The Problem With Lincoln

“The problem with Lincoln is the problem with America,” said my friend Clyde Wilson when I asked him for a blurb for my new book, The Problem with Lincoln (Regnery, 2020).  That in fact is the theme of the book, written seventeen years after my first book on the subject, The Real Lincoln (TRL), as I shall explain.  A secondary theme comes from something that an academic reviewer of The Real Lincoln wrote at the end of his review seventeen years ago:  “Lincoln was even worse” than I portrayed him as being.

How was Lincoln “worse”; let us count the ways.  Lincoln was in fact an even more extreme racist and white supremacist (a typical man of the North, in other words) than I argued in TRL.  This speaks volumes not just of Lincoln but of the Lincoln cult in academe that has covered up these truths for generations.  In The Problem with Lincoln I document page after page of his own statements and declarations demonstrating this point, something that should inspire the current crop of left-wing “protesters,” arsonists, and vandals to begin dismantling all the Lincoln statues that scar the land.

The Problem with Linco... DiLorenzo, Thomas J. Buy New $29.99 (as of 11:50 UTC - Details) For generations, the Lincoln cult has attempted to cover these plain historical facts up by saying that slick old Abe was simply pandering to the pervasively-racist white Northern electorate when he opposed making citizens of black people, or allowing them to intermarry with whites, and to deport them to Africa, Central America — anywhere but the U.S.  “Honest Abe” was obsessively lying through his teeth his entire adult life, in other words.  That is their defense.

This argument was discredited forever with the publication of the book Colonization After Emancipation by Phil Magness and Sebastian Page, in which they prove that Lincoln was plotting with William Seward until his dying day to deport all black people, including the soon-to-be-freed-slaves, to various locations in the tropics and in Africa.  These authors uncovered correspondence between Lincoln and various foreign governments regarding the purchase of land for the deported black people from America that dates almost to the day of the assassination.  I tell the story in my new book.

Magness and Page also debunk the Lincoln cult’s century-old tale that Lincoln suddenly gave up on his lifelong advocacy of “colonization” (a.k.a. deportation) in 1863.  Lincoln made racist and white supremacist statements all through his life, whether he was running for political office or not because they were his true beliefs. He was “a man of his times,” as the saying goes, and anything but the racial saint that the Lincoln cult has falsely portrayed him as being.

The Problem with Lincoln goes much further than TRL in showing that the War to Prevent Southern Independence, like all wars in human history, was primarily about money and political power, not humanitarianism.  All of the corruption of the British empire with its corporate welfare subsidies, protectionist tariffs (“protecting” consumers from lower prices, as John C. Calhoun once remarked), a corrupt, politicized national banking system, and the vast waste of blood and treasure on imperialistic wars was the result of Lincoln’s Americanized version of the French Revolution.  That, in fact, was always the dream of the “nationalist” tradition in American politics, beginning with Hamilton and the Yankee Federalists. The Real Lincoln: A Ne... Dilorenzo, Thomas J. Best Price: $4.25 Buy New $7.48 (as of 07:05 UTC - Details)

Comparing the first inaugural addresses of Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln, I think I prove conclusively that both men knew – and stated publicly for all the world to hear – that there would likely be a war over tax collection if the South refused to continue to pay a tariff tribute to Washington, D.C.  Of course, the South would not do so any more than the American colonists wanted to continue to pay taxes to King George III.  In his first inaugural address Lincoln essentially drew a line in the sand and effectively said:  Pay up or die. “There needs to be no invasion of any state,” he said, as long as Southerners continued to be good little obedient taxpaying serfs to Washington, D.C.   It was basically a colossal act of Mafia-style extortion a million times worse than anything the largest criminal gang in the world has even dreamed of doing.  I say this as a student of Murray Rothbard, who once pointed out that states that behave in such a manner are little different in their purpose than any criminal gang; the only difference is that it is a much, much bigger and better-armed criminal gang.

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