill Sardi and all his efforts to help people, but his products should be better known by all those seeking to improve their health.