The US Is Collapsing Under Attack

The US is under attack not only by the Covid virus but also by ideas that have deracinated a significant percentage of white people from their culture and history. It is an indication of end times when the self-inflicted death of a felon strung out on a fatal overdose of an opioid can result in the loss of confidence by public authorities leaving them unable to defend property and public monuments from rioters and looters.  Organizations that are pillars of Western civilization have collapsed into guilt and contrition over a drug overdose death. 

Those leading the attack on Western Civilization can only be encouraged by the abundant signs of collapsing confidence among white people who have sided with forces of destruction against law and order.  Such weakness will encourage further attacks.

The Tyranny of Good In... Paul Craig Roberts, La... Best Price: $6.96 Buy New $8.95 (as of 07:10 UTC - Details) Race relations in the US, never good due to the self-hating white liberals who preach race hatred of whites to blacks and guilt to whites, have taken a terrible blow from the misrepresentation of George Floyd’s death from the dangerous opioid fentanyl.

George Floyd’s death, attributed falsely to police murder, was due, according to the medical examiner’s report, which the media has ignored, to his medical preconditions plus an overdose of fentanyl.  The entire episode has been misrepresented. The police did not call medics because they had choked Floyd to death. The police restraining Floyd called for medical help, because they seem to have recognized that Floyd was undergoing Excited Delirium Syndrome (EXD) and was in danger of his life. Floyd was being restrained in order to keep him still.  You can read about fentanyl’s effect on breathing ability and heart function here.

Note especially this paragraph: 

“Can you overdose on fentanyl?

Yes, a person can overdose on fentanyl. An overdose occurs when a drug produces serious adverse effects and life-threatening symptoms. When people overdose on fentanyl, their breathing can slow or stop. This can decrease the amount of oxygen that reaches the brain, a condition called hypoxia. Hypoxia can lead to a coma and permanent brain damage, and even death.”

Fentanyl, Inc.: How Ro... Westhoff, Ben Buy New $13.50 (as of 05:32 UTC - Details) According to the medical examiner’s report, this is what happened to Floyd.

But the American media has paid no attention to the medical examiner’s report. Neither has either political party.   In an effort to discredit the medical examiner’s report, eleven politicized physicans published rhetoric devoid of any evidence—essentially an act of mud-throwing at the medical examiner—in Scientific American, which raises questions about how scientific Scientific American is.  But the media leading the charge of “murder by police racism” knows better than to bring the medical evidence into the picture. The only “autopsy report” the media mentions is a nonexistent “independent autopsy” that consists merely of assertions in behalf of a civil suit.

Knee on neck is a restraint technique that is part of police training.  Floyd was a large powerful man.  As his blood work proves, he was over-dosed on a dangerous killer opioid and other drugs.  He and the officer wrongly accused of killing him had been bouncers together in the same night club.  Blows or pressure on the side of the neck do not affect breathing. It is blows to the throat that affect breathing and can be deadly. 

But the fentanyl Floyd was on does stop breathing when over-dosed.

Although the fatal dose can vary, Floyd had about three times the dose considered fatal when you include the other two drugs he was on.  In the police conversations, the officer seems to say he is concerned about Floyd’s condition and is keeping him immobile until the medics get there. American Overdose: The... McGreal, Chris Best Price: $7.13 Buy New $13.15 (as of 05:34 UTC - Details)

All of this has been intentionally misrepresented by the media and all the pundits, most of whom are too ignorant of anatomy to know that the air passage is not on the side of the neck. More likely they have no regard for truth whatsoever.  If the media had any interest in truth, how did Russiagate get launched?

The United States is a country without a media. There is no Fourth Estate, only a propaganda ministry that feeds lies into the consciousness, what little there is, of insouociant Americans, a people who have failed themselves and their country by refusing to make the effort to be informed and to hold the media accountable for its lies and misrepresentations.

There is no second or “independent” autopsy report of Floyd’s death. The alleged “independent autopsy” is merely a hired opinion based on the homicide misinterpretation of the video, not on an examination, for a profitable law suit on behalf of Floyd’s “family.”  As Floyd has children from different women, it is unclear who his family is. 

What is clear is that white liberals are determined to dispossess white Americans of confidence and respect for their history. To understand what happens to a people whose confidence collapses under racial attack, read The Camp of the Saints.  A reader has provided this free online link to a PDF of the book.